7 WooCommerce Multi-vendor Plugins

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October 5, 2022
7 WooCommerce Multi-vendor Plugins

Do you sell on different platforms, like Amazon, Chewy, and Walmart? What if you could manage something like that from your eCommerce WordPress site? You can do so using WooCommerce! In this article you’ll learn about WooCommerce multi-vendor plugins.

What is WooCommerce?

WooCommerce is one of the most popular WordPress eCommerce plugins and eshopping solutions.

While WordPress powers over 43% of websites online in 2022, WooCommerce is used by 20% of websites powered by WordPress. WooCommerce is quite robust as an online shopping solution.

Some features that WooCommerce includes are:

  • Create, and manage product inventory
  • Connect to different payment processing solutions
  • Connect to different shipping solutions
  • View shop’s sales reports

… and much more. WooCommerce is so flexible that there are hundreds of different ways to extend your online shop to suit your needs, including running your own multi-vendor marketplace.

What is a WooCommerce multi-vendor plugin?

A WooCommerce multi-vendor plugin is one that allows you to turn your online shop into where others can sell their products.

This solution is similar to sites like Etsy and Amazon. People can sign up, sell their products, and you get a cut of each of the sales, or a small price for listing their stuff.

This type of shop is a win-win, as you’re offering another place for someone to get more exposure to their products, but also making money, kind of like renting.

Why use a WooCommerce multi-vendor plugin?

In general, in the WordPress community, plugins are designed to make it easier to manage a website. This also rings true for WooCommerce multi-vendor plugins. If you already run a shop, you can also welcome other vendors who sell items similar to your niche. A good example of this, even if it’s not WordPress or WooCommerce, is Chewy.com. Chewy is a multi-vendor marketplace focused on selling products related to pets.

What should you look for when choosing the right WooCommerce multi-vendor plugin?

When choosing the right WooCommerce multi-vendor plugin, here are some things to look for:

  • Robust admin interface
  • Easy to use vendor interface for managing shop, and listings
  • Various options for commissions
  • Various options for payment withdrawals

Robust admin interface

As the owner of a multi-vendor marketplace, you should choose a plugin that gives you flexibility of approving and setting limits to vendors that sign up.

Easy to use vendor interface for managing shop, and listings

In order to attract vendors to signing up with your marketplace, you should offer them options for managing their store profile, and product listings.

Various options for commissions

Offering different types of commission can help make you and your marketplace vendors money. Some of the commission options could be per listing, and even a percentage of the sale.

Various options for payment withdrawals

Try to offer several payment withdrawal options for vendor commissions. This will attract more to signing up, as each has a preferred method of receiving money.

WooCommerce Multi-vendor Plugins: Top 7

Below are some of the best WooCommerce multi-vendor plugins. Please note that some of the plugins in this list are free and others may require you to pay a yearly license fee.

  1. Dokan
  2. MarketKing
  3. WCFM Marketplace
  4. WC Vendors MarketPlace
  5. Multivendor Marketplace Solution for WooCommerce
  6. YITH WooCommerce Multi-Vendor / Marketplace
  7. WooCommerce Product Vendors

1. Dokan

dokan banner

Dokan allows you to accept and manage unlimited vendors to your WooCommerce store. When a vendor signs up, they are given their own dashboard to manage their products. You can charge a subscription for uploading products and even product limits. Additionally; you can even earn by vendor commissions or individual product commissions.

The free version does quite a bit, but if you want better control over things like vendor rate shipping, more payment gateway integration options, and more admin features, then you might want to buy the premium version, which starts at $149/year.

2. MarketKing

marketking banner

MarketKing - Ultimate Multi Vendor Marketplace for WooCommerce has a free version, but has been known as a featured paid plugin on both Envato and Code Canyon. The free version of MarketKing includes:

  • Full-Screen Modern Vendor Dashboard.
  • Backend Management for vendor
  • Store Pages
  • Store Profiles
  • Payouts Management
  • Basic Vendor Registration and Approval System
  • Vendor Product Management and Admin Approval
  • Backend Dashboard with chart report
  • Order Management for the vendor
  • Simple Product listings

If you need more, the paid version of MarketKing includes things like Stripe split payments, design features, variable products, upselling and cross-selling, refund requests, and loads more.

