How to Duplicate a Page in WordPress

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June 1, 2022
How to Duplicate a Page in WordPress

WordPress is probably the most popular CMS today, with over 708 million websites in its repertoire and a market share of 65.2% in 2022. And among that massive number of websites, there are some that want to duplicate its pages or posts.

There could be many reasons why someone would want to duplicate a page or post in WordPress. You may need a duplicate for content purposes. Maybe you want to save a specific theme, layout, or design. Maybe you want to change your page without affecting it while working on the changes.

Because, no matter how superficial it sounds, 48% of users view web design as the most important factor when judging a website's credibility, and 38% of customers are likely to leave a website if its design is not pleasing.

Regardless of the reason, you can duplicate a page in WordPress using multiple methods. And today's article will focus on explaining those methods and providing a comprehensive tutorial to help you get started!

How to Duplicate a Page or Post in WordPress Using Plugins

There are over 59 000 WordPress plugins. Here, we will list three of them that help with duplicating a page or post in WordPress:

1. The Duplicate Post plugin

This is a duplicate page WordPress plugin from Yoast that is most commonly used for this process. It allows you to clone posts and pages, duplicate comments, menu layout, etc.

It also allows you to add a prefix or suffix to a title to distinguish between the original and the duplicate easily. For instance, if you duplicate a post titled "How to Install WordPress," the duplicate will be titled "Copy of How to install WordPress." The duplication process is as follows:

  • First, install and activate the plugin
The Duplicate Post plugin
  • Secondly, open and login into your WordPress Dashboard. To duplicate a page, click on the Pages icon and then All Pages. To duplicate a post, click on the Post icon and then All Posts.
login into your WordPress Dashboard
  • Thirdly, hover over the post or page you want to duplicate, and you will see two options: Clone and New Draft.
Clone Wordpress Post
  • Lastly, click Clone if you want to duplicate the selected post or page. If you want to create a new post or page of the cloned content, click New Draft and open it in the post editor.

2. The Duplicate Page and Post plugin

Allows you to duplicate a page or post quickly and without changing the content, type, title, or style of the selected page or post. The process includes:

  • Installing and activating the Duplicate Page and Post plugin.
Installing and activating the Duplicate Page and Post plugin
  • Then, click on the All Posts icon if you want to duplicate or clone a post or on the All Pages icon if you want to duplicate a page.
Duplicate a WP Page
  • Finally, the cloned page or post will appear as a new draft and have the same name as the original, and you need to open the cloned page or post to start editing it.

3. The Post Duplicator plugin

Enables you to create an exact copy of a post or page without changing or losing the custom fields and taxonomies. The steps with this plugin are:

  • Installing and activating the Post Duplicator plugin
The Post Duplicator plugin

Open your WordPress Dashboard, go to All pages to duplicate a page or All Posts to duplicate a post, and click Duplicate This Item.

Duplicate a page

The Post Duplicator plugin allows you to set some customized settings. To do this, go to Tools and click on Post Duplicator. There, you can customize the settings for post/page status, type, and date. You can also modify the title and slug of the duplicate.

Post Duplicator Setting

How to Duplicate a Page in WordPress Without Plugin

To duplicate a page in WordPress without a plugin, you need to add code to your functions.php file. A duplication link can be activated by using an FTP client like FileZilla, a built-in WordPress file editor, or an HTML editor like Atom.

However, you can manually copy and paste the code for the page or post you want to clone if you don't want to change your functions.php file. The steps are the following:

  • Select and open the page/post you want to duplicate

  • Select More Tools & Options from the drop-down menu

  • Choose Code Editor

  • Copy the code for the page/post to your clipboard

  • Select New Post or New Page from the drop-down menu

  • Open the Code Editor

  • Paste the copied code

  • Select More Tools & Options from the drop-down menu

  • Choose Visual Editor

  • The new page/post that appears should be a duplicate of the chosen content

It's worth noting this is a long process that needs to be repeated for each page and post you want to duplicate.

The Bottom Line

There are a plethora of reasons why someone would want to duplicate a page or post in WordPress. From content updates to design changes to changing the entire page or post, the list of reasons is long and diverse.

There are multiple plugins you can use to accomplish this goal, and the steps that are required are pretty simple and straightforward. You can also duplicate a WordPress page without a plugin. However, that process can be challenging and take up quite a bit of your time.

Ultimately though, the choice is yours. So, pick the method that is most suitable for you and duplicate all the content you want. And remember, never forget to save the changes!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is WordPress free?

All you need to do to use WordPress is to invest in a web hosting plan since the software itself is free.

Why choose WordPress hosting?

WordPress is so popular because it allows people to create websites with total customization. With hundreds of apps available for one-click installations, creating something that’s eye-catching and unique is much easier with a CMS like WordPress .

Are WordPress plugins free?

WordPress has loads of plugins you can install, some of them are free, but some of them you will need to pay for. You can learn how to use WordPress Plugins on our blog.

What is the best WordPress migration plugin?

Some of the best WordPress migration plugins are Bluehost Migrator, Migrate DB Pro, BackupBuddy, Migrate Guru, JetPack, Duplicator, and more.



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