Making Money with AI

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August 4, 2023
Making Money with AI

AI (Artificial Inelegance) tools have been available for many years, but it was only recently that they’ve become accessible for the general public for everyday use. Now, AI seems to be everywhere. Fortunately, we can harness the power of AI to create products, save time, increase the quality of our content, and lots more. With all of this power comes many ways we can utilize AI to make money. In this post, we’ll look at several ways of making money with AI to help you start or grow your money-making efforts.

About Making Money with AI

Several AI platforms work well for making money. Most are tools that make the work easier or perform the work faster. As for making money, you could create your own products, sell your services, do freelance work on Upwork or similar platforms, create an affiliate platform, become a coach or consultant, create content, products, provide marketing, and lots more. Work freelance, part-time, full-time, or build an agency complete with a staff of employees. There is no limit. How you approach it is up to you.

AI tools are a great way to get a head start on almost any project. Each platform is different, so you’ll need to know how to use them to specify what you want. Enter your descriptions with as much detail as possible.

AI will create exactly what you ask for (at least, in theory). The key is to provide as much detail as possible, use clear language, know what questions to ask, and know how to use the results. You might need to adjust your descriptions until you get exactly what you want. Depending on the project, you also might need to ask AI to expand on the results until you get what you’re looking for.

Most Popular AI Tools

There are several AI options available to help you make money and help make your job easier. Here’s a list of a few popular AI tools in no particular order:

Some Cautions to Consider When Using AI

AI platforms are tools to assist you. You shouldn’t use their content verbatim. AI doesn’t have a conscious and doesn’t always know if something it’s read somewhere is true. Use the content that AI creates as a starting point for creating your own content.

AI is easy to use and anyone can design and create with AI tools. The key to making money with AI is knowing how to use it to get the highest quality results possible. Anyone can use AI tools to design or create, but not everyone knows how to use the tools correctly to get the best results.

About our List

We’re only listing money-making opportunities that we can recommend. We’re not including options that could be considered morally questionable, such as using AI to hold down two remote jobs without the employer’s knowledge or creating a college essay cheating service. And, just in case those examples gave you ideas, don’t do those either.

Now, on to making money with AI. These ideas are in no particular order.

Create Written Content

Written content includes blog posts, social media content, marketing materials such as emails and ads, and more. Writing content takes a lot of skill, time, knowledge, and research. AI tools such as ChatGPT, GPT-4, Jasper, and can create that same content within a few seconds. It can also generate ideas, outlines, keywords, and more.

This is a great way to help create articles for clients or your affiliate blog and a great way to save time in creating product descriptions, emails, social media posts, and other marketing content. You can also use AI to write fiction, poetry, songs, and more.

There are a few things to keep in mind when using AI to create written content. The writing quality might be dry or sound like someone else wrote it. Always fact-check to ensure accuracy and ensure that the text isn’t plagiarized. Also, rewrite so the text is in line without your branding style.

For more information about creating content for your website, see the article 7 Website Content Ideas to Grow Your Business Today.

Write Cover Letters, Resumes, and Profiles


Anyone looking for a good job or starting their career needs well-written resumes and social media profiles. Those that have well-written resumes and profiles get noticed. AI is great for writing all of the documents needed to land a job or launch a career. There are many services available that charge a lot of money for any of these documents. You can use AI to write resumes, cover letters, and social media profiles such as LinkedIn and for platforms such as Upwork.

Create and Edit Videos


Creating the script and other required text for videos can be time-consuming. Use AI to generate ideas and write scripts for YouTube videos. AI could create SEO keywords, titles, an outline, descriptions, and more. Once you have your content written, create the video and include affiliate links.

AI tools such as ChatGPT, Dall-E 2, Reface, and MidJourney are great for creating animated videos, modifying existing videos with new faces and audio, and lots more. You can also offer video editing services to edit clients’ videos.

For information about embedding those videos into your website, see the articles How to Embed a YouTube Video in WordPress and How to Embed a Video in WordPress (without YouTube).

Overdub Videos

Nova AI

Many video content creators hire voice dubbers to produce their videos in other languages. Until AI, most video producers utilized translation services to produce their videos in other languages. Using a tool, such as Nova A.I., anyone can overdub a video in any language. This is an excellent service to add to your video and content creation services.

Create Graphic Art and Visual Content


AI tools such as MidJourney, Tome, Dall-E 2, DeepDream, Stockimg.AI, and NeuralStyle are great for creating graphics, illustrations, logos, images, icons, posters, wallpaper, book covers, and art. You can also create content such as charts, graphs, presentation slides, and infographics.

Use the art to create tee shirts, mugs, mouse pads, posters, calendars, prints, marketing, and lots more. You can also perform services to design graphical elements such as logos and background graphics for clients. You can also sell them in shops as digital artwork as long as the platform accepts AI-generated content.

For more information about graphic design, see the article Graphic Design vs Web Design.

Create Audio


AI tools such as Boomy help you create music and other types of audio files. You can sell your audio on your website and on music platforms such as SoundCloud, Spotify, and iTunes. You can also create audio for videos, movies, commercials, games, television, and more. These types of audio files are great for freelancers or agencies that create audio files for clients.

For more information about hosting and selling music on WordPress, see the articles Web‌ ‌Hosting‌ ‌for‌ ‌Musicians and How to Sell Music on WordPress.

Create Digital Products


Digital products are excellent sources of income. Create the product once and resell it over and over again through your online store or from many online marketplaces. Use AI such as Tome, GPT-4, and others to create products such as eBooks, courses, website layouts, WordPress plugins, and more.

