What’s the Best Type of Web Hosting for Your Business?

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August 22, 2020
What’s the Best Type of Web Hosting for Your Business?

If you’re setting up a new website, then picking the correct hosting solution is one of the most important decisions you need to make.

When it comes to choosing a plan for your website, you may be surprised to hear that there are a number of options available in terms of hosting, including reseller hosting packages and dedicated servers. The right option for you and your business will depend on the size of your site, your site requirements and your budgets. Here, we’ll take a detailed look at the differences between the types of web hosting, and we’ll explain which may be best for you.

Shared Web Hosting Packages – Perfect for Small Businesses

When most people start a blog or a small business, they often choose to start a WordPress website, because it’s easily customizable and free. However, although these websites are free to create and maintain, many people quickly realize they’re not getting a good deal because the site is unreliable and struggles to handle the traffic successful websites require.

In order to keep the websites running, the companies hosting the websites need computer servers, data storage centers, and reliable data circuits. This means that the companies hosting these free websites must make money through other means, such as advertising and affiliate links. In addition, to maximize profits, these free hosting options are usually poor quality, so they’re slow, plagued with outages, and have very poor customer service.

As a result, it’s often much better instead to pay a little and rent space on a server for the files and databases that make up your website. This is sometimes known as shared hosting and it’s usually the cheapest form of hosting available for people looking to upgrade from a free package.

With our web hosting solutions, you can choose to either migrate your current WordPress website or register a new domain for free. Depending on the size of your site and the number of sites you control, you can choose a subscription that suits your needs, with the chance to control up to 10 websites as part of the same package.

By paying a small subscription fee each month, you’ll also receive a number of benefits you wouldn’t get from free hosting, such as WordPress optimization, developer support, and impressive levels of security. Sometimes, spending a little bit of money can really pay off!

Resellers – Perfect for Web Designers, Agencies and Entrepreneurs

Reseller hosting is particularly popular with web designers, developers, and agencies alike. This is because it allows these individuals or companies to take a white label reseller package and then sell it to their clients as their own.

If you choose an unlimited reseller hosting option, you can avoid the expensive development and running costs that are usually associated with building and maintaining websites. This is because reseller hosting allows you to purchase hosting resources from us in bulk and then re-sell those resources to your client at a rate you see fit.

If you’re a freelance developer who hosts multiple client sites, an owner of several start-up companies, or a technical entrepreneur who wants to take on web hosting as a business venture, then one of our web hosting reseller plans are likely to be the best option for you.

In addition, resellers are also a great option if you run a lot of websites personally. This is because you have access to WHM, so you can create each site with its own separate cPanel. This means you can give each of your clients their own login to manage their own hosting settings.

With reseller hosting, there’s also no particular need to be tech-focused, because we provide a managed service from a technical perspective, so all you’re responsible for is supporting your clients.

Servers – Perfect for Larger Businesses with Larger Website Demands

Dedicated hosting is a popular choice with businesses who have larger budgets and require bigger sites. It’s a more expensive option than shared hosting, but it allows you to handle a greater amount of traffic and have a large sitemap. It’s also incredibly useful if you’re running multiple domains or you plan on running a number of resource-intensive applications or processes.

If you’re a small business owner looking to set up your first website, then you’ve probably considered the shared hosting plan we mentioned earlier. However, there are several downsides to choosing a shared hosting plan, which means this budget option might not suit your business. For example, you’ll need to share server resources and an IP address with other clients, and your site may be slowed down by their activities.

For this reason, some people use the ‘roommate analogy’ to describe shared servers. After all, sharing a server with other clients you don’t know is similar to moving into a rental property where you’ve never met the other tenants. There’s a chance every other housemate is great and you get along, but it only takes one bad apple to spoil the bunch, and you may find yourself penalized by their insensitive (or even illegal) activities. For this reason, if you have the budget, then you should suggest opting for a dedicated server instead, which is more like owning your own home.

With a dedicated server, you’ll have the power, control and freedom you require to run your website successfully because you’ll have exclusive access to a physical server that’s only available to you and your website. Plus, if you choose a managed server like one of ours, you won’t even need to be particularly technically minded.

For a business site or an e-commerce store, dedicated server hosting is a popular choice. This is because nobody else can access your server, so you can rest assured that your site and stored data are secure.

Whichever form of subscription plan you choose, you’ll immediately notice a number of benefits when compared with free hosting. Whether you choose reseller hosting, a managed server or a shared server, invest the time into creating your website properly and you’ll reap the rewards for years to come.

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