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Time to Aim High With Your Own Web Server

Having your own server with Verpex means you’re in total control. You’ll have the whole resource dedicated to your business which means no congestion or sharing with other websites with heavy demands. Focus on customization and leave configuration and maintenance up to us, as well as any existing site migrations you might need.

Time to Aim High With Your Own Web Server
Get Started Instantly

From the moment you subscribe to Verpex, you’ll have your own server up and running within the hour. It doesn’t take long for us to get your online enterprise off the ground; if you have existing websites, we’ll migrate these just as quick.

Fully Managed By Us

Our managed server subscriptions come with all the bells and whistles your business needs to thrive. We provide you with the easy to use cPanel/WHM, twice-daily backups, malware protection, software autoinstallers and free SSL Certificates. You’ll get the freedom to operate with our expert help whenever you need us.

cPanel/WHM With Cloudlinux

Our managed servers come equipped with cPanel/WHM and include 30 free cPanels, after that each new account will have a cost, price will be as set by cPanel at the time of your purchase.

Global Locations

Verpex can offer servers in various locations around the world. Choose one closest to where the majority of your website visitors are.If your visitors are global, choose a hub like Amsterdam New York, or London, we can help you configure it.

Tailored Server Management

Alongside professional management and responsive 24/7 support, you’ll have access to leading software and expertly optimized servers. Our focus on consistent performance means every server in our suite runs just the way it’s supposed to.

Tailored Server Management

Need Help? Talk To Us 24/7

Our team of skilled experts is always available to provide support on any issues you might be facing. You can reach us 24/7 to get the answers you need, regardless of the type of hosting you have and the time.

Need Help? Talk To Us 24/7

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Are Your Servers?

Anyone looking to make use of our top-end packages and server subscriptions will be happy to know that we can deploy to basically anywhere around the world. In fact, we deploy to over 12 global locations.

Can You Migrate My Existing Website Over?

Yes, and without issue. Regardless of how many websites you’re managing, we’ll bring all of them under the Verpex wing free of charge. Just send us the details of your websites when you’ve signed up to get started.

Does Verpex Offer Root Access?

We only provide managed Servver, so if you want to sysadmin your own server, you’ll need to turn to a different provider, one that focuses solely on cloud hosting.

Which Control Panel is Available?

Verpex users benefit from the industry standard, cPanel. Alongside this state-of-the-art interface, you’ll also get access to Softaculous for auto-installations and Jetbackup for, well, you guessed it, backups.

Where is Verpex located?

Verpex is based squarely in London, UK, making it ideally located to serve businesses and individuals around the world. Though our headquarters is here, we have a presence all over, as well as offices in Bali, Indonesia, and Sofia, Bulgaria.

What Speeds Can I Expect?

You’ll never receive anything less than 1gbit/s with Verpex. If you require a speed test, just let a member of our customer care team know when you’re ready.

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