Top Scripting Languages

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July 7, 2022
Top Scripting Languages

Computers have an artificial language that controls their behavior, called programming language. The language is a set of computer vocabulary used in computer programming to implement algorithms. Since the first widely used language Fortran, over 700 programming languages have been invented. Scripting languages are among them. Read on to learn their use-cases and the best scripting languages to learn.

What is a Scripting Language?

A scripting language or script language is a programming language for a runtime system that automates the execution of tasks like extracting data from a dataset, automating task execution, or performing configurations that would otherwise be completed individually by a human operator.

It is usually interpreted at runtime rather than compiled.

Scripting Languages vs Programming Languages

A scripting language is designed for integrating and communicating with other programming languages.

Often used for short scripts over complete computer programs, scripting languages must run within the shell or program they were designed to run. They cannot be compiled into a program or run from the command prompt. They often don't require a compilation step to execute because they fall under the interpreted languages.

Programming Languages, on the other hand, are compiled at runtime. This means that before the computer can understand the code, it must first translate it to machine-readable code the computer can understand!

10 Top Scripting Languages To Check Out

Scripting makes coding more straightforward and faster and is widely used in web development. However, they have other applications, including game engines, operating systems, office applications, statistical analysis software, and others. As we explore the top scripting languages, it is important to note that all scripting languages can be classified as programming languages, but not all programming languages are scripting languages. Here's a list of top scripting languages:

1. JavaScript

JavaScript is a text-based programming language used both on the client-side and server-side that allows you to make web pages interactive. The code runs on the user's browser and allows the programmer to add interactivity to the website. For example, JavaScript can make your webpage interactive, so you can click a dropdown to show more information or hide information. You can also use it to create complex calculations to generate prime numbers or random number.

// input from the user
const min = parseInt(prompt("Enter a min value: "));
const max = parseInt(prompt("Enter a max value: "));

// generating a random number
const a = Math.floor(Math.random() * (max - min + 1)) + min;

// display a random number
console.log(`Random value between ${min} and ${max} is ${a}`);

JavaScript program to generate a random number

2. PHP

PHP, a recursive acronym for "Hypertext Preprocessor," is a popular general-purpose server scripting language especially suited to web development. It was first created to add dynamic functionalities to static HTML pages; however, it has evolved to become a standalone language.

PHP has C-like syntax and can be executed on different HTTP servers. LAMP, LEMP, WAMP, and MAMP are the most common PHP server stacks.

The programming language is also used by content management systems ([CMS]{(entry:blog/what-is-a-cms-content-management-system}) and web application frameworks like Joomla, Codelgniter, Drupal, Symfony, and WordPress.

<!DOCTYPE html>

function writeMsg() {
  echo "Hello world!";



PHP script that uses the built-in echo function to output a text.

3. Python

Python is a free and open-source project managed by the Python Software Foundation. It is a high-level, general-purpose multi-paradigm programming language. Its design philosophy emphasizes code readability with the use of significant indentation, and it is a great first language because it's concise and easy to read.

Python does not use curly brackets or semicolons. The language constructs and object-oriented approach aim to help programmers write clear, logical code for small- and large-scale projects. It is used in web development, data science, and creating software prototypes.

import random
n = random.randint(0,22)

Python Script to display Random Number

4. Ruby

Ruby is a dynamic, open-source programming language focused on simplicity and productivity. The language supports multiple programming paradigms. It has an elegant syntax that is natural to read and easy to write.

Ruby has different use-cases from front-end and back-end web development, static site generation, data analysis, and other similar applications; It's an interpreted language like Python, rather than a compiled one like C or C++. Ruby projects also take on multiple different approaches to problem-solving.

def sum_eq_n?(arr, n)
  return true if arr.empty? && n == 0

  arr.product(arr).reject { |a,b| a == b }.any? { |a,b| a + b == n }

Ruby Script to get sum of numbers.

5. Bash

Bash is a Unix shell and command-line language that typically runs in a text window where the user types a command that triggers an action. It is used to automate everyday tasks on a computer. Bash is a superset to the Bourne shell syntax on macOS machines and Linux.

