WooCommerce Product Filter Plugins

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March 6, 2023
WooCommerce Product Filter Plugins

A web search system is a common web element that is found on websites. However, eCommerce websites may also need a product filtering system, especially if they have a great number of products and variations.

In WordPress, WooCommerce-based websites integrate this product filter in the search system using the plugin. WooCommerce enables this product filter functionality with an extension that is not free. By default WooCommerce free version provides limited product filter widgets which are filtered by price, stock, and attributes. Also, it provides an Active Product Filters widget.

In this article, you will learn the importance of WooCommerce product filters for an online shop and some recommended product filter plugins that you can use for free.

An Introduction to Product Filter Plugin

Most eCommerce websites rely on the search form system for their customers to find their product. As the online shop expands over time, so will the number of products. There will also be more product variations and different attributes for the users to browse. A simple search system will no longer be effective when an online shop is growing bigger by scale.

A product search filter plugin has some elements and functionalities that will give a direct impact on the user experience of the customers when they browse the product they want to purchase. Customers or users can browse products by different filter types, for instance by category, product title, or by price, and using filter elements such as price range sliders, checkboxes, or labels.

The importance of WooCommerce Product Filter Plugin

As we already understand that product filters will directly affect the user’s experience in browsing an online shop, hence in this section we will explain why this WooCommerce product filter plugin is important to have in a web store.

Faster Product Search

Faster Product Search

Increase the Conversion Rate

Increase the Conversion Rate

Analytic Reporting

Analytic Reporting

Faster Product Search

Product filter helps the customer to find the relevant product with dynamic real-time search results. Accordingly, it will speed up the product search process especially if the filter system is designed with good usability.

Increase the Conversion Rate

A product filter that has a user-friendly design will increase the conversion rate and at the same time, a product search filter also improves your customer’s experience. A product filter can be thought of as a tool that enables customers to find the product they require the most, but it also gives them full control to personalize their product search filter.

Analytic Reporting

Having a product filter plugin installed on your eCommerce website will give you the opportunity to get insight or information on the product ranking, track the product trends demand, and collect search queries from the users. These types of information will be quite useful for regular business evaluation of your online marketing strategy especially when you deal with tough competitors.

Key Components in WooCommerce Search Filter Plugin

There are many WooCommerce product filter plugins that you can find and choose in the WordPress plugin directory. In this article section, we break down the essential components that you need to pay attention to before you decide to use the WooCommerce search filter plugin.

1. Filter Types

A product filter plugin would do best if it could handle different product filters. Some plugins will limit this option on their free version, but the basic search filters are usually filtered by category, tags, attributes, metadata, and by price.

Depending on how specific the search filter plugin that you would need, however here is a list of what the plugins are commonly able to filter the product by:

  • Category
  • Tags
  • Attributes (size, weight, flavors, etc.)
  • Taxonomies
  • Price
  • Rating
  • Color swatch
  • Product variation
  • Product Title
  • Text/ label
  • Metadata
  • In stock
  • On sale
  • SKU
  • Content/ excerpt
  • Date
  • Featured products
  • Image

2. AJAX Compatible

Why is AJAX often used in search filtering? This is mainly because it allows your consumers to obtain real-time search results as they type. So it’s quite important if you choose an AJAX compatible search filter plugin.

AJAX employs Asynchronous JavaScript and XML. AJAX is a technology that is built on a few programming languages. It allows you to rapidly search and show the content you require without having to refresh the page

3. Filter UI / UX Elements

The filter UI / UX elements play an important role in search filtering as this would give a direct impact on the user experience and how they control the search filtering on your eCommerce website. Hence, a successful search filter plugin should have a good design of UI/ UX elements.

An active filter display would be handy to track the filter types that have been running or processed. A user can adjust or refine the search accordingly by deleting the active filters and starting another search or even pressing the reset button to delete all the active filters.

In some cases, a toggle button or icon to hide and show the search filter or sorting would help to declutter a shop landing page. Especially if there are many numbers of search filters and sorting elements to include.

Here is a list of search elements that you might find in the WooCommerce product filter plugin:

  • Checkboxes
  • Radio buttons
  • Dropdowns
  • Range slider
  • Select buttons/ labels
  • Multi-select

4. Sorting Configuration

By default, WooCommerce provides a sorting system for the products on the shop page. Nevertheless, some product filter plugins also include a built-in customizable sorting system which is often better than the default system has offered.

