What Is Quality Score in Google Ads

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August 16, 2022
What Is Quality Score in Google Ads

Google Ads are quite important, especially if you have an online business. Over 80% of businesses choose Google Ads for their advertising campaigns. Google Ads have an average CTR of 3.52% across all industries. Moreover, display advertising can increase traffic by up to 300%. One of the main indicators of your Google Ads campaign’s success is the Quality Score, which this article focuses on.

What Is Quality Score in Google Ads?

Quality Score in Google Ads is a metric that Google uses to rate the quality of your ads compared to those of competitors. Your Quality Score is calculated each time a search is made that triggers your ad.

Google Ads measures your Quality Score by giving each keyword you use a score from 1 to 10. The higher your Quality Score is, the more relevant your keywords are to your ads, landing page, and customers.

What Is a Good Quality Score for Google Ads

Before we break down what each score says about your ads, it's important to know that Quality Scores are not linear, so a score of 6 is not twice as good as a score of 3. Now, let's see what the scores indicate:

A Quality Score of 1-3

The lowest score you can get and is considered awful, and in most cases, ads with a score of 1 or 2 have a high possibility of not being displayed

A Quality Score of 4-6

Google considers a score of 6 as the benchmark or average, so if your Quality Score is between 4 and 6, it means that your ad quality is average

A Quality Score of 7-8

Considered to be a good Quality Score

A Quality Score of 9-10

The highest score you can get and is considered great

How to Check Quality Score in Google Ads

How to Check Quality Score in Google Ads

To check your Quality Score in Google Ads, you need to complete the following steps:

Step 1:
Log into your Google Ads account.

Step 2:
Find and click on the Keywords icon in the left menu.

Step 3:
Next, click on the Columns icon in the right upper corner of the table.

Step 4:
Find the Quality Score icon under the "Modify columns for keywords" icon and click on it. You can choose any of the following options and add them to your statistics table if you want to view your current Quality Score and the status of its components:

  - Quality Score
  - Landing Page Exp.
  - Exp. CTR
  - Ad relevance

Step 5:
If you want to look more deeply beyond Quality Score statistics, you can choose any of the following:

  - Historical Quality Score
  - Historical Landing Page Exp.
  - Historical Ad Relevance
  - Historical Exp. CTR

Step 6:
After performing all the changes and analyses you want, click on the Apply icon.

How Is Google Quality Score Calculated

To calculate your Quality Score, Google uses the following three key components:

  • Expected CTR
    This is the most important factor for calculating your Quality Score, and it directly indicates which of your ads are most relevant to your users based on how many clicks an ad is expected to receive. The more clicks an ad gets, i.e., the higher the CTR, the more relevant it is.
  • Ad relevance
    This measures how relevant your ad is in relation to the searches users make. To make your ad more relevant, you need to include your targeted keyword as many times as possible.
  • Landing page experience
    This component measures how relevant and useful your landing page is to the user that clicks on your ad and takes loading times into consideration as well when evaluating landing page experience.

There are also additional components that are included in Quality Score calculations:

  • Account history
    Everything related to your account, like changes you've made, is considered by Google when determining your CTR. However, Google favors more recent account history and encourages users to make as many changes as they wish.
  • Keyword relevance
    Your keyword has to relate to and be included in your ad title, ad copy, URL, and your website overall so that your website and content appear when users search for that keyword.
  • Ad text relevance
    To have a higher Quality Score and show up in relevant searches, the text that your ads contain has to include the keywords your targeting.

How to Improve Quality Score in Google Ads

How to Improve Quality Score in Google Ads

Having a good Quality Score in Google Ads is crucial for appearing in relevant Google searches and getting users to click on your ads more frequently. Additionally, if customers are more satisfied with the ad experience you create, Google will charge you less for each ad click. So, to make your Quality Score better and higher, you can do the following:

  • Research new keywords
    Stay up to date with new keywords that become relevant to your content and website so that you can increase your website traffic and relevancy in Google searches.
  • Organize your keywords
    Categorize the different keywords you use into specific groups so that you can more easily tie them to different ad campaigns and make them more relevant.
  • Improve your ad text
    Making your ads more relevant and targeted to your different ad groups will increase CTR and be more effective.
  • Optimize your landing page
    Make your landing pages more directly connected by optimizing them based on the individual ad groups that you have so that the user experience is better and more cohesive.
  • Exclude negative keywords
    Research all the keywords you have consistently so that you can eliminate the ones that are irrelevant and that you don't need, which will also increase your budget so that you can replace them with new, relevant keywords.

Concluding Remarks

Having an above-average or good Quality Score in Google Ads can propel your business to the top of Google search results, decrease your costs, and sky-rocket your CTR. It can also attract many new customers, which will increase your customer pool and revenues as a result.

However, instead of making changes for the sole reason of improving your Quality Score, you should try to make changes that will enhance your campaign's performance. This, if done properly, will naturally improve and increase your Quality Score in Google Ads.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I promote my business?

Many find success with targeted Google and Facebook ads. Try and focus on a niche or local market to start off with.

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A number of different third-party resources allow you to see how many people visited your site.

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This depends on the eCommerce tool you use. For example, Magento is 100% customizable, and you can amend just about every aspect. Shopify on the other hand has far fewer customization options.

Can I use WordPress hosting for an ecommerce site?

Yes, of course. In fact, the platform has some of the best online stores and a range of payment processor plugins on the market.

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