Verpex Presents: World's Fastest WordPress Hosting System

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November 19, 2019
Verpex Presents: World's Fastest WordPress Hosting System

Having a fast hosting provider is essential to many online businesses. Online shopping giant Amazon would lose up to $1.6 billion per year if their site slowed down by just one second. The reason behind this insane drop-off is because internet shoppers are unwilling to wait for sites to load. If a website doesn’t load within two seconds or less, the shoppers are bouncing off the page and going off to a competitor.

That is why it is essential for you to pick the fastest web hosting provider around that still offers all the services you need at affordable prices. Here’s why Verpex is the right hosting provider for you.

SSD Disks

If you are using an older hosting provider, sometimes they will still use hard disk drive (HDD), which can have a huge impact on your speed. HDD is a metal disk with a magnetic coating that stores your data. The disk spins and will store or access certain data. However, the disk can only spin so quickly.

That’s why Verpex uses 100% solid-state drives (SSD). With no moving parts, the SSD of Verpex can store and access information more efficiently. All data is stored in microchips, which is similar to memory sticks or flash drives. Because the Verpex servers aren’t restricted by mechanical limitations, the information is significantly faster than one that uses HDD.

At Verpex, the hosting provider only uses enterprise-class SSDs and Intel Xeon CPUs. Another feature they offer is high Cloudlinux limits to ensure good performance. To further ensure faster speeds, Verpex supports up to PHP 7.4 along with its opcache module.

Because of the different measures that Verpex takes, the CPU speed will vary. However, on all recent models, it is usually about 2.3 - 2.6Ghz per core. To ensure that the speed continues to be quick, the hosting provider keeps the system CPU usage low.

By using frequently refreshed cloud infrastructure and only SSD disks, Verpex can help ensure that your website is ranked higher by search engines, offers a better user experience, which can help increase your conversion rates and help your website become more successful.

Server Location

The server location is another important factor to take into consideration. Web hosts that have to access servers that are located halfway across the world will experience a much longer load time and uptime.

Verpex has effectively eliminated this problem. The fast server hosting provider has locations in Europe, Asia, North America, the Middle East, with plans to continue to expand the servers to other locations around the world. Therefore, you can rest easy knowing that your website content is being sent to your website visitors as effectively as possible.

Uptime Guarantee

A hosting provider can’t provide quick website speeds if they are consistently experiencing problems on the server, causing your website to go down. Verpex provides one of the best uptime guarantees in the market at 99.9%. That means that each month, your website will experience at most just 45 minutes of downtime.

Verpex is confident in its ability to deliver consistent service month after month. If one month you experience more than 45 minutes of downtime, then you automatically get credited for a free month of hosting services.

Make sure that you are choosing a hosting provider like Verpex which is not one of the fastest website hosting providers, but also is reliable.

Great Customer Support

Available 24/7, Verpex has a great team of customer service representatives who are willing and able to help you optimize your site to be as fast as possible. Many times, inexperienced website owners have trouble learning what is necessary to build a website correctly, but you can ask quick questions to the support team to ensure that your site is properly optimized and running as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Verpex: More Than Just A Fast Hosting Provider

When looking for fast hosting solutions, don’t just consider the price. The cheapest web hosting providers often have lower uptime guarantees, they still use HDD disks, or don’t update the servers to ensure that their hosting plans provide the fastest hosting plans available.

That is why Verpex is one of the fastest WordPress hosting providers out there. The hosting provider has a different hosting plan that fits every budget and every need. Not only is Verpex one of the fastest hosting providers on the internet, but the company also offers tons of additional features at an affordable price. After signing up for a plan with Verpex, you’ll get a free SSL certificate to protect your visitor’s data, cPanel, one-click WordPress installation, free domain, unlimited emails, and expert support. Verpex also offers fast dedicated servers if you have more customized needs.

Verpex takes time to ensure that you are delivering the fastest website to your visitors. Check them out to see for yourself the fast speeds of Verpex.

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