Bash can be used to read and execute commands from files, known as shell scripts. Bash has a simple and descriptive syntax. It includes features from shell scripting languages such as KornShell (KSH) and C shell (csh).

if [ $n -lt 10 ];
echo "It is a one digit number"
echo "It is a two digit number"

Bash script using conditional if/else statement

6. GML

GameMaker Language is a domain-specific scripting language with its roots in JavaScript and the C languages, giving an advantage to those with experience with those languages. This language is structured to permit users to create their games intuitively and flexibly while offering all the power of any other primary programming language.

function sqr_calc(val)
    if !is_real(val)
        return 0;

    return (val * val);

GML script using function statements

7. Powershell

PowerShell is a cross-platform task automation solution comprising a command-line shell, a scripting language, and a configuration management framework. It runs on Windows, Linux, and macOS and is built on the .NET Common Language Runtime (CLR). All inputs and outputs are .NET objects. There is no need to parse text output to extract information from the output.

$a = 10 #If else condition testing

if ($a -le 5)

{Write-host (" This variable is less than 5")}

else { write-host (" This variable is greater than 5")}

PowerShell script using conditional if/else statement

8. Visual Basic for Applications

VBA is a computer programming language developed and owned by Microsoft. It was created to automate repetitive tasks, add new functionalities, and handle the interaction with the end-users of documents. You can create macros to automate repetitive words and data processing functions and generate custom forms, graphs, and reports.

VBA works within Microsoft Office applications. It is not a standalone product, so you can attach VBA scripts to keyboard shortcuts, macros, OLE events, or menu buttons. VBA can also work in an external—that is, non-Microsoft—a platform by using a technology called COM interface, which allows commands to interact across computer boundaries.

Sub If_Multiple_Conditions() 
    If Range("a2").Value = "Cat" Then
        Range("b2").Value = "Meow"
    ElseIf Range("a2").Value = "Dog" Then
        Range("b2").Value = "Woof"
    ElseIf Range("a2").Value = "Duck" Then
        Range("b2").Value = "Quack"
    End If

VBA script using conditional if/else statement

9. Perl

Perl acronym stands for 'Practical Extraction and Reporting Language.' It is a group of statements that work together to perform a specific task. Perl is a robust and adaptable high-level, interpreted programming language. Its syntax is similar to C language and was initially developed for text manipulation. It borrows many C and Shell script features and is used for system administration, networking, and other user interface applications. Perl is a case-sensitive programming language like UNIX.

# rename series of frames
if ($#ARGV != 3) {
    print "usage: rename old new start stop\n";

$old = $ARGV[0];
$new = $ARGV[1];
$start = $ARGV[2];
$stop = $ARGV[3];

for ($i=$start; $i <= $stop; $i++) {

    $num = $i;
    if($i<10) {	$num = "00$i"; }
    elsif($i<100) { $num = "0$i"; }

    $cmd = "mv $old.$num $new.$num";
    print $cmd."\n";
    if(system($cmd)) { print "rename failed\n"; }

Perl Script for renaming files

10. R

R is a free software environment for statistical computing and graphics representation. It compiles on various Unix platforms, including Windows, Linux, and macOS operating systems. You can also use the R scripting language in other environments, such as pqR and Renjin.

countdown <- function(from)
    from <- from - 1


R Script to countdown numbers from 5

Wrapping Up

Many implementations, syntaxes, and scripting variations make it exciting to learn. Scripting languages can be used for various purposes, from building web applications to system administration, creating plugins for existing applications, and creating games and multimedia applications.

However, scripting languages cannot run independently. To execute them, you need an interpreter. If you are considering learning a new scripting language, it is always a good idea to check out its popularity before diving in.

Frequently Asked Questions

How secure is PHP?

PHP has an excellent security reputation and the developers are constantly making updates. Plus, you’ll benefit from additional security measures for your site by opting for a managed hosting package.

Do I need to know how to code to use WordPress?

Definitely not. There’s no need to learn coding, since most WordPress users aren’t developers. There’s many plugins and themes you can use to customize your website without coding.

What content management sytems use PHP?

All of the most popular content management systems are compatible with PHP including, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and Magento

Who is responsible for PHP bugs and security issues?

Any fixes will primarily be covered by the PHP developers, and regular updates are pushed out. Under a managed hosting solution, Verpex will make sure any updates are applied to your site as soon as they’re ready.



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