The integrated sorting system would enhance the search filter performance since you can customize the settings to fit your requirement especially if you have unique products. A good sorting system makes the search result and helps the users to find and decide which products they would like to purchase. It’s fairly important to have this feature optimized if the product filter plugin you’ve chosen provides it.

5. Filter Position

A product filter plugin might have a setting for you to configure the filter position. The common position for the search filter section is at the top of the product search result or at the sidebar area of your shop product page.

6. Integration

It’s very often that you would integrate a product filter plugin using the WooCommerce sidebar widget. The second option is to add a shortcode to integrate the search filter on your shop page. A few plugins would give you instant integration without you having to add a widget or shortcode.

7. Mobile Friendly Design

The product filter plugin must be responsive or mobile-friendly in design. Online shoppers may access your eCommerce website from different devices with different screens. So it will be helpful to have a configuration setting on the product filter plugin to make sure the filter element can be accessible on many types of devices.

5 Recommended WooCommerce Product Filter Plugins

Advanced AJAX Product Filters

What's unique about this plugin is that you can enable or disable the filter for "out of stock" status of the product variation. The plugin also gives you the option to filter specifically the product variation prices instead of the product price, but it will slow down the filtering by price process.

This product filter plugin is relatively easy to configure. Integration of the product filter to the store page can use a widget or a shortcode.



It gives you the option to integrate the filters into a group unit or single unit in the WooCommerce Sidebar widget
It provides many styles preset for the filter element
The product active filter and reset options can be placed above the search result (not in the WooCommerce sidebar)

Filter types are limited to filter by Category, Tags, Price, Attributes, and Ratings for the free version
The search box widget is only provided in the pro version
Price as a checkbox with min and max values is only enabled in the pro version
WC Ajax Product Filter

Unlike the other product filter, this plugin allows you to add each product filter type using a shortcode and widget in a separate unit. It provides options to set the relationship between filters. AND - products shown will match all filters, OR - products shown will match any of the filters.



It has the option to display active filters with a reset button
Dynamically updates the product count according to the applied filters
Responsive and running with jQuery and AJAX
Easy to modify the CSS

The AJAX filtering process is relatively slow
No On Sale filter option
Filter by Post Meta and Post Property only available in the pro version
Options to modify the filter elements for the price range are limited in the free version
Pofily – WooCommerce Product Filters

It has a customizable icon or a button to hide and show the filter area which is also known as a filter modal. You can set this filter modal as auto-open at the sidebar and enable the active filter display in the plugin setting.



Easy configuration to add filters as blocks. You can also set the visibility of the filters in the settings.
The filter reset link response is very fast
Filter by Taxonomy for Categories and Tags can exclude or include specific terms and can have a new label for each term.

It doesn't support autosuggest search
It doesn't provide a sorting system
Product name or title filter result is not too accurate
annasta Woocommerce Product Filters

The free version of the plugin has many filter options and functionalities compared to the other free product filter plugin. Special product filter types included are product filter by date and stock availability. SEO support is enabled for the: shop/page titles, description, and metadata.



Provides color boxes and custom filter icons
Options to set step-by-step product finders
Dynamic product counts
Options to show filters only on specified pages
Provide settings to display the search result

Limited filter elements in the free version
Limited styling options on elements in the free version
Multiple presets are only available in the pro version
No custom CSS options
Searchanise - Smart Search & Product Filter for WooCommerce

The search filtering process is enabled on the search result page after the user inputs a search query in the instant search widget. This instant search widget appears as a button or icon to hide and show the search form. The plugin can also filter products by stock status.



Customizable look and feel. Display filters as open or closed, and tinker with settings to deploy different looks
The reset link is included in each filter in the top section filter position, which makes faster the search process
It provides a sorting system apart from WooCommerce's default sorting system

Custom CSS/ HTML is only available in the pro version
The product Review and Rating filter is only enabled in the pro-integration
The filter process doesn't display the rest of the available categories but what has been inputted in the search field


A product filter plugin must have the flexibility to apply the filter elements to each filter type. This modification would give convenience to the users depending on how complex your search filter system you want to create. For instance, a price filter can be displayed as a range slider, checkboxes, or labels.

Besides the flexibility factor of how the product filter should be displayed on your store page, another thing that you need to consider is the active filter section for the user to keep track of the filtering process. Make sure this section has the reset button or at least would give the easy option for the users to delete the active filter that is no longer needed to adjust the product filtering.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is hosting a WooCommerce site complicated?

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