Most Expensive Domain Names Sold In 2021 And Ever

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December 16, 2021
Most Expensive Domain Names Sold In 2021 And Ever

In the past, the value of a website name and domain worth wasn’t really thought about. Even nowadays, when people think about a domain price, they usually think of something like $10. However, the reality is, domain names sell for a lot higher than that price.

We’re almost finished with the year, and it’s been an explosive year for domain sales. Stoff & Still rebranded and bought the domain for $977,500.

In this article, we will go over the most expensive domain names and how to figure out what your domain is worth.

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Domain Names Market

A domain name sale is the sale of raw domains. What this means is that the underlying business isn’t sold, just the asset is sold. Buying and selling domains is an exciting thing that seems to remind us of guessing the right combination on the lottery or finding a hidden treasure.

However, buying and selling domains is also liable to waste a lot of money and time, and you can also run into domain names that are already taken. If you want to know more about how to buy a domain name that is already taken, make sure that you read our article on the subject!

Top 5 Top Domain Sales in 2021

Top 5 Top Domain Sales in 2021

Below, we will go over the top domain sales in 2021. If you want to see more sales of domains, make sure you check out a list of the most expensive domain sales ever reported.

  • – This domain was acquired by Gordon Companies in New York for $3,150,000. The company retails, wholesales, and imports Christmas merchandise such as wreaths, lights, and ornaments.

  • – This domain was sold for $2,000,000 to Angel Studios. Angel dust studios recently raised $1 million for a TV series called Freelancers and $5 million for another TV series that is animated and called The Wingfeather Saga.

  • – Despite the recent pullbacks, investors in crypto are awash in money. These investors have bought a lot of domains, including, for $1,945,000, which is a crypto and bitcoin wallet.

  • – Meme was bought for $1,250,000, and it is currently used for posting memes such as the Grumpy Cat meme. However, we think that the owner has something else in mind if he bought the site for such a high price.

  • – This domain name was bought by Bosch for $1,008,900. Bosch is a company that creates everything from eBikes to kitchen appliances.

25 Most Expensive Domains

According to Marketing Mind, here are the 25 most expensive domain names that are publicly reported. Price - $49.7 million Sale Date - 2010 Price - $35.6 million Sale Date - 2010 Price - $35 million Sale Date - 2007 - $30.1 million Sale Date - 2012 Price - $30 million Sale Date - 2019 Price - $18 million Sale Date - 2009 Price - $17 million Sale Date - 2015 Price - $16 million Sale Date - 2009 Price - £9.99 million Sale Date - 2008 Price - $14 million Sale Date - 2005 Price - $13 million Sale Date - 2010 Price - $11 million Sale Date - 2001 Price - $9.5 million Sale Date - 2007

Shoes Price - $9 million Sale Date - 2017 Price - $8.8 million Sale Date - 2015 Price - $8.5 million Sale Date - 2010 Price - $8 million Sale Date - 2010 Price - $7.5 million Sale Date - 2015 Price - $7.5 million Sale Date - 1999 Price - $7 million Sale Date - 2004 Price - $6.8 million Sale Date - 2014 Price - $6 million Sale Date - 2011 Price - $5.8 million Sale Date - 2008 Price - $5.5 million Sale Date - 2003 Price - $5 million Sale Date - 2010

Are Domain Names a Good Investment

Some people and companies are willing to pay a lot of money to get their hands on the premier domain names, which makes the business of domain names a very lucrative one. Domain names offer an excellent return on investment due to their potential to make a steady stream of income over time, accompanied by low risks.

What Is Your Domain Worth?

Domain valuation is the process of determining the value of a certain domain name. There are specific factors that make a domain name more valuable than others, and these include:

  • Top-Level Domain – Popular and standard TLDs are always more valuable. Some popular TLDs include .com, .net, .org, and .co.

  • Presence of keywords – The value of a certain domain name can be helped if the domain name has a popular keyword in it.

  • Length - Generally speaking, shorter domain names are more valuable than longer ones.

If you want to get a free domain appraisal, you can visit FreeValuator and check the worth of your domain.


Now that you know what domain names could potentially sell for and the price of your own domain, you can join in on the adventure. Try to get into the business of domains by checking out what’s currently on sale on Verpex. Just as with any other purchase you make, it is best that you do your research and start slow before you invest.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is selling domain names for profit legal?

Yes, selling domain names for profit is perfectly legal. What’s not legal is purchasing a domain name that incorporates a trademarked name with the intention of getting profit from the reputation of the trademarked entity.

What is domain flipping?

Domain flipping is the practice of getting a domain name as cheap as you can and then selling the domain name to an interested party for more than what you paid.

Is domain flipping dead?

Domain flipping is certainly not dead, and if you get things right, you can still make some good money in the business.

What makes a certain domain valuable?

Valuable domains are usually memorable, easy to spell, pronounce, and short.

How do I see who owns a domain name?

You can use the WHOIS domain lookup tool to find out who owns a certain domain name.

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