What Is Managed WordPress Hosting

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August 18, 2021
What Is Managed WordPress Hosting

In a nutshell, managed WordPress hosting adds numerous features to your WordPress site that make it secure, faster, and easier to manage. In this article, we will try to explain what managed WordPress hosting is in detail, so you can decide whether or not this type of hosting is right for you.

What Is Managed WordPress Hosting?

Managed WordPress hosting is a web hosting solution that is optimized and made specifically for supporting WordPress users and sites. With managed WordPress hosting, you will have a team of hosting and WordPress experts working on your site.

Managed hosting for WordPress exists as a distinct option due to the fact the WordPress websites have specific needs. Properly supporting them requires expertise in CMS WordPress, they have unique security concerns, and they have different server resource marks than other types of websites.

Pros & Cons of Managed WordPress Hosting


Improved performance and high speed – Managed hosting loads faster and provides better uptime when compared to shared hosting, where speed is divided among all users.
Better security – With shared hosting, hosting providers usually don’t provide any help if your site is hacked. Meanwhile, many WordPress hosting providers offer support in these types of situations.
Help from WordPress experts – There will be an experienced team that knows everything about WordPress and will be able to help you with a wide range of questions you have.
Website owners can focus more on the content – One of the biggest advantages of managed WordPress hosting is that website owners can focus more on the content of the website.
Automatic backups – Usually, managed WordPress hosting providers always conduct daily automatic backups for no extra charge.

Pricey service – Managed WordPress hosting is on the pricier side of things. However, the price is feasible compared to the benefits if you’re able to afford it.
WordPress only – You are limited to running only WordPress-based sites since the server planning is particularly for WordPress.
Doesn’t include domains and email – Most managed hosting providers don’t include emails and domains. However, at Verpex, you can create unlimited email accounts with our managed WordPress hosting.

You Need Managed WordPress Hosting If…

Why you need managed WordPress hosting

If you’re one of the following, managed WordPress hosting is a great option for you:

  • A small business that has limited IT staff

  • An online enterprise requiring the latest security features

  • An eCommerce site that needs reliable uptime

  • Freelancers building sites for clients

  • In-house marketing teams who want more control

  • A website with heavy backend needs

  • An Online store with high traffic

What Services Are Included in Managed WordPress Hosting?



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You should pick a managed WordPress hosting if you want your hosting provider to:

  • Create frequent backups of your site

  • Take care of updates for you

  • Handle performance optimization

  • Configure your server to meet your needs

  • Scan your site for any security threats

  • Provide lots of support options for you

If you want to know what managed hosting is, make sure you read our blog!

Specific Features & Benefits of Managed WordPress Hosting

Expert support

Expert support

Managed WordPress hosting providers have excellent staff who possess a good knowledge of WordPress and are well-trained. They can assist in things like WordPress errors, functionality, and performance.



Managed WordPress hosting has a tight layer of security on their servers, so you don’t have to worry about malware, DDoS attacks, hacking, and other security issues.

Automatic updates

Automatic updates

As soon as a new update is released, managed WordPress hosting providers automatically update your WordPress site and don’t charge you extra for doing it.

Daily Backups

Daily Backups

Managed hosting providers do daily backups of your plugins, themes, data, and content, and you can download these backups from the dashboard.

How to Choose A Managed WordPress Host?

How to Choose Managed WordPress Host

There are four important factors when choosing a managed WordPress host. These are:

  • Your needs – The hosting service they provide should work with your business type and size.

  • Customer service – The support team should always be available if you have any WordPress-related questions.

  • Uptime – The managed WordPress hosting provider should guarantee at least 99% availability of your website.

  • Speed – Speed is an important aspect of your site, so look at the speed options that the managed WordPress hosting provider offers.

Managed vs. Unmanaged Hosting

Hosting plans can be managed or unmanaged. The majority of hosting plans are unmanaged, and this means that after you’ve purchased a hosting plan, you’re mostly on your own. The security and the performance of your site are up to you.

With managed hosting, you will get lots of help from your hosting provider. If you’re interested in the difference between managed vs. unmanaged hosting, make sure you read more on our blog!


To sum it up, it comes down to you and your needs. Everyone who is responsible for managing a WordPress site that has high traffic should take into consideration managed WordPress hosting. Managed WordPress hosting has a support team with WordPress experts and unique security and resource demands.

However, if you’re hosting a site as more of a hobby, or you’re just getting started with your site, it might be better to choose a cheaper shared hosting plan. Even though these plans aren’t as good as managed WordPress hosting, they’re still good enough for hobby sites or small sites.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is managed WordPress hosting?

Managed WordPress hosting means that the hosting providers handle the management, administration, and support of the infrastructure of your WordPress website.

What is the difference between managed and unmanaged hosting?

Managed hosting provides a higher level of support and an easier experience, while unmanaged hosting offers more control over your server.

Is it possible to change my managed WordPress hosting?

If you’re unhappy with your WordPress hosting provider, you can change them at any time. Some companies offer migration services.

Is managed WordPress hosting worth it?

You want to make sure that your WordPress website is in the best hands, runs efficiently, and is secure. When you take into consideration all of the benefits that managed WordPress hosting has, it is definitely worth the investment.

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