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Here at Verpex Internet Group – We promote, invest into Technology and Internet based companies around the world. We help entrepreneurs scale an idea a step further by providing funding and a support team to head it into the right direction.

How It Started

Going back to 2005, Sal (Founder) was handed his first ever desktop as a gift by his parents (256MB RAM, 80GB SATA Disk drive) which then was all that was ever needed in order to browse the Internet back when dial-up was around. Sal’s interest grew further into the internet as he came across a gaming website (PHP based) introduced by his friend’s in high school.

This game became so popular within his high school class – the whole class had joined to play. Sal and his friends wanted to go a step further and invent the game themselves but met a brick wall due to the lack of knowledge in programming. As the game was PHP structured, they had no choice but to learn the basics of programming.

This is how Hosting played a big part in Sal’s life, now putting things a-side, the next step in order to publish a website online was to find a reliable Hosting company – someone who could offer uptime and reliability to ensure the website stays online. Sadly, no companies were able to offer the hosting requirements and the prices exceeded a 15-year old’s pocket money.

After consideration, the passion filled 15-year-old and the love for hosting he purchased a reseller hosting account to host his own website and alongside family and friends locally. Family recommending friends, friends recommending friends to Sal’s hosting services led him to go full time in assisting local businesses and in the middle east.

As time passed and pushing forward to 2008, Sal’s need for a Dedicated server was born as enquiries kept building up from others who wanted a reliable hosting and email services. Speedydot has been going strong since and now is a UK leading Hosting provider assisting many around the world in ensuring stable, reliable and fast 24/7 UK support.

Sal purchased a reseller hosting service to host family and friend’s locally.

Friends and family have been recommending Sal’s services (Hosting & Website design). At this point, 200+ active websites were being hosted.

The time to expand was without a question, 2 years later and hosting 500 active clients and over a 1000+ websites. Our very own Dedicated Server was ordered to host the needs of many more future clients and expansion.

Sal re-brands his independent services and launches Speedydot to provide a stable, fast and secure hosting solutions for customers nationally.

We have now launched and setup our in-house top tier backup system to provide backup services weekly for all Cloud Hosting and Reseller Hosting plans at Telehouse (Docklands Datacenter)

High performing Global Internet brands backed by experts!

Speedydot – Cloud Hosting

Speedydot was founded in 2005, the team around the Founder and CEO (Salman Patel) have been supporting the hosting world for over a decade. The growth has been backed by a fantastic customer service and support team provided since the start.

Need Help Growing?

Our focus and aim is to find start ups who are passionate about making a difference in a positive way, are fierce and ready to clinch a opportunity in teaming up with us. If you have a start up or an idea, please contact us today as we’d love to hear more. started developing in 2015 and launched in mid 2018. The idea behind UpTheStreet is to build a structure in being the #1 real estate portal in the UK, more to follow as we begin our journey.