Best WordPress Plugins for Restaurant Websites

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April 18, 2023
Best WordPress Plugins for Restaurant Websites

WordPress is an excellent platform for restaurant websites. Restaurant websites need a wide range of features, and WordPress has all of those features with free and premium plugins. You can use a single plugin that provides everything you need or mix-and-match plugins to get the exact features you want. In this post, we’ll look at the best WordPress plugins for restaurant websites to help you get a head start on your next restaurant project.

What Types of Plugins Do Restaurant Websites Need?

The features a restaurant website needs will vary depending on the goal of the website. Some just show the location and opening hours, others show the food menu, and others allow customers to make reservations and purchases through the website.

A fully featured restaurant website needs plugins that add features such as:

Although some of these features are available within general plugins, many of these features can be found in plugins designed specifically for restaurants. For example, instead of adding a contact form, events calendar, and a map plugin, I recommend using plugins with these features as applicable to restaurants. Many of these plugins are free and have premium add-ons available.

How I Chose the Best WordPress Plugins for Restaurant Websites

I selected these plugins based on how specific they were to restaurants, their features, their reviews, and how recently they’ve been updated. I’ve placed them in categories to make them easier to understand and choose. Other than placing them into specific categories, they’re in no particular order.

You’ll only need an all-in-one solution or one from each of the other categories. Some of the features overlap. I recommend starting with a general restaurant plugin to see if it has everything you need.

General Restaurant Plugins

These plugins provide an all-in-one platform to manage and promote your restaurant.

WPPizza – A Restaurant Plugin

WPPizza Plugin

WPPizza was designed with pizzerias in mind, but its features are perfect for any type of restaurant. Just about everything you need is available from this one plugin. It includes everything from managing your food menu to accepting cash for orders.

Features include categories, multiple prices per item, order notifications, opening and closing times, an option for tips, discounts, multiple tax rates, and order reports. It’s WPML-ready, so you can build a multilingual restaurant website. Several layouts are included, so you have multiple design options.

Premium extensions are available to add cross-selling, topping options, coupons, timed menus, stock management, rewards, and more. You can add up to 24 payment gateways. Prices for premium add-ons range from under $12 to around $60 for use on a single website.


WPCafe Plugin

WPCafe is a premium restaurant plugin designed to manage and grow an online food business. It comes with 33 food menu templates to choose from. A customizable mini cart with a quantity picker lets you add the cart to any page. Prices start at $59 per year for a single website.

Features include food ordering pickup and delivery service scheduling, food discount options, order notification, the menu of the day, location-based food items, multiple tip options, etc. The reservation system is robust and includes holiday reservations, multiple and single slot reservations, branch-wise seat capacity and reservations, food with reservations, and product add-on options. Customers can also order food with a QR code.

Restaurant Menu – Food Ordering System – Table Reservation

Restaurant Menu Plugin

Restaurant Menu includes multiple systems to run your restaurant’s website. Features include a drag-and-drop menu builder, an online food ordering and delivery system, and a booking system for reservations. A promotions engine adds 11 templates, coupons, and customer segments and targeting. The premium add-ons add cash and online payments, support for tips, and more. Prices range from $9 to $59 per month.

Upload your own images or use those included with the menu system. The menu is responsive and supports promotions. The food ordering system includes a single-page checkout, autofill for returning customers, opening hours for pickup and delivery, Android and iOS apps for receiving orders, and scheduled orders. It also supports multiple locations. The reservation system includes a simple form, an Android and iOS app to receive and confirm reservations, and the ability to order food ahead of dining in.

Food Menus

Food menu plugins add well-designed food menus to any website.

Five Star Restaurant Menu – WordPress Food Ordering Plugin

Five Star Restaurant Menu Plugin

Five Star Restaurant Menu is a responsive food menu builder with lots of layout and customization options. Create unlimited menus and menu items, add a menu to any page, add photos and prices to every item, and add a sidebar for quick menu navigation. It also includes a QR code option so your in-house customers can easily see your online menu. The schema is structured automatically so Google understands the page as a food menu, improving your website’s SEO.

The premium version adds more layouts, custom fields, sorting and filtering, icons, badges, discount pricing, Google Maps, and related items. It also includes labeling options so you can change the labels on the front end, and styling options so you can change the fonts, colors, borders, and more. Prices start at $67 for use on a single website.

Restaurant Menu by MotoPress

Restaurant Menu by MotoPress

Restaurant Menu is a food ordering system designed to work with any restaurant website. Create a categorized database of food menu items with different prices for each item. It has built-in eCommerce options so you can sell food online and supports PayPal and cash payment options for free. It includes currency and tax settings. Design options include 1-6 column layouts with grids and lists.

Premium extensions add more features including deliveries, toppings, and a menu cart. Add-ons start at $49. The menu cart add-on is free and displays a shopping cart within your restaurant menu.


Plugins for reservations add a table-booking option to your restaurant website.

Five Star Restaurant Reservations – WordPress Booking Plugin

Five Star Restaurant Reservations Plugin

Five Star Restaurant Reservations includes lots of booking options such as online reservations, the ability to confirm or reject a reservation, send email confirmations, and restrict booking times. Create a custom reservation form and add it to any page. Set a specific schedule with times and dates. Bookings during your closed times are automatically blocked. You can also add exceptions for holidays and events, ban abusive customers (such as those that don’t show up), and change the language of the date-picker. It works for multiple locations.

Premium options allow you to limit the number of reservations, set the dining block length, set the maximum number of reservations per block, and set the maximum number of seats per block. It also includes styling options, custom fields, and more. Prices start at $67 for a single website.

