Best Crowdfunding WordPress Plugins

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September 11, 2022
Best Crowdfunding WordPress Plugins

While you can sell products and services with your WordPress site, you can even do more, like crowdfunding. Say you’re an anime and manga artist that has built a good fan base. Well, of all of your fans, you can post that you take tips, or can provide exclusive content to view, all for a small monthly fee.

Sounds cool right? In this article, you’ll learn more about how to do this, as well as some of the best crowdfunding WordPress plugins out there.

What is crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is a way that you can fund a project, like starting a business, or getting interest to develop a new product, or just to get support for providing a special service.

Third party services like Kickstarter, Patreon, and Indiegogo allow this, but you can also do this with your own WordPress website (and WordPress hosting package).

If you offer unique and entertaining services, you could tap into the 6.4 million people that had supported crowdfunding campaigns in 2021. According to Statistica, the crowdfunding market-size is only going to get better, and projects it to grow to a 25.8 billion US Dollar industry!

Donation vs crowdfunding WordPress plugins

What's the diference?

Donation plugin and crowdfunding WordPress plugins are pretty similar in the fact that you can accept money from people.

However, the difference is that crowdfunding plugins allow you to measure your progress and even offer packaged subscriptions. This is great if you have loyal fans that want to send you money every month, in order to view exclusive content.

What makes a good crowdfunding WordPress plugin?

  • Accept and process money transactions
  • Offer package subscriptions
  • Ability to track what money has been received.

Accept and process money transactions

If you’re trying to make money through offering exclusive content or accepting donations, your crowdfunding WordPress plugin should allow you to process transactions from most major money processors.

Offer package subscriptions

Any crowdfunding WordPress plugin should try to offer some type of method for allowing subscription pay, or even allow you to put together levels of subscriptions. You can offer more exclusive content, merchandise, or other services, depending on the level that a person subscribes to.

Ability to track what money has been received

It’s important to know how much money you’ve taken in from your supporters. Your crowdfunding WordPress plugin should have an area designated for calculating all the transactions you’ve received.

Why use a crowdfunding WordPress plugin vs a third-party crowdfunding website?

So, why use a crowdfunding WordPress plugin, when there are so many useful third-party crowdfunding websites out on the Internet?

Well, with using 3rd party crowdfunding websites, you have to stick to their rules and some may even tack on an extra fee. Crowdfunding WordPress plugins only use your chosen payment processor, so you have only their fee to deal with, instead of 2 different fees.

Additionally, if you already have a WordPress site, and you’re publishing content to your email newsletter, and social media handles, you may find it tedious to register and post to yet another platform. While most crowdfunding websites may list you on their website, your campaign might get buried in their internal search results under the countless other campaigns.

7 Top Crowdfunding WordPress Plugins

Below are some of the best crowdfunding WordPress plugins you will find out in the plugin directory.

  1. Charitable
  2. Crowdfunding for WooCommerce
  3. GiveWP
  4. IgnitionDeck
  5. Whydonate
  6. WP Fundraising Donation and Crowdfunding Platform
  7. WP Crowdfunding

1. Charitable

charitable plugin banner

Charitable is designed to be a donation plugin, but you can certainly use it for crowdfunding. Here are some of Charitable’s features:

  • Set campaign goals
  • Create as a many campaigns as you’d like
  • Option to create time-sensitive campaigns
  • Works with your chosen WordPress theme
  • Customizable donation forms
  • Paypal gateway integration
  • Option for donators to send an offline donation
  • Options for customizing emails

2. Crowdfunding for WooCommerce

Crowdfunding for WooCommerce plugin banner

WooCommerce is a powerful WordPress eCommerce plugin, so when you install Crowdfunding for WooCommerce with it, you can open up a way for your fans to support you. You also reap the benefits of tracking money in WooCommerce, while also adding features like:

  • Campaign goals
  • Add campaign start and end dates
  • Generate custom labels like “Back this Project” for your campaigns
  • Offer option for supporters to name their own price
  • Progress bar

You can even add forms and other options when creating pages related to your campaigns.

3. GiveWP

GiveWP plugin banner

GiveWP is one of the best donation plugins. It may not necessarily be for crowdfunding, if you want to run one that accepts users to register and run their own campaigns. This is something simple and will allow you to not only display beautiful campaigns, but also does a fantastic job delivering clear stats.

With GiveWP, you can set a goal, and time limit for your campaigns. You can display a progress bar for your visitors, and accept payments with PayPal too. In fact, GiveWP has a super easy setup wizard to get you launching your first campaign in minutes.

If you need other payment gateway integrations or to hook up your campaign to your email newsletter list, then GiveWP has paid add-ons too!

4. IgnitionDeck

IgnitionDeck plugin banner

IgnitionDeck is fully geared for crowdfunding. This plugin is really robust and offers many features, like:

  • Track campaign’s progress
  • Ability to split fees with project creators
  • Offers multiple payment gateways
  • Accept donations
  • Option for supporters to cover transaction fees
  • Customize emails that are sent out during transactions and messaging
  • Allows other project creators to post their campaigns
  • Option to offer custom fee per project
  • Integration with MailChimp
  • Integration with other plugins

…and much more. You can utilize IgnitionDeck if you want to run your own crowdfunding site, and allow others to post their own campaigns. Pretty neat, right?

5. Whydonate

Whydonate plugin banner

Whydonate might have a strange name for a crowdfunding WordPress plugin, but it does a great job. While the plugin uses “donate” a lot, you can certainly use it for crowdfunding. You can create campaigns, set a goal, and even set how long you want to run your project. Other features of this plugin include:

  • Set multiple donation prices
  • Progress bar
  • One time or recurring donations
  • Multiple payment options
  • Ability to interact with donators

6. WP Fundraising Donation and Crowdfunding Platform

WP Fundraising plugin

WP Fundraising Donation and Crowdfunding Platform is a mouthful for a plugin, but you can either use it for a single donation website, or for crowdfunding. This plugin can integrate with WooCommerce, social sharing options, and works with payment gateways like Paypal and Stripe.

7. WP Crowdfunding

WP Crowdfunding plugin banner

WP Crowdfunding is a nice WooCommerce add-on if you want to run any fundraiser, take donations, or do crowdfunding campaigns. Here are just some of WP Crowdfunding’s features:

  • Ability to allow users to register
  • Option to allow users to submit their campaigns from the website’s frontend
  • Add a featured image or video to campaign
  • Option to set minimum and maximum pricing
  • Option to set campaign goal

The only downside is that the free version of this crowdfunding WordPress plugin doesn’t have any analytical reports. In the paid version of WP Crowdfunding, you can add social sharing, email notifications, and much more.

In Summary

Running a crowdfunding site could be a lucrative business. If you’re just an individual wanting to offer crowdfunding on your own website, by yourself, then you should definitely try out the crowdfunding WordPress plugins in this article. Test and see what you might like. Hopefully, with crowdfunding, you can open another successful revenue stream.

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