What is Co-Cloud Hosting and Why Choose It?

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August 26, 2020
What is Co-Cloud Hosting and Why Choose It?

It has been an exciting time at Verpex in recent months, with our work generating more than its fair share of headlines. Perhaps most notably, sites like MarTechSeries picked up on our announcement in May about how we are offering a new twist on a service that has become vital to many businesses in modern times.

We are aiming to transform cloud hosting into something more by creating what we believe to be the world’s first co-cloud hosting service. This fresh innovation has one fundamental aim – to ensure that those with our cloud web hosting plans are able to get access to a truly high-quality online experience.

But just what is co-cloud hosting and what are the key benefits that it could offer to your organization? Here we take a closer look at everything you can expect from the service, including the potential benefits that it could provide.

What is Cloud Hosting?

Before we get into the key facts about co-cloud hosting, it might be worth having a quick refresher on what cloud hosting is on a basic level.

As we explained in a blog posted back in February, cloud hosting means a client gets access to a package of hosting resources that are not located on one physical server. Instead, the resources are located across several different ones thanks to the use of cloud software.

Cloud hosting can offer many different benefits, as it is scalable, customizable, and can be cost-effective too. Software tends to make it look like your assets are on a single system as well, even though they could actually be spread out in several different locations.

What is The Difference Between Cloud Hosting and Co-Cloud Hosting?

Our co-cloud hosting service differs from standard cloud hosting in the sense that it makes use of several different cloud datacenter providers. As we outlined to MarTechSeries, this means our customers benefit from access to a higher amount of global server locations.

But which providers have we turned to for support with our ground-breaking new service? Well, people who take up such cloud web hosting plans can rest assured that we are working with major names. Here is the trio of organizations that have helped us make co-cloud hosting a reality.

Amazon AWS

Amazon Web Services is described on its official website as the world’s most comprehensive cloud platform, with it offering more than 175 services from data centers based all over the world. The organization supports some huge names in the business world, from Philips and BP to Time and Intuit.

Google Cloud

Google Cloud also supports a host of top companies in a wide range of sectors, while the official site proudly reveals how the service is available in more than 200 different countries and territories all over the world. Remarkably, it adds that further expansion in some locations is already in the pipeline.

Digital Ocean

Digital Ocean has been created fundamentally with developers in mind, with its site stating that its aim is to simplify the issue of cloud computing so that teams can focus their energies on creating exciting new software.

Our senior systems engineer Kris Erdelsk told MarTechSeries that the organizations we are working with are “several of the best in class cloud providers”. Put simply, we are delighted to be operating in conjunction with them on this new project.

Why Opt for Co-Cloud Hosting?

Anyone who is already signed up to one of our cloud web hosting plans will know about the big benefits they offer in terms of issues including scalability and price. So, why should they consider the move to a co-cloud hosting set-up?

We believe there are several key benefits that Verpex customers need to know about and we have broken them down into the following sections.

1. Improved site performance

As we have already touched upon briefly, using several different providers has boosted the number of server locations at our disposal. In our chat with MarTechSeries, we explained how this means that users have the opportunity to select a server that is close to their site’s visitors, with this, in turn, ensuring customers can reduce the risk of data loss or potential problems with load speeds.

2. Search engine boost

Sites that function through one of our new cloud web hosting plans may also benefit from a boost in terms of their search engine rankings. A site’s rankings can be affected by the geographic IP address of a website, so it is entirely feasible that organizations using a server close to their visitors could see an uplift in terms of both visibility and traffic.

3. Better email deliverability

Another potential perk to using co-cloud hosting that we mentioned to MarTechSeries was improvements in email performance. Here at Verpex, we have been making use of outbound mail filtering in order to ensure that a clean email reputation reduces the risk of messages falling into spam folders. Better deliverability may mean your key communications get in front of more eyes than ever before and could offer up a welcome boost in terms of email marketing success.

Get Started With Co-Cloud Hosting Today

One of our fundamental aims here at Verpex is to offer our users the best possible experience. While we are delighted that we already provide a range of features including a free domain name, the cPanel Control Panel, unlimited SSL certificates and so much more, we really believe co-cloud hosting has the potential to take our services to a whole new level.

Developing this new service alongside the likes of Amazon AWS, Google Cloud and Digital Ocean has been incredibly exciting and it has the potential to offer a host of benefits. If you’re keen to explore the cloud web hosting plans we have on offer or simply want to discuss co-cloud hosting in more detail, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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