How to Start a Fashion Blog

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October 25, 2021
How to Start a Fashion Blog

The global fashion industry is worth 3,000 billion dollars. There is no denying that the fashion industry is huge. A fashion blog is a blog that covers topics related to clothing, accessories, beauty tips, and many other things related to fashion.

If you’re looking to start a fashion blog, we’ve got you covered. Today, we will go over the steps of starting a fashion blog and share tips on how to make money from it.

Advantages of Starting A Fashion Blog

Advantages of Starting A Fashion Blog

If you’re following the latest fashion trends and you’re passionate about the fashion industry, then starting your own blog is a great way to showcase your style and create a brand online by promoting yourself. Many people are looking for a way to level up their fashion style, and you can help them by sharing your experience and knowledge.

One of the most effective ways to make an online income is through blogging. You can make quite a decent amount of passive income if you are good at creating and promoting products or services that are related to fashion. You can easily start it as a part-time thing, and eventually, it can turn into a full-time business.

Besides making a good sum of money, by starting a fashion blog, you can connect with people from the fashion industry, as well as improve your skills for marketing. In addition, you can work from the comfort of your home or any other place that you would like that has an Internet connection.

Lastly, a blog can’t be shut down like social media. With social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and YouTube, you can’t control what happens to your account since you don’t own the site. Your account can get deactivated in one night, and you can lose everything you were building and working towards.

How to Start A Fashion Blog

Process of starting a fashion blog

Below, we’re going to go through the step-by-step process of starting a fashion blog.

Pick Your Niche

Even though fashion might sound like it is specific enough, it still isn’t a broad category that contains a lot of smaller niches in it.

When starting a blog, you need to define your niche due to the fact it will make it easier to market campaigns and create content that will be extremely targeted. In order to define the niche for your fashion blog more precisely, you need to ask yourself what is your core style, and how you make this style unique.

Select the Right Platform

Some free sites that are used for fashion blogs include Blogger, Penzu , Medium , Svbtle, Squarespace , Tumblr , Weebly , and others. However, these free sites come with many limitations. They lack many features that you will need to make your blog successful.

Instead of using a free site, we recommend installing WordPress. WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS) that is created to help you publish content online. WordPress is the most popular CMS in the world, and currently, there are over 455 million sites sites that use WordPress. WordPress is super easy to use; you are the owner of your site and all of its data, you can customize the design of your website as you need, and you don’t need any knowledge in coding to be able to manage the site.

Get A Domain Name

A domain name is the first step you need to take when launching your fashion blog. You will need to pick a memorable domain name if you want to build a professional fashion blog. You should always go for a domain name that is easy to pronounce and remember.

One of the great things about starting a fashion blog is that you can use your own name as the domain name of your blog because it gives you an opportunity to promote yourself and increase your online branding. You can use Verpex to check if the desirable domain is available.

Choose Web Hosting

Choose Web Hosting for Fashion Blog

A reliable web hosting service is incredibly important when running a blog. Most beginners typically get hosting that is cheap or free to launch their blogs. However, if you are serious when it comes to your blog, and you intend to make money out of it, we recommend that you opt-out for a safe, fast, and reliable web host.

Setup Your Blog

When using WordPress, you will need to pick a theme for your blog. You need a theme that will give your website a unique and prominent look since fashion is a lot more about visuals than other types of industries. Once you’ve chosen the aesthetic for your blog, it’s time to add plugins to your website. Some plugins we recommend using for your fashion blog are the following:

  • Yoast SEO – SEO readability and friendliness of your articles is evaluated by Yeast SEO in real-time.

  • Jetpack – This plugin offers a lot of features, including advanced security and functionality of your site.

  • Social Share Buttons Plugins – There are many plugins create for adding buttons for social media on your site.

Promote Your Blog

Promoting your blog on social media is something that every blog can benefit from. To promote your blog on social media, you need to build a social media strategy, work with social media tools to organize your marketing campaigns, and integrate your site with different social media platforms.

Make Money from Your Fashion Blog

Make Money from Your Fashion Blog

There is an immense amount of competition in the fashion industry, so making money from your fashion blog will not be an easy task. However, with proper effort, dedication, time, and hard work, you can start making a steady income with blogging. Some popular ways to monetize your blog are:

Create Your Own Products

You can start your own fashion online store and start selling if there are a lot of visitors coming to your website. Branding is key when you’re selling your own products. If you want to turn your website visitors into customers, you should make sure to set the right price for your products and that the products are relevant and bring value to your target audience.

Sell Ad Spots

You can sell advertising placements on your site once you’ve gathered an audience. We definitely recommend selling ad spots to brands that you like if you decide to use this method. When you’re selling spots to someone you aren’t really passionate about, readers can notice, and they can’t be turned off by it.

Sponsorships and Collaborations

To make money, fashion bloggers usually collaborate with other brands. It can come in the form of a paid sponsorship where the fashion blogger promotes a brand in exchange for money. While the fashion blogger makes money, the brands get better visibility and loyal customers, so both sides gain something from it.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing for Fashion Blog

You can recommend products that you love through affiliate marketing. After users click on your link and purchase a product, you can get a referral commission. You will need to find fashion brands and products with an affiliate program in order to make money with affiliate marketing. Stats reveal that 80% of brands have affiliate programs. Here are some affiliate marketing tips for your fashion blog.

  • Be genuine when choosing the things that you want to promote. Don’t promote products that won’t help your audience, and don’t choose certain brands over others just because they will pay you more commissions.

  • Define your target audience, what their age is, geographical locations, gender, and all other details such as yearly expenses, income, and so on. You can find affiliate programs more easily and promote them to your target audience if you know more things about them.

  • Your affiliate business will be more stable and predictable if you receive a monthly recurring commission instead of promoting services and products that generate a single commission, so consider promoting products that renew monthly. If you want to read more about blog monetization, make sure that you read our blog post about it.


Everyone can start a fashion blog, but it takes real dedication to successfully run a blog and making money from it. So, we hope that this article will help you if you’re looking to start a fashion blog and generate income from it and that with the help of our tips, you can get things moving.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some popular fashion bloggers?

Here are some popular fashion bloggers you can check out for inspiration: Wendy Nguyen – Wendyslookbook, Claire Goldsworthy – The Fashion Advocate, Lyn Slater – Accidental Icon, Kat Farmer – Does My Bum Look 40, Tami Reed – Talking with Tami, and Gabi Gregg – OG Fat Girl.

What to name a fashion blog?

Some ways to come up with a name for your fashion blog is to check the blog names of your competitors, use your own name, use abbreviations or acronyms, use a blog name generator, or revert to pen and paper and brainstorm ideas.

What to post on fashion blog?

Things that usually get posted on fashion blogs include a wardrobe tour, your bag collection, shoe collection, jewelry collection, your most worn items, outfit of the day, your favorite online fashion stores, and so on.

Do fashion bloggers get free clothes?

Obviously, one of the perks of the job is getting free stuff; however, when bloggers receive free clothing usually, they need to share it on their blog and social media to promote it.

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