Where Can I Sell My Collectibles Online

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Where Can I Sell My Collectibles Online

The internet is an excellent place to sell your collectibles. There are lots of websites available to post your items. However, knowing the best places to sell your collection can be confusing. Some offer better services and features than others when it comes to selling collectibles. In this post, we’ll answer the question where can I sell my collectibles online?

Where Can I Sell My Collectibles Online

There are lots of websites that make it easy to sell your collectibles online. There are just as many reasons to take your time and choose the right website for your collection. The better sites include categories that work well for your collectibles, but that might be different from one collectible to another.

I’m including those that are reputable and have a long history online. Many of them handle the payment processing, and some even handle the shipping. Most have seller protection. Many of them help with evaluating and pricing your collectibles. This takes away a lot of the headache of selling online and helps you get the correct value for your items.

As always, this list isn’t meant to be an endorsement of these websites and services. This is a list of information. Use it for information and make your own decisions about where you sell your collectibles.

Now, let’s look at websites where you can sell your collectibles online. They’re in no particular order.



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Your Website

First, it’s possible to sell your items from your own website. With WooCommerce or similar e-commerce plugins, it’s easy to set up a shop on your website to sell your collectibles.

It’s easy to add a shop to your existing website. Your website could focus on anything you want and then also include a store, or the site could focus on the store. You could even turn your website into an auction site or a large marketplace for buyers and sellers.

For more information about setting up WooCommerce on your website, see the articles WooCommerce Hosting: Popular Ecommerce Solution Explained and 7 WooCommerce Multi-vendor Plugins.

The Internet Antique Shop

The Internet Antique Shop

This image was taken from https://www.tias.com/

The Internet Antique Shop is an online marketplace where anyone can sell their collectibles and antiques from their own shop. You can also sell your collectibles on Google and eBay through your TIAS shop. Your items will appear in all major search engines, so it’s great for SEO. The site includes lots of categories for collectibles.

Stores are $35 per month billed yearly, or $40 billed monthly. Commissions are 10%, but if the commission is greater than 10%, no other fees are due. They have over 700,000 customers per month, so there are lots of opportunities to sell your collectibles. It’s a private company in New York that was founded in 1995.

Ruby Lane

Ruby Lane

This image was taken from https://www.rubylane.com/

Ruby Lane is an online shop where retailers can sell their collectibles, antiques, fine art, and vintage items. It was founded in 1998. You can build your own shop with a PayPal business account to receive payments. They have a collectibles category with lots of subcategories to place your items.

They have no listing or setup fees. It costs $25 per month to run a shop, but they offer a rebate if you post more than 15 items in the month. Service fees are 9.9% not including sales tax. It’s capped at $250. Advertising options include paid searches and regular and premium featured options. They have strict guidelines for products and business practices to help ensure a good buying experience.

Back to the Past Collectibles

Back to the Past Collectibles

This image was taken from https://gobacktothepast.com/

Back to the Past Collectibles is a marketplace to buy or sell all types of collectibles. You can sell your collectibles to them, and they’ll resell them in their shop or on auction through their live auction events. They provide detailed instructions on how to prepare your collectibles for appraisal. You can also sell your collectibles in their shop through consignment.

They will evaluate your collection and make an offer. It was founded in 1990, and it also has a physical location. If you’re nearby, you can go to their location to drop off your items. Also, if you’re close enough they might come to you. Of course, everything can also be handled through their website so you can sell your collectibles completely online.

Heritage Auctions

Heritage Auctions

This image was taken from https://www.ha.com/

Heritage Auctions was founded in 1976 and is the largest auctioneer of collectibles. They have lots of categories for your collectibles. You can sell your items at their auction, sell directly to them, or use their consignment option. You can also view their auction archives to see the prices of past collectibles.

They have 125 experts in 50 categories to help with consignment. Expert guides help you determine the value and price of your collectibles. They can also help with estate planning. Costs vary depending on the type of items you sell but generally cost 10% or less. They have close to 2 million registered bidders worldwide.


eBay auction website

This image was taken from https://www.ebay.com/b/Collectibles-Art/bn_7000259855

eBay was founded in 1995 and is one of the oldest and most popular auction websites on the internet. Individuals can list items or open a shop in lots of categories including collectibles and art. Sell items at auction, with or without a reserve price, or sell at a buy-it-now price. You can also accept offers.

Costs include 10-15% of the final sale price. The first 250 items per month are free to list. After this, the listing costs $0.35 per item. Store fees range from $8-$350 per month, and $3000 per year, depending on the features you want. They have lots of selling tools to help increase and track your sales and grow your business. They have close to 200 million buyers worldwide, so your items can have a long reach and lots of exposure for sales.


Etsy auction website

This image was taken from https://www.etsy.com/

Etsy is a popular online marketplace for vintage and handmade items. It was founded in 2005 in New York and also has a strong following for collectibles and antiques. They started with handmade items, but they now have a collectibles category with 11 sub-categories.

