Web Hosting for Forums

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October 12, 2021
Web Hosting for Forums

Forums provide resources that can be of great help, no matter what the issue you’re facing. Forums can help create relevant and fresh content, drive tons of traffic, and build a sense of community. Visitors enjoy providing inside information and interacting with each other, while the owners of the forum appreciate the ability to quickly answer the questions of the readers.

In order to start a forum, you will need to find a web hosting provider that will deliver reliability, scalability, affordability, and a positive user experience.

Free Vs. Paid Web Hosting for Forums

Free Vs. Paid Web Hosting for Forums

You will need to choose a host with a relatively high threshold for memory and bandwidth if you want to have a successful forum. The reason for this is that in order to foster visitor interactions, forums rely on robust site traffic. As the popularity of your forum discussions grows, you will receive more traffic, which will boost your needs for computing.

What this means is that you should skip out on free web hosting due to the fact it comes with several limitations. Some of the limitations are the following:

Customer Support

Even though setting up a website might seem easy; it’s a challenging task if you don’t have the required knowledge in web development. Usually, with free websites, customer support is absent. If you’re facing some sort of an issue with your website, you will have to deal with it on your own.

Speed and bandwidth

Free hosting services have limited data transfer and bandwidth speed. Free hosting providers typically offer limited disk space, so you can’t have as many pages as you want, and you can’t expand your site to the degree you want to. Moreover, some useful tools and plugins are not available for free websites.

Domain Name

Domain name for Forums Website

It’s a good thing when your brand is easily recognizable. However, with free web hosting, you won’t have a branded domain or email address.

Instead, it would look rather unprofessional due to the fact that the web hosting provider’s name will be displayed after the name of your brand.


Terms and conditions of free hosting companies usually provide them with total immunity when it comes to the legal stuff. This means that they can sell your email address, personal information, and email address. Because of the poor security that free web hosting providers offer, you might be susceptible to attacks by hackers.

If this happens and you need to restore important data and files from your site, it can take a lot of time. Besides hacker attacks, you can also cause great damage to your reputation if you suffer from malicious software.

Poor design

With most free hosting sites, the number of templates you can choose from is limited, and you aren’t able to create your own designs. This is the reason why free websites usually look similar.

Skip out on the free web hosting in favor of an affordable alternative with much better support and performance.

How to Create a Forum Website

How to Create a Forum Website

Below, we will go over the steps you need to take in order to create a website for your forum.

Choose a platform

You need to pick a website builder or a content management system in order to build your website.

With a website builder, you have collections and libraries of collections, it doesn’t require a talent for design, and your website will be up and ready in no time.

A content management system allows you to build the pages of the forum and categorize and design its content. The most popular CMS on the market right now is WordPress.

If you want to know more about the difference between a website builder and a WordPress, make sure you read our blog post!

Organize the structure of your forum

Before you actually start creating the pages on your forum, you will need to think about how you’re going to organize the topics in a way that will be easy for users to find them. Organize your forum in a way that will help users find information that is relevant to their interests and will help users navigate your site.

Choose your theme

The theme of the forum should match your website since not using the same layout, logos, and colors as your existing content will confuse your users when it comes to navigating the new page.

Create rules

Set of rules to create forums website

You should establish a set of rules that will promote an informative and healthy conversation. These rules will make sure that every user feels comfortable contributing to the discussion and that the discussions that on topic.

Some example rules are no self-promotion or span, no NSFM (not safe for work) content, no discriminatory comments or foul language, no links to external companies or websites, and so on.

Start conversations

Before launching your forum, in order to encourage conversation, make sure that you write some general discussion topics. This is especially important if your forum is just starting out because it will break the ice for new users.

Publish the Forum on Your Website

Once you’ve finished with the abovementioned steps, it’s time to publish your forum. Connect the home page of your forum to your primary site and set your pages live.

Advertise to your audience

One last step you need to do is advertise your audience. Start reaching out to people who are interested in what your brand has to offer and your loyal customers, who will surely be excited to participate in your forum. If they start talking, it is likely that other people will come in no time. You can reach out to them via mail or through social media ads.


When it comes to online communication, social media platforms seem to get all the praise. However, forums are an amazing way to bring people who think alike in order to discuss subjects that they’re passionate about, share information, and solve problems.

Creating a forum for your community can be incredibly rewarding. Start the conversation by engaging your users in a well-support and modern environment. We hope that this article will help you in finding the best web hosting service for your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are forums dead?

Even though many people are claiming that forums are dead, the numbers clearly show that this statement is not true. From bodybuilding sites to fashion hubs, parenting forums, to business platforms, there are numerous forums that can be found on the internet.

How can I start a forum and make money?

Some of the ways to monetize a forum include premium memberships, holding offline events or conferences, doing direct sponsorships, monetizing links, selling merchandise, applying to ad networks, and so on.

How do I get more visitors on my forum?

To get more visitors on your forum, create posts for popular topics, mentioned the forum on all of the pages you have, allow guests to view the forums, enable guest posting, increase the popularity of your site, participate in your forum, and participate in related forums.

What are some examples of good online forums?

Some popular online forums you can take inspiration from include GamesSpot, XDA-Developers, Stack Overflow, Quora, and Reddit.

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