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Why Choose Shared Web Hosting

Verpex offers fast and reliable shared website hosting services at any scale. Our specialists can help you bring your website to Verpex in no time, with no migration fees.

Gain access to a shared hosting server that brings your website closer to your audience and makes sure it functions seamlessly.

24/7 Shared Web Hosting Support

We are available round-the-clock for you. Contact us for any issues or questions related to your shared website hosting plan and we’ll immediately start looking into your case. We offer several contact methods and a professional and friendly support team. The advantages of our customer care service:

99.9% Support Case Resolution
24/7/365 Customer Support
Technical Experts Team
24/7 Shared Web Hosting Support
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Want to Upgrade to Our Cloud Servers?

Not sure whether you should use a virtual private server? Contact us. We will evaluate your project and offer you the most suitable solution.

We will carefully analyze your website and let you know if it’s better to upgrade to one of our dedicated servers to gain more space and bandwidth.

Our reliable virtual private servers enable you to enjoy more freedom and flexibility. Moreover, these servers provide easy scalability and extra security.

Why Choose Verpex as Your Shared Hosting Provider

We offer affordable shared web hosting plans for all types of websites and industries. Our team handles the entire migration process fast and fuss-free.

Move your websites to our servers for free, as part of your subscription. Our shared web hosting service includes unlimited bandwidth and SSD disk space, malware protection, and free domain registration.

We also offer free SSL certificates for all the websites we host and 24/7 expert technical support.

Why Choose Verpex as Your Shared Hosting Provider

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you migrate my existing website over?

Yes, and without issue. Regardless of how many websites you’re managing, we’ll bring all of them under the Verpex wing free of charge. Just send us the details of your websites when you’ve signed up to get started.

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