WooCommerce Themes

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January 17, 2023
WooCommerce Themes

WooCommerce is the most popular eCommerce plugin for WordPress. It’s owned by Automattic, the makers of WordPress, and is a great choice for building any type of online store. One of the advantages of WooCommerce is the vast number of themes available.

Unfortunately, this can also make it difficult to make the best choice for your needs. In this post, we’ll look at WooCommerce themes, see what features they need, see how to find them, and look at several of the best WooCommerce themes available to help you get started with your next online store.

What is a WooCommerce Theme?

WooCommerce is a highly compatible eCommerce plugin that works well with most WordPress themes. However, some WordPress themes are designed with eCommerce shops in mind, making them better choices to showcase and sell your products. They include features to promote and sell your products and grow your store.

WooCommerce themes include premade layouts that look like stores, making it easy to get your store running quickly. They can be designed for stores in general, or specific industries. They can focus on products or promote your services.

What a WooCommerce Theme Needs

WooCommerce already lets you specify pages for your shop, checkout, cart, etc., but those are pages with WooCommerce shortcodes to add the content. Out of the box, those are pages without any special design.

Themes designed for WooCommerce go a few steps further. They include templates and features that improve your shop page, product pages, checkout and cart pages, and the overall eCommerce experience. They add new and unique shopping carts and upsell options.

A Few More Things to Look For…

WooCommerce themes should make it easier to create a store that looks great and works well, promotes sales, and brings visitors back for more. With this in mind, here are a few things to look for in a WooCommerce theme.

Professional Design

The theme should be designed for eCommerce and look and feel professional. It should include all the elements needed for a WooCommerce store. The design should be clean and uncluttered, simple, and attractive. Customers shouldn’t have to figure out what items are products and which elements are buttons to purchase products. It should be appealing to the eyes and customers should know at a glance that it’s a store.


Your WooCommerce theme should load fast. Slow websites see high bounce rates, and a slow shopping experience contributes to a high rate of cart abandonment. 57% of shoppers abandon their carts if it takes 3 seconds to load. Speed also affects the website’s SEO.


The theme should be SEO-friendly. Many visitors will come to your store through search engines such as Google. Even though WordPress is SEO-friendly, your theme should also include SEO optimizations to ensure your shop can be found easily. This includes the proper tags, schema markup, breadcrumbs, and AMP options.


Many customers shop through their phones and tablets. Your site should be easy to use, navigate, search, and make purchases from any type of device they might use. To ensure your WordPress site is mobile-ready, the theme should be responsive and look great on all devices and screen sizes.

Easy to Use

The design should be intuitive for both you and your customers. The layout should make sense, look like a store, and promote sales. All the settings on the front end and back end should be easy to learn and follow. Settings that are difficult to understand make the theme needlessly difficult to use.


It should have customization options so you can match your branding and create a unique design. Look for themes that let you change the colors, fonts, backgrounds, widgets, and sidebars. For the most customization, you might consider a theme that gives you control over the layouts. Even if you want to keep the layouts, you might want to make small adjustments to move, delete, or add elements.

Plugin Compatibility

It should be compatible with all of the plugins you want to use. This includes any WooCommerce add-ons you want to add as well as any features you want to add to WordPress. Depending on the features of the theme, you might want to use plugins for payments, checkout optimizations, upselling, cross-promotions, deals, etc. Most WooCommerce themes are highly compatible. Just make sure there are no plugin compatibility issues mentioned. For more information about WooCommerce plugins, see the article Best WooCommerce Plugins & Extensions.


The theme should have good support from the publisher. The more popular WooCommerce themes have lots of support and products from the community. Look for documentation and written or video tutorials.

Regular Updates

Look for themes that receive regular updates. WordPress is updated regularly to add new features, fix bugs, and solve security issues. A theme that isn’t updated is prone to bugs and security issues. Look for a theme with frequent and recent updates. We recommend avoiding any theme or plugin that doesn’t get regular updates. Anything that has had an update in a while probably doesn’t have good support.

Excellent Ratings

Be sure to check the ratings. This gives you an idea of how well the theme has worked for others, the types of problems it might have, and how those problems have been solved. Sort them by date so you can see the most recent ratings to get a snapshot of their current condition. WooCommerce themes with 4 stars or higher are usually the best themes.

How to Find the Best WooCommerce Themes

Since there are thousands of WordPress themes with some sort of WooCommerce compatibility, it can be difficult to find the best options. Searching with Google and similar search engines shows sponsored results first, so instead of seeing the best options, you’ll see those who’ve paid for you to find them. You’ll also find many positive reviews that are either sponsored or affiliates. These can still be honest reviews, but some only focus on the sale. With this in mind, here are a few tips to find the best options for your needs.

Search the WooCommerce Store

The WooCommerce themes page is a great place to find high-quality themes for your store. They have a curated list of themes they recommend. Searching for themes on the WooCommerce store shows 62 themes in 3 categories and 13 industries.

Search the WooCommerce Store

Search the WordPress Repository

The WordPress themes repository contains thousands of free themes. As of this writing, searching the WordPress theme repository for “WooCommerce” shows 1583 themes. That number increases every day as new themes are added.

Search the WordPress Repository

WooCommerce Themes

There are thousands of themes for WordPress that work well with WooCommerce. We’ll look at a few of the most popular WooCommerce themes. These WooCommerce themes are in no particular order. For more information about using WordPress themes, see the article WordPress Themes: How to Make Your Site Stand Out.


