How to Sell Web Development Services

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How to Sell Web Development Services

Goods and services are at the heart of our daily life and economies worldwide, driving production, distribution, and consumption. They support employment and revenue generation, contributing significantly to various industries like science and technology.

  • In particular, web development services continue to grow, with the U.S. market expected to reach $11.0 billion in 2023 (Ibisworld).

As we see technological advancements, it's vital to remember that they are enabled by these fundamental commodities and services. In this digital age, about 78% of people shop online, emphasizing the necessity for businesses to have an online presence. Understanding the role of sales, particularly in fast-growing fields, is crucial for industry success.

What are Web Development Services, and what does it entail?

Web development services deal with the creation and upkeep of web-based applications. It is divided into three categories: front-end, back-end, and full-stack web development, and web developers specialize in various aspects of creating a completely functional website.

However, web development services may also include;

  • Web Design: This focuses on the look, aesthetics, and functionality of a website. Specializations of web design include UI (User Interface), which deals with how people interact with a website or app, and UX (User Experience), which deals with the user experience.

  • Web Optimization: This focuses on website performance to improve user experience, traffic, and conversions on websites. These services include; web and mobile optimization, SEO optimization, analytics and tracking, conversion rate optimization, etc.

  • Web Content Development: This involves researching, writing, organizing, and editing information about websites or web applications. This can be in text, audio, or visual form, for blogs, e-books, videos, etc.

  • Web Programming: These services handle the creation of websites and web applications, maintenance and support of web applications, web hosting, e-commerce development, API development, etc.

  • Web Builders: You can sell web development services using website builders like WordPress, Wix, etc. To sell any service, you must first understand it. Simply put, you cannot sell what you do not understand. For instance, if you’re interested in building and selling WordPress websites, you must be familiar with how to build a functional website on WordPress. Also, you should have basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. This will allow you to better grasp how things work, allowing you to make changes and understand why there are issues. Being technically sound will also set you apart from the crowd.

Typically, a website is built and maintained by a team of web developers, but there are companies that provide already-made websites that are easy to use and quick to develop (website builders).

However, most organizations prefer to have a custom website that can be built according to their vision. This is because the website may require complex functionalities that a website builder may not be able to handle. Furthermore, small business owners interested in custom websites prefer to hire freelance web developers to create a simple website for their business.

The Importance of Web Development Services

Web development services can be seen everywhere, from banking apps to food apps, e-commerce websites, news websites, weather apps, blogs, etc. Web developers are responsible for websites, applications, and numerous web services that allow us to perform and meet and provide several needs at our convenience, for;

Business Growth

Business Growth



Global Audience

Global Audience

How can you Sell Web Development Services?

Finding prospects in the competitive web development industry can seem daunting, but there are always businesses looking to enhance their online presence. The challenge lies in finding these businesses or making yourself visible to them.

Here's a simplified guide to selling web development services:

  • Understand your offerings: Identify what services you want to offer, who your potential customers are, and what sets you apart.

  • Identify Your Audience: Knowing your target audience is crucial for strategizing your outreach. Consider targeting small to medium size businesses for quicker reach and possibly less competition.

  • Create an Impressive Portfolio: Your portfolio showcases your skills and experience. It gives potential clients an insight into your work and is an essential tool for selling your services. Remember to update it regularly with your best work to attract potential clients.

  • Social Media & Marketplaces: Platforms like Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Fiverr, and Upwork can help you reach a broad audience. Be strategic with your profile and ads to generate and convert leads.

  • Networking Events: Attending these can help build relationships with potential clients and understand their needs, positioning your service as a solution.

  • Optimized SEO Website: A professional, user-friendly website showcasing your services and portfolio is vital. SEO optimization enhances visibility and gives you a competitive edge.

Why Pricing is Important in Selling Web Services?

It’s also important to understand pricing, for instance, the functionality of a website will determine the price as well. A website that requires a blog or e-commerce functionality would not be priced the same as a website that doesn’t require all those features, perhaps one that only requires a sales funnel.

Pricing affects the decision of a business or the decision of a client to purchase from you, it influences;

  • Customer Perception
  • Competitive advantage
  • Revenue and Profit

There are factors to consider when setting the pricing for your business;

  • Cost
  • Market demand
  • Value proposition
  • Competition

Pricing is very important, and it’s best to consider certain factors before placing a price on your services.



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Sales fundamentals are key in all industries, including web development. Viewing yourself as a salesperson is essential in persuading potential employers of the value of your services. Understanding the company, making a compelling case for your fit, and showcasing your portfolio are all part of the sales process. The strategies outlined offer practical ways to grow your business, increase opportunities, and market your services effectively.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need web developer skills to use Shopify or WooCommerce?

No. Both platforms welcome beginners, but you might get more out of WooCommerce’s extensions if you’ve got some previous experience.

How does Verpex Web Development Hosting cater to developers' needs?

Verpex Web Development Hosting caters specifically to developers' needs by offering support for a wide range of programming languages, pre-installed development tools, and scalable resources to accommodate the growth of your project.

Do I need extensive developer skills to operate BuddyPress?

Do I Need Extensive Developer Skills to Operate BuddyPress?

Can I host multiple web development projects on a single Verpex plan?

Yes, with Verpex Web Development Hosting, you can host multiple web development projects under a single plan, making it easy to manage your projects and optimize your resources.

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