3. WCFM Marketplace

wcfm marketplace banner

WCFM Marketplace claims to be the best multi-vendor add-on for WooCommerce, as you can build a website like Amazon, Etsy, Flipkart, AirBnb, or even eBay. Some of the features of WCFM Marketplace are:

  • Advance search filter for city, zip code, and category
  • Commission based on fixed price, price percentage, percent plus fixed, vendor sale, product price, and more
  • Versatile shipping management
  • Flexible withdrawal options
  • Lots of payout options available

If you need more, you can find paid extensions for WCFM Marketplace here. The pricing for each extension varies, or you can purchase all extensions for 1 year, as low as $224, and you can use it on 2 websites.

4. WC Vendors MarketPlace

wc vendors banner

WC Vendors MarketPlace allows you to create multi-vendor stores like selling art, running auction sites, or sites like Etsy. This plugin is pretty flexible for most of your WooCommerce multi-vendor plugin needs. Here’s just some of what this plugin has to offer:

  • Supports unlimited products
  • Supports digital or downloadable products
  • Ability to create variable products

If you’d like things like various commission options, subscription products, ability to perform bookings or auctions, then you will have to purchase a paid extension for WC Vendors MarketPlace.

5. Multivendor Marketplace Solution for WooCommerce

woocommerce multi vendor banner

Multivendor Marketplace Solution for WooCommerce allows you to create sites like Amazon. If you are one to want to try before you buy their premium version extensions, they do offer a demo. When you install this plugin, it has a nice setup wizard.

The free version of Multivendor Marketplace Solution for WooCommerce offers:

  • Personalized dashboard
  • Ability to adjust commission
  • Supports tangible and digital items
  • Vendor and seller manager
  • Product manager
  • Order manager
  • Ability to create coupons
  • Several shipping options
  • Knowledge base management

6. YITH WooCommerce Multi-Vendor/Marketplace

H WooCommerce Multi-Vendor/MarketplaceYIT is one of many of the extensions that YITH has for WooCommerce, that says it can handle super complex shops that could be like Alibaba and Amazon. This premium plugin is $149 per year and includes:

  • Thorough customization of vendor registration forms
  • Advanced vendor role management
  • Multiple payment withdrawal options
  • Multiple commission options
  • Vendor product management
  • Advanced admin dashboard to manage vendors

YITH integrates well with all of their WooCommerce based plugins, both free and premium ones. On their sales page, you can see a lot of the screenshots detailing what you can expect to see when using the YITH WooCommerce Multi-Vendor / Marketplace plugin.

7. WooCommerce Product Vendors

woocommerce banner

WooCommerce Product Vendors is created by the WooCommerce team and designed to help you create a multi-vendor website. This WooCommerce multi-vendor plugin costs $79 per year, and includes the following features:

  • Sell anything whether a product that needs to be shipped or one that needs to be downloaded.
  • You can sell your own stuff, aside from managing other sellers.
  • Vendors can manage their own products.
  • You can make sure commission is only received on completed orders.
  • You have access to detailed sales reports.
  • You can delay commission payments in the event that there were any returns.
  • Vendors can control and manage their store profile.
  • Vendors can message customers.
  • Vendors can specify their own shipping rules.
  • Marketplace owners can manage new vendor registration.

… and many more goodies.

In Summary

Now that you’ve learned about WooCommerce multi-vendor plugins, you can see which one works best for you. Download and try each out. Hopefully one of these plugins will help you and your vendors to build a robust online marketplace.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is WordPress free?

All you need to do to use WordPress is to invest in a web hosting plan since the software itself is free.

Are WordPress plugins free?

WordPress has loads of plugins you can install, some of them are free, but some of them you will need to pay for. You can learn how to use WordPress Plugins on our blog.

Is hosting a WooCommerce site complicated?

Not at all. We can arrange managed hosting here at Verpex and can provide advice and guidance on getting the most out of the platform.

How much does WooCommerce hosting cost?

Prices are very reasonable and start from just $3.50 per month at Verpex.

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