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Powerful Control Panel

Our Managed WordPress hosting plans come with a custom built lightweight control panel that puts all your WordPress tooling in one place. You can manage performance and deployment, as well as plugins and users, in a few clicks.

Access either through your Verpex client area, or via a direct login link. All of our plans come with a white-label control panel, which allows you to provide it to clients as your own.

Powerful Control Panel

The Right Tools For The Job

Rapid Deployment
Rapid Deployment

Forget needing to install WordPress manually. The faster you can launch your site, the faster you can start making money. Our Fully Managed WordPress hosting allows you to deploy WordPress fast.

The process is designed to get you from signing up to accessing your own WordPress website in no more than 90 seconds.

Control Panel
Control Panel

Enjoy customization and efficient WordPress management with our custom, purpose-built control panel.


Using staging websites means you can make key developments then upload them to your actual site whenever you see fit.


Are you a developer? Using SSH, WP-CLI is there to support advanced management for those that need it.

Remote Access
Remote Access

Update wherever you go. SSH and SQL connectivity means you can access your database and files from anywhere.

Detailed Reporting And Analytics

Your Fully Managed WordPress hosting with Verpex gives you complete control over important development details and lets us handle the efficiency of your web hosting environment.

The advanced dashboard includes all crucial performance information like traffic tracking, requested URL, visitor locations, and much more.

Also, all daily access logs can be easily added to your analytic tools as they’re provided directly from your Verpex web server.

Detailed Reporting And Analytics
Managed WordPress Hosting Support Around The Clock

Managed WordPress Hosting Support Around The Clock

Whatever your WordPress needs are, we’re equipped to help. Our team is dedicated to supporting WordPress users around the world, and can help launch your site, and turn it into something that builds traffic and performs perfectly.

Want to pick our brains about our Managed WordPress hosting? Don't hesitate to reach out to us anytime.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is managed hosting?

Rather than a plan, managed hosting is more of a type of service. With managed hosting, the web hosting provider takes care of all the maintenance tasks that are related to running a site. Click here to read more about managed type of hosting service.

What is managed WordPress hosting?

Managed WordPress hosting means that the hosting providers handle the management, administration, and support of the infrastructure of your WordPress website. You can read more about Managed WordPress Hosting on our blog.

Will managed WordPress work for me?

WordPress has everything you could need to build a functional, eye-catching website, no matter your experience. Everything you need to make your site a good one can be found on your dashboard.

Is managed hosting more expensive than unmanaged?

With managed hosting the host does more work and you get more services, which is why managed hosting is more expensive than unmanaged hosting. You can read our in-depth managed vs. unmanaged hosting comparison here.

Is managed WordPress hosting worth it?

You want to make sure that your WordPress website is in the best hands, runs efficiently, and is secure. When you take into consideration all of the benefits that managed WordPress hosting has, it is definitely worth the investment.

How does Verpex help with my managed WordPress hosting?

Marketing Center

The Marketing Center is your centralized location to manage all communications like SEO, email, and social media. Here you can see how effective your strategies are, how well your audience is responding, and make any tweaks to match the data.

Detailed Analytics

Get a closer look at just how well your site is pulling in traffic. Users of Google Analytics will be happy to know this can be integrated from the get-go.

Site Speeds Enhanced

Managed WordPress users benefit from Solid State Drive hosting so you’ll benefit from moving away from HDD servers. We keep these servers free from congestion so you’ll have plenty more resources to keep your site performing efficiently.

Fully Managed

Automatic updates to both your WordPress site and the server environment it’s hosted on mean you’ll always be running on the most up-to-date, state-of-the-art technology.

Is it possible to change my managed WordPress hosting?

If you’re unhappy with your WordPress hosting provider, you can change them at any time. At Verpex we offer free migration services with all our plans.

Managed WordPress: what does it mean for me?

Having a Managed WordPress hosting plan means you can focus on the important stuff, like running your business, chasing new leads, while we handle the upkeep and maintenance of your technology and the server your site is hosted on.

I already have shared hosting - do I need to upgrade?

Swapping your shared plan for Managed WordPress hosting will provide the perfect environment for your site to grow and thrive. You’ll experience huge improvements on both speed and performance, and benefit from the integrated, centralized management tools, offering better customization options and convenient control. Shared hosting provides the resources to get started; managed WordPress takes your performance further.

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