Business Directory Themes for WordPress

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September 23, 2023
Business Directory Themes for WordPress

WordPress is an excellent platform for creating business directories. A business directory is simply a list of businesses. It provides an index of businesses in alphabetical order under specific categories. They’re often specific to certain industries. There are lots of business directory themes to choose from that provide all the features anyone would need to build their business directory website. In this post, we’ll look at the best business directory themes for WordPress to help you get started on your business directory website.

About These Business Directory Themes for WordPress

As always, for this list, I selected the WordPress themes with the best features and ratings, those that have had recent updates, and lots of current installs if that information was available. Business directories are a specialized topic, so many of these WordPress themes will have fewer sales than more popular topics.

Some of these business directory WordPress themes can also include listings by businesses or individuals. This includes classified ads, real estate, job postings, automobiles, etc. Many even include features to build a complete marketplace complete with vendors, monetization features, direct messaging, online shops, and lots more. Some include several premium plugins. Because of these design features, many of these themes can build robust eCommerce websites. They cover a wide range of prices and features, and all provide great value.

Top 14 Business Directory Themes for WordPress

Now, on to the business directory themes for WordPress. The themes are in no particular order.

1. eDirectory


eDirectory was designed to build any type of directory website including business directories. It’s a one-stop theme that includes everything you could need. It adds a bookmarking system, banner ads, mobile apps, lead generation, payment gateways, email notifications, deals and offers, a blogging system, and a lot more. The built-in marketplace feature works great for products, services, appointments, and non-profits.

It also includes a template editor, an SSL certificate, and SEO Awesome. The mobile app is created with the integrated app builder. Create apps for iPhone and Android with just a few clicks. You have control over the colors and images. This is the most expensive business directory them on this list. Prices start at $891 per year.

2. ListingPro


ListingPro is an all-in-one turn-key package that includes everything needed to build directory websites. It includes advanced search and filters, advanced custom form fields, membership pricing plans, reviews, listing claims, coupons, front-end submissions, events, appointment bookings, internal messaging, ad campaigns, and more.

It works great for business directories and any type of marketplace, and includes 10 one-click niched-directory demos to get you started. The checkout system has Stripe, PayPal, Bankwire, and 2CO built in, and you can add several others. It also includes opening hours, invoices, social login, spam protection, local searches, banner management, email management, and more. Prices start at $69.

3. Listify


Listify was designed to build any type of business list including directories. It includes lots of revenue options with WooCommerce integration. Build a gift certificate site, membership site, restaurant guide, product listings, vacation rentals, and lots more. Users can create reservations, view listings, bookmark, claim a listing, add a listing, view a map of listings, share on social media, and more.

It includes 7 premium plugins and integrates with lots of WooCommerce extensions and the most popular forms plugins. It also includes several demos to get you started quickly, a drag-and-drop builder to customize the layouts yourself, and style kits so you don’t have to design the layouts. Prices start at $69.

4. MyListing


MyListing was designed to build websites for business directories, real estate listings, and car listings, but it can create unlimited types of listings for any type of website you need. It includes “explore” pages with maps and custom filtering, single listing pages with reviews and related listings, user reviews with ratings and categories, and more. Users can send direct messages and they have a custom dashboard.

You can monetize with submissions, paid listings, promoted listings, and several promotional packages. It integrates with the Elementor page builder and includes 50 Elementor widgets that are ready to use. Prices start at $59.

5. ListingHive


ListingHive was designed to build any type of directory website. Users have their own dashboards and can create listings and send private messages. They can search listings by keywords, filter based on location, bookmark listings, rate listings, and create reviews. Users can add new listings with just a few clicks and management their listings from their personal dashboard.

Create custom fields, unlimited categories, and monetize the listings. You can monetize by charging users to list, feature listings, and charge to claim listings. It’s powered by WooCommerce. Style it to fit your website and brand. This business directory theme for WordPress is free.

6. Javo Directory

Javo Directory

Javo Directory was designed to build a business directory website and also works great for real estate, job listings, and car listings. It includes templates for all the different types of listings and includes a form builder based on the listing types. The built-in forums work to boost community interaction. It includes members' pages and group and forum pages. Users can chat with the special chat features.

It also includes a multi-vendor directory and a marketplace feature. Users can create independent stores in the marketplace, and you can earn a commission as the admin. It includes dashboards for vendors and customers. Build pages with the drag-and-drop shop designer or use templates to get started. Prices start at $59.

7. Listeo


Listeo is a directory WordPress theme with a built-in multi-vendor marketplace and a booking system. It works great for classified ads, rentals, travel booking, city guides, local businesses, doctors, real estate, and lots more. Features include private messaging, a booking calendar, commissions and monetization options, statistics, map integration, a user dashboard, etc.

Customize the search forms with the search form editor. The search features are powered by AJAX. Send messages to vendors. It also includes a coming soon page, reCAPTCHA, smart listing reviews, 2000 icons, dark mode, and mobile apps for Android and iOS. Prices start at $79.

