WordPress Pricing Table Plugins

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February 2, 2023
WordPress Pricing Table Plugins

Need a cool and slick way to display your different service packages? You can do that in WordPress with a pricing table. In this article, you’ll learn about some of the best WordPress pricing table plugins. Oh, and the best thing about them, aside from their features, is that they are free!

What is a pricing table?

A pricing table is a design element that allows you to show different packages for services or products that your business offers. They are intended to make your service packages look more desirable, so the customer chooses which level they want to buy.

This is great for web hosting, selling software, or selling different levels of services.

What is the difference between a table and a pricing table?

A pricing table and a regular table, while they have some similarities in displaying information, they work in different ways. A regular HTML or responsive table is used to display data. A pricing table is specifically used for marketing and leaves room for a better looking design than a regular table.

What makes a good WordPress pricing table plugin?

A good WordPress pricing table plugin contains the following features:

  • Template options for displaying packages and prices.
  • Ability to select one package as a preferred or recommended package.
  • Design is mobile responsive.
  • Allows for links, icons, images, and custom content.
  • Ability to customize style or colors.
  • Options for different currencies
  • Drag and drop design option

Template options for displaying packages and prices.

For the non-coder, having a few template options to choose one will help you display a pricing table that will fit your theme’s design.

Ability to select one package as a preferred or recommended package.

Your WordPress pricing table plugin should allow you to choose at least one package to feature over others, in order to encourage customers to buy what you recommend as the best value for them.

Design is mobile responsive.

Pricing tables should be responsive in design, so you can see any pricing package in any device width.

Allows for links, icons, images, and custom content.

WordPress pricing table plugins should allow you to be able to add links, images, or other types of content.

Ability to customize style or colors.

Even if your WordPress pricing table plugin offers templates, you should be able to tweak the design or colors.

Options for different currencies

A WordPress pricing table plugin should include multiple options to choose from in currencies, so the plugin can be used all over the globe.

Drag and drop design option

While it’s not necessary, for the non-coder and beginner users, having the ability to drag and drop items into a pricing table would be a lot easier for anyone to use.

Best Free WordPress Pricing Table Plugins

Below are the best WordPress pricing tables that are free. Please note that some of these plugins might offer an upgrade version that you may need to pay for.

  1. ARPrice Pricing Table Plugin
  2. Easy Pricing Tables
  3. Pricing Table
  4. Pricing Table by PickPlugins
  5. Pricing Table by Supsystic
  6. Responsive Pricing Table
  7. WRC Pricing Tables
  8. WooCommerce Pricing

1. ARPrice Pricing Table Plugin

ARPrice Pricing Table Plugin

ARPrice Pricing Table Plugin gives you the ability to create as many responsive pricing tables as you want, and even customize the colors. While building your pricing table, you can see how it will look in real-time. If you want more options, like sticky header, skin templates, ability to fully customize the entire pricing table, and much more, you can buy the pro version of the ARPrice Pricing Table plugin for about $27

2. Easy Pricing Tables

Easy Pricing Tables

Easy Pricing Tables is Gutenberg compatible and can be viewed well in most devices. You can customize your pricing tables with their color picker, font picker, and even re-order each table as desired. After creating a pricing table, you can save it and use it in a content block on as many pages or posts as you wish. You can even link your buy button to payment processors like PayPal and Stripe.

If you’d like more features, like it to integrate with WooCommerce, or for toggling price tables, you can purchase the Easy Pricing Tables pro version for about $69 per year. This particular license also allows you to use the pro version on 5 sites.

3. Pricing Table

Pricing Table

Pricing Table offers the ability to create pricing tables and even comparison tables that are beautiful and responsive. You can choose from 4 template styles as the base design. You can adjust easy pricing tables colors for the header, button, and featured pricing table. If you use the Elementor page builder, this plugin is compatible with it.

If you’d like a few dozen more template style choices, and more features, you can opt to upgrade Pricing Table for as low as $15 per year, for one website.

4. Pricing Table by PickPlugins

Pricing Table by PickPlugins

Pricing Table by PickPlugins gives you a pricing table built on HTML and CSS3, and fully responsive. The mobile version allows you to view the pricing table as a slider. You can display a video from YouTube or Vimeo in this plugin’s pricing tables. You can customize the pricing table’s colors for the header, price amount, and price’s background.

If you’d like more pricing table theme choices, the pro version of Pricing Table by PickPlugins is $49 per year.

5. Pricing Table by Supsystic

Pricing Table by Supsystic

Pricing Table by Supsystic offers pricing table templates to choose from, and then you can use their drag and drop builder to customize the content. This plugin has features like toggling pricing tables, hover animation, and if you want to schedule a pricing table to show during a specific time.

The pro version is $46 per year, and includes more preset templates, and design features.

6. Responsive Pricing Table

Responsive Pricing Table

Responsive Pricing Table provides some customizable settings for their responsive pricing tables. You can add fields for the pricing tables heading and subheadings, as well as description, price, buttons, and more. You can adjust those and even go further by delegating a custom CSS class. This plugin uses more flat design than others, which makes them look clean. You can purchase the Responsive Pricing Table pro version for $19.99 per year.

7. WRC Pricing Tables

WRC Pricing Tables

WRC Pricing Tables gives you 9 different CSS3 pricing table templates out of the box to choose from. Once you choose the template you want, you can add as many rows and columns as needed, and then choose what colors you want for each pricing table.

8. WooCommerce Pricing

WooCommerce Pricing

If you use WooCommerce, and have some products or services that you can use a pricing table for, then the WooCommerce Pricing add-on is the right plugin for the job. You can add the product’s image, set the colors, and even drag and drop each column if you need to sort them.

In Summary

Do you think WordPress pricing tables would be of use for your small business website? Feel free to try out any of these plugins and see which one will work for you. Make sure to choose one, as it is possible that having more than one WordPress pricing table plugin could create a conflict, or unexpected error. Make sure to let us know which one you prefer the best.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are WordPress plugins free?

WordPress has loads of plugins you can install, some of them are free, but some of them you will need to pay for. You can learn how to use WordPress Plugins on our blog.

How do I keep WordPress plug-ins up to date?

In most cases, your plug-ins will scan for updates automatically, but it’s always worth logging into your dashboard on a regular basis and performing a manual scan. This can usually be done in just a few clicks.

What plug-ins are available with shared hosting plans?

You’ll find advanced ecommerce stores, blogging tools, SEO guides, email management systems, contact forms and traffic monitoring tools to name a few.

Why choose Verpex for WordPress?

As the leading CMS out there, we’ve made it our mission to offer the most comprehensive and streamlined WordPress solutions on the market. Backed by a responsive customer care team and reliable site enhancement tools, we ensure our users get the full WordPress value and support for a reasonable price.

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