WordPress Map Plugins

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March 3, 2023
WordPress Map Plugins

WordPress map plugins are a great way to show the locations of businesses or make it easy for users to get directions. They can also include contact information such as phone numbers and opening hours. It’s in the best interest of any company with a physical location to display a map on its website. They’re crucial for any website that needs to provide directions to a specific location for any reason. Fortunately, there are lots of map plugins available. In this post, we’ll look at the best WordPress map plugins to help you decide which is the best for your needs.

Why Use WordPress Map Plugins

Maps can be embedded within your content using HTML. So, why would anyone want to use a plugin to do the same thing? WordPress map plugins add a lot more features such as customized markers, multiple markers, multiple layers, popup information, categories, sorting, filtering, and more. They also make it easy to add maps to your website without having to handle the code. Most allow users to enter an address and the plugin does the rest.

Many map plugins require a Google Maps account with an API. Google does charge for the Google Maps service, but most users won’t need a paid plan. Users can download 28,500 maps per month for free. Of course, there are many WordPress map plugins that don’t require an API. Many map plugins use other services such as OpenStreetMap, MapQuest, or Open Layer. Some even use Google’s embed feature. In short, WordPress map plugins make it easier to add maps to your website and include more features than you can get by embedding them yourself. With this in mind, we recommend that you use a plugin to add your maps.



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14 Top WordPress Map Plugins

There are lots of WordPress map plugins available. Most are free and several have premium add-ons or a pro version to add even more features. I’ve listed the 14 WordPress map plugins that I feel are the best available. Many include widgets, shortcodes, and WordPress blocks. The plugins are in no particular order.

1. WP Go Maps (formerly WP Google Maps)

WP Go Maps

WP Go Maps (formerly WP Google Maps) allows you to add a custom Google map or an Open Layer map, a map block, or a store locator anywhere within your content using an API. It uses shortcodes and includes a WordPress block, so you can display the map without iFrames. Add as many markers as you want. It has 9 responsive map themes to choose from.

The pro version lets you create custom Google maps with higher-quality markers. The markers include locations, directions, categories, descriptions, images, and links. It has multiple maps, and you can create a map mashup. Markers have different colors, and you can list them. users can use their location to get directions.

2. WordPress Plugin for Google Maps – WP MAPS

WordPress Plugin for Google Maps

WordPress Plugin for Google Maps – WP MAPS creates responsive Google maps with 4 map styles and 500 different marker icons you can place on any page or post with shortcodes. Create multiple maps with unlimited locations, including multiple locations on a single map. Display a message for any location and assign categories to each location.

The pro version adds listings that can be sorted by location, category, etc. It also adds the ability to draw shapes on the maps, multiple map layers, lots of information options, marker categories, direction and route options, the user location, nearby locations, multiple types of views, and lots more. Build the map with drag-and-drop features for the markers and animations. It can load markers from a database or an API.

3. Maps Widget for Google Maps

Maps Widget for Google Maps

Maps Widget for Google Maps is an API widget that displays Google maps with a thumbnail and a lightbox. Display the title and address of any location. Customize the pin type, color, size, etc., and place text above or below the map. You can also choose the zoom level.

The pro version adds 15 Google map styles and 1500 pins. The link type can be a custom URL or a custom lightbox. You can make the maps interactive and show the interactive map automatically. Display multiple pins and cluster them if you want. It only uses one API request to load faster.

4. MapPress Maps for WordPress

MapPress Maps for WordPress

MapPress Maps for WordPress lets you add Google maps and Leaflet maps to your website. Use Gutenberg blocks or the classic editor. Create and edit unlimited maps and markers with the popup map editor. Choose the size from a dropdown box or set the height and width manually. Two blocks are included.

The pro version adds custom icons, the ability to search and filter the maps, clustering, creating mashups, adding video, and lots more.

5. Easy Google Maps

Easy Google Maps Plugin

Easy Google Maps is a free plugin that’s 100% customizable. It creates Google map markers with any type of media including text, links, images, and video. Place the maps anywhere within your content using shortcodes, a widget, or a popup. Add sliders and view markers as a table.

Display unlimited map markers and locations, add social share buttons to the map, provide alternate routes and steps, show different map layers including a heat map, and more. You can edit the map markers on the front end and draw figures and paths on the maps. It also includes custom themes. It uses the Maps Static API.

6. Maps Plugin using Google Maps for WordPress – WP Google Map

Maps Plugin using Google Maps for WordPress

Maps Plugin using Google Maps for WordPress – WP Google Map makes it easy to add fully customizable maps to your website using shortcodes. Users can allow the maps to identify their location and change the zoom level. You can drag the marker to any location on the map. Set any width or make the map full screen. It uses the Google Maps API.

The premium version lets you create unlimited maps and map markers. It includes an option for detailed directions. Show 4 map styles, display Google Street View, add images for information, and add multiple maps to a page.