ReDi Restaurant Reservation

ReDi Restaurant Reservation Plugin

ReDi Restaurant Reservation is a fully automated reservation system with real-time seat availability checks. You set the number of people that can book at a time, the number of seats available, and the times they’re available. Confirmation is sent by email. Create a custom reservation form that’s responsive and looks great on all devices.

Online Food Ordering

These plugins focus on online ordering for local pickup and delivery.

RestroPress – Online Food Ordering System

RestroPress Plugin

RestroPress adds a food ordering system to any WordPress website. Receive orders for pickup and deliveries. It automatically adds the required pages when you activate the plugin. Set prices, maximums, and required add-ons. Receive push notifications when orders are placed. Receive payments through PayPal, Amazon, and COD.

Extensions add lots more features including payment gateways, drive apps, store hours, multiple locations, and more. They’re included with different plans. Prices for the premium versions start at £159 per year for a single website.

Online Ordering System For Restaurants & Local Retail by Orderable

Orderable Plugin

Orderable is a complete online ordering system for local pickup and delivery. It works with WooCommerce and installs it for you. Customers can order through a single page. Features include order and menu layout options, holiday scheduling, checkout control for fees and payment methods, and notifications.

The pro version includes product add-ons, product labels, order bumps, order flow, a custom checkout, custom order statuses, time slots, allergen information, nutritional information, tips, and lots more. The pro version is $149 for use on a single website.


Reviews let you showcase what others have said about your restaurant.

Five Star Restaurant Reviews

Five Star Restaurant Reviews

Five Star Restaurant Reviews uses SEO-friendly markup to display reviews on your restaurant website. Create unlimited reviews, add stars or numbered ratings, add a photo to each review, and add reviews to any page or post with shortcodes, or a sidebar using the included widget. Reviews also get an individual page. You can add them to the navigation menu or link them directly.

Link to the reviewer’s organization, add categories, show them by category or limit the number on a page, list them, cycle them with a fader, and more. The plugin also integrates with Five Star Restaurant Reservations and Five Star Restaurant Menu plugins, allowing you to add a review form to your reservation form and food menu.

WP Yelp Review Slider

WP Yelp Review Slider

WP Yelp Review Slider integrates your Yelp restaurant reviews into your WordPress website and displays them within a customizable slider. Reviews include the Yelp logo to build credibility. Filter the reviews by rating. Create multiple templates for pages, posts, and widgets. Choose which reviews display, add a Read More link, hide reviews without text, choose display options, add CSS, etc.

The Pro version includes graphics, charts, email notifications, a submission form, badges, advanced slider options, more date options, reviews from multiple sources, and lots more. Other sources include Facebook, Google, TripAdvisor, and any other source you want to add manually. Prices start at $29 per year for a single website.

Site Reviews

Site Reviews

Site Reviews makes it easy for customers to submit star-rating reviews to your restaurant website. You can pin the best reviews so they’re always the first to load. You can require approval before the reviews are published, require customers to be logged in, and send an email confirmation. Add categories, choose form styles, display review summaries, add pagination, import reviews, and more.

Premium add-ons add filters, forms, images, notifications, themes, reviews from GamiPress, and WooCommerce reviews. Purchase them individually or in a premium package. The premium package starts at €89 for a single website.


Below are several other plugins that add important features to a restaurant website.

Five Star Business Profile and Schema

Five Star Business Profile and Schema

Five Star Business Profile and Schema and Schema adds schema-structured data to your pages for local SEO. It also creates a contact cord with your business information. You can add a Google Map, your opening hours, and multiple locations. Add the contact card with a Gutenberg block or a shortcode.

The premium version adds schema default helpers, rich snippets, WooCommerce integration to add your product structure data to your store, and access to the Five Star Restaurant Manager mobile app. The premium version is $39 for a single website.

WP Store Locator

WP Store Locator

WP Store Locator displays a map of your restaurant’s location. Customize the map, add custom labels, show driving directions, and manage unlimited stores. You can also provide extra business details such as opening hours, a phone number, email, URL, description, and more.

Premium add-ons include a CSV manager, search widget, statistics, and extenders. They range from $9 to $49 for a single website. The extenders have a free version.

Ending Thoughts

That’s our look at the best WordPress plugins for restaurant websites. There are lots of plugins available and many of them can be expanded even further to add new features and customize your restaurant website to fit your needs and budget. I recommend starting with a general restaurant plugin and adding features as you need them either through premium add-ons or with other restaurant plugins. Regardless of the features your restaurant website needs, you’re sure to find them on this list.

For more information about creating restaurant websites, see the articles:

We want to hear from you. Have you used any of these plugins for restaurant websites? Let us know what you think about them in the comments.

While incorporating outstanding plugins is essential for optimizing your restaurant website's functionality, it's crucial not to overlook the importance of reliable WordPress hosting. A solid hosting provider ensures optimal website performance, security, and uptime, ultimately creating a seamless online experience for your customers that complements the exceptional dining experience you offer at your restaurant.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I create a restaurant website for free?

Yes, you can create a restaurant website for free by using free website builders or CMS plans.

What should I put on my restaurant website?

You should include your basic information, your menu, enticing photos, links to your social media, and engaging content on your restaurant's website.

How much does it cost to create a restaurant website?

For an essential restaurant website, it will cost you from $3000 to $10,000 on average if you hire a web design agency. However, if you decide to use a CMS and build it yourself, the cost will be much lower.

Are WordPress plugins free?

WordPress has loads of plugins you can install, some of them are free, but some of them you will need to pay for. You can learn how to use WordPress Plugins on our blog.

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