WooCommerce Theme Storefront

Storefront is a free theme by WooCommerce with complete WooCommerce integration. It works great as it is and currently has 14 premium child themes available in several industries. Tweak the look of the store with a few clicks and see the changes in real-time. The home page focuses on eCommerce to display product categories, recent products, featured products, on-sale, and top-rated products. It works with all the official WooCommerce extensions. It’s responsive and accessibility ready.


WooCommerce Themes Astra

Astra is an extremely popular free and premium theme and is respected by many leaders in the WordPress industry. The available features depend on the version you purchase, but WooCommerce integration and controls are available in the lowest-priced version. It includes lots of detailed store customizations.

Options include an AJAX dropdown cart, sales bubbles, infinite product scroll, grid settings, sidebars, quick view product details, off-canvas sidebar, gallery options, product catalog, color variations, and checkout options.


WooCommerce Themes Divi

Divi has a built-in drag-and-drop builder that can create just about any website. If you have WooCommerce activated, the builder adds several WooCommerce modules to build custom shop and product pages.

Divi also has dozens of pre-made layout packs designed specifically for eCommerce websites that are easily accessible from the Divi Builder. There are lots of third-party products for Divi such as plugins, layouts, and child themes available to help you build any type of eCommerce website you need. For more information, see our Divi review.


WooCommerce Themes Botiga

Botiga is a minimal WooCommerce theme with a free and premium version that includes lots of design options. It includes two product card styles, three add-to-cart cards, and two quick-view cards to choose from. It also includes three product galleries, two cart layouts, two checkout styles, multiple filters, badge styles, product recommendations, and a product search.

Pro features add a wishlist, swatches, sizing chart, headers, mega menu, sticky add to cart, advanced reviews, and lots more. Customize every element to create your own design. There are also five online store demos to install to get started quickly.


WooCommerce Themes Flatsome

Flatsome includes a drag-and-drop builder with lots of options and demos that let you mix and match elements to build your pages. It has a focus on WooCommerce with 15 shop demos you can use to get started. It includes a live product search, product quick view, custom top content, sale bubble options, a quick add-to-cart button, and an add-to-wish-list button. Other features include a catalog mode, unlimited options for the product pages, product variations, gallery options, affiliate options, product tabs, and lots more.

Customizations include category list styles, layout row options, category layouts, off-canvas filtering, use of any image format, and mobile optimizations.


WooCommerce Themes Neve

Neve is a lightweight theme designed with business in mind that has both a free and a premium version. It gives you lots of control over the layout and design options.

The pro version includes WooCommerce features, and it has a strong focus on conversions. Features include a quick view, floating cart, cart notices, catalog layouts, off-canvas shop filters, checkout layouts, sticky cart, wish list, product gallery, exclusive products, and more. It comes with six starter sites to get you started on building your online store.


WooCommerce Themes Neto

Neto is a premium multipurpose WooCommerce theme that supports the block editor and page builders for customizations. It supports the most popular WooCommerce plugins and has a focus on mobile.

Choose your colors in the theme customizer. Customize the shop layout by toggling filters and widgets, displaying them on either side of the product listing, customizing the single-product gallery, and more. It’s simple, but it looks great and it’s easy to use.


WooCommerce Themes Avada

Avada was designed as an all-purpose theme that includes a theme builder with lots of customization. One of its strengths is the WooCommerce online store builder. This lets you design custom WooCommerce layouts, use pre-built shop layouts, create custom cart pages, custom checkout pages, customize your store to fit your branding, and more. It has lots of layout options including product layout conditions. It has a strong focus on SEO and mobile to turn first-time buyers into recurring customers.


WooCommerce Themes Shoptimizer

Shoptimizer was designed with speed and conversions in mind. Every feature was built based on research of the top eCommerce sites. It includes a distraction-free checkout that’s fast and simple. You can add trust badges and testimonials. It also includes a call-back feature allowing users to request a phone call.

Other features include additional product information, sticky product details, single-product sales countdown timers, and slide-up sales notifications. It supports the Elementor page builder, mega menus, includes auto-complete for searches, and lots more. It comes with pre-made layouts to get you started.

Ending Thoughts

That’s our look at WooCommerce themes. Themes designed specifically for WooCommerce provide lots of features to enhance and promote your online store. They’re designed with sales in mind. As with all good WordPress themes, they’re fast, secure, provide support, look great, and are easy to use. The WooCommerce themes we covered here only scratch the surface of what’s available, but these are a great place to start to get your WooCommerce website running quickly and easily. And if you want to ensure your WooCommerce site is hosted with a reliable provider, consider using WordPress hosting or managed WordPress hosting from Verpex.

We want to hear from you. Have you used a WooCommerce theme? Let us know about your experience in the comments.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does It take to set up a WooCommerce store?

You can install WooCommerce to your WordPress site with just one click. Then, you just need to add your products and you’re off. You could be up and running in just a few hours.

Do I need web developer skills to use Shopify or WooCommerce?

No. Both platforms welcome beginners, but you might get more out of WooCommerce’s extensions if you’ve got some previous experience.

How much does WooCommerce hosting cost?

Prices are very reasonable and start from just $3.50 per month at Verpex.

Is hosting a WooCommerce site complicated?

Not at all. We can arrange managed hosting here at Verpex and can provide advice and guidance on getting the most out of the platform.

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