7. Interactive Geo Maps

Interactive Geo Maps

Interactive Geo Maps lets you create interactive maps with regions and colored markers. You can display a world map, a map of a single continent, or a map of a single country. It includes over 250 vector maps of almost every country in the world. Create unlimited maps, add round colored markers, set each country to a different color, choose from several map projections, display tooltips, and more. It doesn’t require an API, but you can add it for geocoding if you want.

The premium version lets you color regions and markers individually. You can cluster markers, user vector markers, add connecting lines to the markers, change the initial zoom level, add a legend, display other content, create heat maps, overlay several maps, populate the map with categories and tags, and more.

8. Leaflet Map

Leaflet Map

Leaflet Map is a free map plugin that lets you add maps generated by LeafletJS using OpenStreetMap or MapQuest. Each map can be set individually in the dashboard. Maps are displayed anywhere on your site with shortcodes. Add markers, addresses, longitude and latitude, multiple locations, popups, links, and shapes with the shortcodes. You can also use a plane image with zoom features.

It provides examples for all of the shortcodes to help you build your own. The shortcodes are powerful and let you add SVGs, Font Awesome, change the style, add geojson, add messages to the markers, user self-hosted Leaflet files, and lots more.

9. Map Block for Google Maps

Map Block for Google Maps

Map Block for Google Maps adds a map block to use in the Gutenberg editor. Simply add the address or coordinates, the preferred zoom level, the map height, and your Google Maps API key. Once you’ve added the API key to one block, it’s automatically available in all your map blocks, so you can add multiple map blocks to any page or post.

The settings and styling work the same as any other Gutenberg block, so once you learn how to use any Gutenberg block you’ll know how to use this one.

10. Flexible Map

Flexible Map Plugin

Flexible Map Lets you add Google maps to your website with shortcodes. It provides three ways to load the map to build the shortcode. Load the map either by entering the center coordinates, and the street address, or by entering the URL to the Google Earth KML file. It’s responsive and supports multiple maps on pages and posts.

It includes several options such as adding information in a window, adding a link to the information window, and specifying the height and width by percent. You can drop the directions into any div element with an ID. It uses the Google Maps API.

11. WP Map Block – Gutenberg Map Block for Google Map and OpenStreet Map

WP Map Block

WP Map Block – Gutenberg Map Block for Google Map and OpenStreet Map adds a map block to the Gutenberg editor with a simple interface that doesn’t require an API key. It was built with LeafletJS to create mobile-friendly interactive maps. It will display maps from Google Maps and OpenStreetMap.

Add multiple markers, control the zoom, display maps in full screen, adjust the width and height, add custom marker icons and popups, set any marker as the center, etc. It includes a marker builder and a draggable marker. It will generate longitude and latitude from any address.

12. Open User Map | Everybody can add locations

Open User Map

Open User Map | Everybody can add locations is an open interactive map that allows visitors to add markers. You can have the new locations held for your approval. It’s built with LeafletJS and doesn’t require an API key. It includes multiple map and marker styles and lots of free map markers are included. Add conditional fields, private custom fields, and more. It includes shortcodes and a Gutenberg block.

The pro version adds more custom field types. It also includes email notifications, user registration, auto-publish, custom maker icons, current location, filterable categories, showing locations as a gallery, allowing users to edit their locations, and much more.

13. Responsive Google Map

Responsive Google Map

Responsive Google Map is a free plugin that lets you add custom Google maps to your website with a Google API key. Add custom markers, locations, links, images, and descriptions. Add as many maps as you want. It includes a widget and a back-end interface.

The maps include lots of styles to choose from. You can use Google’s geocoding service to get the longitude and latitude from the address or link.

14. Simple Map No Api

Simple Map No Api

Simple Map No Api lets you embed Google maps without an API key. This one requires more manual effort to display the maps. Enter the longitude and latitude, and set the width and height, the title, and the address. The plugin uses Google’s embed feature to do the rest. Add the maps to your content with shortcodes.



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Ending Thoughts on WordPress Map Plugins

That’s our look at the 14 best WordPress map plugins to add to your website. All of these plugins include free versions and many have premium versions available if you want more features. The plugins are easy to use and provide lots of freedom for design, making them easy to match your website’s branding. If you’re looking for a WordPress map plugin to add directions to your website, the plugins listed here are a great place to start.

We want to hear from you. Have you tried any of these WordPress map plugins? Let us know what you think about them in the comments.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is WordPress free?

All you need to do to use WordPress is to invest in a web hosting plan since the software itself is free.

Are WordPress plugins free?

WordPress has loads of plugins you can install, some of them are free, but some of them you will need to pay for. You can learn how to use WordPress Plugins on our blog.

What is the best WordPress migration plugin?

Some of the best WordPress migration plugins are Bluehost Migrator, Migrate DB Pro, BackupBuddy, Migrate Guru, JetPack, Duplicator, and more.

Are WordPress-free themes safe?

People often think that free themes have low quality. However, free WordPress themes actually have high quality and are free to use.



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