AI can create publishable eBooks in just a few hours and even design a marketable book cover with sales in mind. Utilize multiple AI services to create the various elements of the products. For example, you can create children’s books by using one AI service to create the text and another to create the drawings.

For more information about building an eCommerce shop, see the article How to Create an eCommerce Website with WordPress.

Create Online Courses


Online courses are a great way to establish credibility and build income online. You could build online courses faster with AI. AI can even suggest topics to include in the courses. Using several AI tools together or just one to create the outline, course goals, description, text, quizzes, images, and video, you can easily build an online course on any topic.

Create Designs for Physical Products

Deep Dream

For physical products, you could use AI such as Deep Dream to create the designs that would be placed on shirts, mugs, mouse pads, calendars, greeting cards, business cards, pens, bags, backpacks, and lots more. Once you have your designs, upload them to any service you’re comfortable with to have them create the physical products.

Design Websites


Building websites for clients is one of the most lucrative and in-demand services for online businesses. Use AI tools such as ChaptGPT and Durable to help design and build websites for yourself or your clients. Create any type of website including eCommerce. AI can even add images and text to the website design, create Google ads, generate business names, use SEO, manage the business finances, keep track of customers, create invoices and lots more.

For more information about web design, see the articles 10 AI Website Builders to Consider for Building Your Next Website, Brand Consistency in Web Design, B2B Website Design: Best Practices and Case Studies, and Common Web Design Mistakes That Hurt Conversion Rates.

Create Code, Apps, and Plugins

OpenAI Codex

Lots of clients and users need custom code, apps, WordPress plugins, scripts, and more. AI can create code in several programming languages based on natural language. The code is not always optimized, so it does help if you know how to program the languages yourself.

Anyone can use AI such as OpenAI Codex and PowerGPT to create code, but this is an especially good option for those familiar enough with code to make any needed adjustments or to get a starting point.

For more information about coding, see the articles How to Learn to Code for WordPress and Dynamic Code Analysis Tools.

Join an AI Affiliate Program

Jasper AI Tool

Joining an affiliate program is one of the best ways to make money online in any field. Many of the AI platforms include both a free and a premium version of their services. Some, such as Jasper, provide affiliate programs for their premium services. Once you build your platform and audience, consider joining some of the AI affiliate programs to promote from your WordPress blog.

For more information one affiliate marketing, see the articles Affiliate Marketing With WordPress: Your Guide To Getting Started and How to Promote Affiliate Links (21 Ways to Try Today).

Provide Business Development Services


Writing a strong business plan is sometimes overlooked when starting a business. They take a lot of time and research to write. Many business startups look to consultants to help them create their business plans. You could provide services to help startups get launched and ongoing businesses grow, such as creating business plans and pitch decks.

The business plan shows the complete roadmap for building and growing the business, shows the competition, and lots more. The pitch deck uses that information to provide investors with the data they need to invest in the startup. You can also use AI to help create charts and graphs for the business plan and presentations.

For more information on starting your business website, see the articles How to Start Your Own Business Website and Small Business Cloud Services.

Provide Financial Services


AI tools such as Wallet.AI help you make financial decisions. This is great for helping people and businesses in planning their finances, making smart investments, paying debts, setting up retirement plans, and more. Offer freelance consulting or open a financial consulting office.

For more information about starting your financial business website, see the article Cloud Computing for Financial Services.

Become an AI Consultant

An AI consultant would work with companies to help them incorporate AI into their systems. The systems could include business intelligence, analytics, internal communication, and lots more. The consulting role could include any or all areas including the planning, integration, system design, and training users to operate the systems. The consultant would need a deep understanding of AI, which is something most companies are not likely to obtain.

Provide AI Integration Services

An AI integration specialist would integrate AI into a company’s systems. This is ideal for online, such as within websites, and for corporations such as within intranet systems for use internally. Internal systems could integrate with outside systems through the use of APIs, so some knowledge of system integration is crucial. Website integrations could include review systems, chat systems, eCommerce analytics, and lots more.

Create Products Powered by AI

Utilize APIs to create your own AI products to sell. Every API is different, and every product will be different, so this will take some extra planning and thought. Fortunately, many AI platforms can help with the idea development process. The code development AI platforms are excellent tools for creating AI-powered products.



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Ending Thoughts on Making Money with AI

That’s our look at making money with AI. AI has boosted money-making opportunities for freelancers and entrepreneurs. Learning how to use the AI tools we have available to us can help save time, produce better content and products, and launch a thriving business. Many of these ideas can build on other ideas from this list.

Any of the money-making methods mentioned here can bring in extra income or become your primary income. Combining several methods can set you apart from the crowd and help ensure your part-time side hustle or full-time agency has the stability it needs to last for many years to come.

We want to hear from you. Have you tried any of these methods for making money with AI? Let us know about your experience in the comments.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do DIY blogs make money?

Yes, DIY blogging can bring you are steady income. There are several effective and proven methods to monetize your DIY blog and earn some real money.

How much money can you make from a blog?

In the first year, most bloggers earn very little money, mainly from affiliate marketing and ads. However, it’s possible to earn $50-$200 per month in the first year. When you increase your traffic, you can start earning over $1,000 per month.

Is web hosting an easy way to make money?

Yes but only if you're willing to put in the work. The concepts behind the industry are simple to pick up, but you’ll still need to work hard to apply them.

How do you make money as a reseller?

As a web designer, you can offer hosting and site setup in one, and you can gain income from clients that are attracted by these complete packages.

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