Best WordPress Conditional Logic Plugins

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October 12, 2023
Best WordPress Conditional Logic Plugins

Ever needed to hide a menu item, a widget, or a section of content away from specific users? You can do that in WordPress using conditional logic. However, rather than dive into code, this article is all about giving you some of the best WordPress conditional logic plugins out there in the community, and they are all free.

What is Conditional Logic in WordPress?

WordPress is a powerful and widely used content management system (CMS) that allows users to create and manage websites with ease. One of the key features of WordPress is its flexibility, which is achieved through various tools and functionalities. One such tool is conditional logic, a concept that plays a crucial role in customizing and controlling the behavior of a WordPress website.

Conditional logic refers to the ability to execute different actions based on specific conditions or rules. In the context of WordPress, conditional logic allows website owners and developers to control how content, functionality, or design elements are displayed or behave under certain circumstances. It provides a way to make websites more dynamic, personalized, and responsive to user interactions.

The core of conditional logic in WordPress lies in conditional tags. Conditional tags are PHP functions that check for specific conditions and return true or false based on the evaluation. These tags can be used in various contexts, such as templates, theme files, plugins, or widgets, to determine what content or functionality should be displayed to the user.

Conditional tags in WordPress can be used to target a wide range of conditions. For example, you can use them to check if a user is logged in or not, if a specific page or post is being viewed, if the current user has certain capabilities, or even if a specific plugin is active. By combining these tags with logical operators such as AND (&&) and OR (||), complex conditions can be created to trigger specific actions.

Conditional logic can be particularly useful in customizing themes and templates. By using conditional tags within the theme files, developers can create dynamic layouts that adapt to different scenarios. For instance, they can display different sidebars, headers, or footers based on the type of page being viewed or the user's role. This allows for a more personalized and relevant user experience.

Plugins in WordPress also make extensive use of conditional logic to enhance their functionality. For example, an e-commerce plugin might use conditional tags to display certain elements only on product pages or during the checkout process. Similarly, a membership plugin could use conditional logic to control access to specific content based on a user's membership level.

Conditional logic can also be applied to widgets, which are small modules that can be added to sidebars or other widget areas on a WordPress site. By using conditional tags, you can control when and where widgets are displayed. For instance, you can show a specific widget only on certain pages or hide it on mobile devices.

In addition to the built-in conditional tags, WordPress provides developers with hooks and filters that can be used to create custom conditions. These hooks and filters allow for even greater control over the behavior of a WordPress site.

What Can You Use a WordPress Conditional Logic Plugin For?

Here are some ways that a WordPress conditional logic plugin can be used for:

  • Hide or reveal form fields based on the user’s answers.
  • Hide or reveal a widget on a specific page or post, or by taxonomy.
  • Hide or reveal objects within a theme template based on the type of post or page, or even taxonomy.

So, to sum it up, the overall purpose of a WordPress conditional logic plugin is to provide options to hide or reveal certain features on a website. An example of conditional logic for a form in WordPress, is to create a select or radio field, like yes or no, and based on what the user selects, a specific form field will show up for them to answer.

7 Best Conditional Logic Plugins for WordPress

Please note that some of these WordPress conditional logic plugins may not be specifically named “conditional logic” plugins, but include this feature. Here are some of the best WordPress conditional logic plugins.

  1. Conditional Blocks
  2. Conditional Fields for Contact Form 7
  3. Contact Form by Supsystic
  4. If Menus
  5. Visibility Logic for Elementor
  6. Widget Options
  7. WPCode

1. Conditional Blocks

Conditional Blocks

Conditional Blocks is a powerful add-on for the Gutenberg content block editor that allows you to control the visibility of specific blocks. This is a great way to restrict access for specific content that you only want seen in specific situations, for example, if they are a registered user.

2. Conditional Fields for Contact Form 7

Conditional Fields for Contact Form 7

Conditional Fields for Contact Form 7 is a free add-on for one of the oldest and popular contact form plugins, Contact Form 7. The Contact Form 7 is super basic, and may not have drag and drop user-friendly form builders, but it’s been around long enough for developers in the WordPress community to build add-ons like this one. You can create a personalized form experience for the user, in order to get better form responses.

3. Contact Form by Supsystic

Contact Form by Supsystic

Contact Form by Supsystic allows you to create contact forms with no coding required. This plugin offers pre-built form templates, widgets, and even a form builder. One of the features of this plugin is also conditional logic. You can use this to customize a form experience that is personalized to the user.

4. If Menu

If Menu

If Menu is a plugin designed to help you control what menu items are visible on which page of your site. You can even use it to control based on whether the user is logged in, or what role they are.

5. Visibility Logic for Elementor

Visibility Logic for Elementor

Visibility Logic for Elementor is a free add-on for the Elementor page builder plugin. This add-on allows you to control what elements of your design can be seen to the user, even based on user role, browser, time, and even control widget visibility.

6. Widget Options

Widget Options

Widget Options is a nifty plugin that can be powerful in allowing you to control where you want your widgets to display. Aside from conditional logic, which you can control which specific types of pages or posts you wish to display your widgets on, you can add CSS classes, specify the widget’s alignment, hide the title and much more!

7. WPCode


WPCode was formerly Insert Headers and Footers. This plugin allows you to add code snippets anywhere on your site. You can use conditional logic to finely tune exactly how and where you wish the code to appear.



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In Summary

The plugins in this list are just a small one, as there are a lot of plugins out there that have conditional logic built in. As a note, some plugins may not include conditional logic in their free version, but only offer it in their premium paid version. Feel free to try some of these WordPress conditional logic plugins and see how it improves your site. You’ll find that your website visitors will enjoy a more personalized experience.

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People often think that free themes have low quality. However, free WordPress themes actually have high quality and are free to use.

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