Anyone can set up a shop and sell their collectibles on Etsy. Costs include a $15 shop setup fee, a $0.20 Listing fee for a 4-month listing, a 6.5% Transaction fee, and a 3% + $0.25 payment processing fee. You can also pay a 15% offsite ads fee for Etsy to advertise your items on other platforms. They have millions of shoppers, so there is a lot of potential to sell your items.



This image was taken from https://www.catawiki.com/en

Catawiki is an auction site from the Netherlands that specializes in collectibles. They have over 75,000 auctions per week in over 60 countries. They offer premium services to help sellers describe, price, and sell their products. It was founded in 2008 and attracts buyers from around the world. You can sell with or without a reserve price.

They have 240 experts in 22 categories that will assist with the sale including advice on pricing and presentation. The seller fee is a fixed 12.5%, and there are no fees if the item doesn’t sell. They provide buyer and seller protection. They also have local services to sell your collection.

Neat Stuff Collectibles

Neat Stuff Collectibles

This image was taken from https://www.neatstuffcollectibles.com/

Neat Stuff Collectibles buys all types of collectibles to sell through their store on eBay. In this case, you’re not selling your collectibles to individuals. Instead, you’re selling your collectibles to a company that will resell them. You contact them with your list of items. Then, they will evaluate your items to see if you have something they’re interested in.

Once they’ve decided they want something you have for sale they’ll contact you with a cash offer. They list the types of items they’re interested in purchasing and inform the seller of the types of things they’re not interested in. They might not be interested in the entire collection or small collections that would cost too much to ship. This is a good option if you don’t want to list individual items on eBay yourself.



This image was taken from https://www.bonanza.com/

Bonanza is an online marketplace for several categories including collectibles. Selling options all you to import items from many other websites, and you can create a shop. Sell at fixed prices and accept offers to consider. Their filtered searches are designed for specific categories and make items easy to find.

There are no listing fees or store fees. Rates include a $0.25 transaction fee and a 3.5% final value fee. They also have an advertising program with different rates. A one-click insertion tool lets you sell on other platforms. They pay the costs until you make a sale. It was founded in 2008 and is headquartered in Seatle, Washinton.



This image was taken from https://www.sothebys.com/en/?locale=en

Sotheby’s is an online auction site where you can sell collectibles and antiques. They include bidding and buy-now options, and both open and private sales. Auctions include a reserve price. They will help you with pricing your items. They can also partner with offline auctions and handle the sales, so a sale can take place online or offline.

The charges for every item are based on their evaluation. Charges are agreed on before the sale and will vary based on the item. The company was established in 1744. They have specialists in 40 countries and 70 categories.


Amazon Auction website

This image was taken from https://www.amazon.com/

Amazon is not the first choice for selling used collectibles, but it is a good choice for selling new collectibles. They have a lot of restrictions for used and new items, so it could be difficult to sell certain items. It is possible to sell older collectibles, but this requires an un-gating process for certain items. This can make selling collectibles on Amazon more difficult than selling on other platforms.

Costs include $40 per month and selling fees. The fees vary based on the products. You can ship your items to Amazon for them to handle the shipping to customers, or you can ship them to your customers yourself. If Amazon handles the shipping, the items can be included in Prime shipping. You can sponsor searches to help promote your items.

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace for auction

This image was taken from https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/category/search?query=collectibles

Facebook Marketplace allows Facebook members to post items for sale. They can be picked up locally, or you can ship them. It has lots of categories, but it doesn’t have a category for collectibles.

You’d need to use the best keywords so anyone searching for your collectibles can find them. It’s free to post local sales. Shipped items cost 5% of the sale, or $0.40 for items less than $8.



This image was taken from https://www.5miles.com/ca/louisville_ky/art-collectibles_1010

5miles is a local sales site that includes a category for collectibles. Users post their collectibles for sale at a fixed price or for auction. Items can be sold for local pickup, or you can ship them for a fixed low rate.

Items are free to list, but there is a 10% transaction fee. It was launched in 2014 to be easy and safe to use.



This image was taken from https://offerup.com/explore/k/8

OfferUp started as a website for local sales in lots of categories including collectibles. They’ve now added shipping options, so you can sell your collectibles anywhere online.

Most features are free. There are no listing fees or transaction fees for local sales. There are also several premium features. The shipping fee is 12.9% of the final cost. They have a fast deposit option. You can pay to promote your items.


Craigslist auction website

This image was taken from https://nashville.craigslist.org/search/cba#search=1~gallery~0~0

Craigslist is an online classified ad for hundreds of locations around the world. It includes lots of categories including a category for collectibles, but it can be difficult to filter them. It is searchable, so you’ll need to spend time deciding on keywords. Most items cost around $5 to list. Items are for local pickup only.



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Ending Thoughts on Where Can I Sell My Collectibles Online

That’s our look at where you can sell your collectibles online. There are lots of websites to post your collectibles. Many are designed specifically for collectibles. Many of the general sales sites include collectibles as a category. Of course, you can also sell from your own website. Regardless of the options you need, this list will help you find a good place to sell your collectibles online.

We want to hear from you. Do you sell your collectibles online? Let us know about your experience in the comments.

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