About Verpex

Verpex is a hosting company founded on two core principles: technical proficiency and excellent service. When you take a hosting account or server from us, you should know that you will get an excellent, fast, solution -- and also have access to friendly, timely assistance from us should you need it.

We're a team of over 30 engineers, headquartered in London, UK.

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Email: [email protected]
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US Phone: 833-749-3773
UK Phone: 020 8191 9818


Verpex is a platform we trust to run our own websites. Our core systems team control our software stack centrally, configuring servers using the latest deployment tools.

Centralised Deployment

We use Ansible and Terraform to centrally manage all systems. If Verpex engineers create a custom environment for your needs, it will necessarily be documented and controlled from a script on our control systems.

Anycast DNS

DNS is pushed out to servers around the globe, and requests answered by the closest machine to your website visitors.

100% Public Cloud

Verpex systems are based on Cloud Providers such as Google Cloud and AWS. They invest billions in their data centres and networks. We think it is insanity for a hosting provider to not use them.

Worst-case Disaster Recovery

In the worst case scenario of entire hardware failure (which is extremely rare), we can provision and deploy our entire website estate to new systems within two hours.

Offsite Backups

Backups of all sites are taken daily and stored offsite, fully encrypted. We keep iterations of your websites for at least 30 days.

Excellent Service

We aim for 100% customer satisfaction. Happy customers means we enjoy our jobs too.


No need to jump through hoops to contact us. Support tickets, live chat, Facebook messenger and phones are options available to all customers.

Beyond Technical Support

We go a step beyond other hosting providers. Need a WordPress password resetting? Want us to connect to your machine to set up Email? We can help.

No Sales Commission

We don't have pushy sales staff. If all you need is our lowest $3.99 hosting plan, then that is what you shall get.

24/7 Live Chat & Phone Support

Talk to us any time if you have questions or would like advice

Quick Responses

99% of all support tickets are answered within the hour.