8. Wilcity


Wilcity is an all-in-one listing and directory WordPress theme. It includes free mobile apps, an email creator, a search page, a WooCommerce search, an event search, a complex search, listing tabs, a front-end review tracking feature, term groups, a repeated group option, business hours, booking, and lots more.

The dashboard includes listing plans and upgrade options. Users can search listings near them, calculate distance, and see related listings. Create revenue with banner ads, add Stripe payments, customize the login page, create categories for the listings, and directory types, design the listing fields, etc. It also includes a withdrawal request option. Prices start at $69.

9. OneListing Pro

OneListing Pro

OneListing Pro is a business directory theme that can build any type of business directory you need. It includes an advanced dashboard, advanced search, custom fields, maps, business hours, social login, pricing plans, claim listing, guest submissions, booking, PayPal for the payment gateway, and more. It’s compatible with page builders, so you can create and edit the layouts.

The directory features are scalable, so you can add more directories as you go. You can design the listing cards and personalize them. You can also customize the single listing page. Monetize with paid listings, featured listings, rank featured listings, subscriptions, pay-per-submission, claim a listing, etc. Prices start at $69 per year.

10. Service Finder

Service Finder

Service Finder is a business and service directory WordPress theme. Businesses and service providers can register and create a profile that’s searchable and customers can book the services. Once the service is completed, customers can provide feedback. Providers can specify timeslots when they’re available, show when they’re unavailable, manage the bookings, manage staff, send invoices, and more.

Customers can also post a job with requirements and invite providers to view a job. Providers can search and apply for jobs, and customers can hire providers. It includes add-ons for private messaging, signups with OTP, and social log-in. It comes with lots of custom pages to choose from. Prices start at $59.

11. Directory


Directory is a multi-purpose directory theme where users can register, log in, submit listings, filter, and sort search results, and edit their profiles, from the front end. Users can create listings and classifieds. It includes advanced filters, social integration, instant messaging, analytics, SEO Awesome, lead generation, payment gateways, a bookmarking system, newsletters, a blogging system, and more.

Use the templates to get started and customize them with the drag-and-drop builder to create unlimited layouts. Monetize with ads, promotions, banners, etc. It also includes lots of map features such as choosing a custom map style, allowing users to draw on the maps, see a split map view, and more. Prices start at $48.

12. FindAll


FindAll was designed to build directories and listings websites. It includes lots of pages and several premium plugins such as the WPBakery page builder and Slider Revolution. Easily add featured ads, pricing packages, an online store, popup forms for logins, social icons, fonts, icons, a mega menu, maps, and a lot more.

The powerful search features make it easy to search lists. You can also include listing elements such as categories, map pins, and featured lists. The user dashboard makes it easy for users to create lists. Pages include a directory home page, a listing home page, a single list page, and more. Prices start at $85.

13. Listygo


Listygo is a directory WordPress theme designed to showcase directory listings. It has three home pages, several custom inner pages, header and footer styles, unlimited custom fields, a user dashboard, payment gateways, monetization with ads, live chat, three premium plugins, and several page layouts to get you started. The premium plugins add a review system, classified ads, a directory, etc.

It includes the Elementor page builder, so you can customize your layouts with drag-and-drop elements. Search options include the standard search, AJAX search, and a pop-up search. Listings include ratings and promotional features. Other features include the Fluent contact form, opening hours, Google map integration, and lots more. Prices start at $49.

14. Ekta Directory

Ekta Directory

Ekta Directory is a directory and listing WordPress theme with one free and several premium demos available to get you started. The demos build various business listings websites, so you create any type of listing business. It includes 40 widgets to build your listing pages. It also includes front-end submissions, a business inquiry form, Google Analytics, Google Maps, and more.

It’s compatible with their Geo Directory plugin and the premium version of Elementor, so you can build with drag-and-drop if you want to purpose Elementor separately. Prices start at $49. There’s also a free version available with fewer features, which is a great way to try the theme before you buy.



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Ending Thoughts on Business Directory Themes for WordPress

That’s our look at the best business directory themes for WordPress. Business directory themes make it easy to build any type of directory, and many include listing features for classified ads and marketplaces with multiple vendors. Most of the themes listed here include lots of premium features with turnkey solutions to get you started quickly. Regardless of the features you need for your business directory website, you’re sure to find a great WordPress theme for your needs on this list.

We want to hear from you. Have you tried any of these business directory themes for WordPress? Let us know what you think about them in the comments.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are WordPress-free themes safe?

People often think that free themes have low quality. However, free WordPress themes actually have high quality and are free to use.

Can WordPress be used for eCommerce?

WordPress offers many different ways to build an eCommerce online store for all types of products and markets. Almost 40 percent of all online shops are powered by WooCommerce, a WordPress eCommerce plugin.

Is 4 GB RAM enough for WordPress?

Yes, 4GB of RAM is sufficient for a WordPress site, especially if it's a small or medium-sized site with moderate traffic and few resource-intensive plugins or features. Nevertheless, if your site is busy and has a lot of active users, you might require 4GB or more of RAM.

Can I use WordPress with any hosting

WordPress can generally be used with most hosting providers, as long as the hosting meets the minimum requirements for running WordPress.

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