Best Programming Fonts for Coding

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July 15, 2022
Best Programming Fonts for Coding

Let's talk about fonts! You're probably wondering why fonts are key amongst all the things required to write code. Why should you even bother about the font used?

In this article, I'll outline why fonts are necessary and share some programming fonts you should consider using.

Developers spend considerable time writing code, and choosing a legible font designed to reduce eye strain when coding is of utmost importance. Developer tools and IDEs have default fonts; however, they don't come with the best fonts, and some people don't consider changing their fonts when writing code. It's the least on their minds, but the best programming font can decrease exhaustion, especially since you'll spend a long time looking and working with it.

Most developers prefer using monospaced fonts, fonts that are evenly spaced where letters and characters occupy the same amount of horizontal space. However, they also have non-monospaced versions If you prefer to work with that.

But, what makes a good font for programming when millions of fonts are available for you to choose from?

What to Consider when choosing a Programming Font?

  • Readability, Legibility, and Ease

  • Indentation and Vertical alignment

  • Ligatures or additional white space for regular symbols used in popular programming languages

  • Source Code Support

8 Best Programming Fonts for Coding

1. Monalisa Font

Fonts are underrated, Most developers don't mind using the default fonts in their editors, but the wrong font can negatively affect productivity and lead to bugs; surprising, right! The Monalisa font was designed to improve developers' productivity and reduce fatigue. Monalisa is designed to increase legibility and make it visually pleasant when your code is being stared at for a long time. It is spacious, stylish, and easy to read.

Monalisa Font

2. Fira Code Font

Fira Code is an open-source monospaced font containing ligatures for standard programming multi-character combinations. It's a free developer code that works with various editor support like Visual studio code and Eclipse. It uses custom characters to replace existing characters used in text or code.

As a programmer, you use the equals sign to represent equals (==) to a string or (===) equals to a number. Fira code uses ligatures to combine them into something more visual. The image below shows how Fira code represents these signs, allowing you to define your code more efficiently and faster. Note that these changes do not affect your code in any negative way. The underlying characters aren't changed in any way; the font is designed this way to make the characters easier to read.

Fira Code Font

JavaScript and HTML operators and characters are converted into more accessible and straightforward forms you can explore and apply. Its features also include context-aware punctuations, making reading characters in our code more accessible.

Fira Code is the first programming font to offer dedicated glyphs to render progress bars and is also an excellent choice for mathematical writing.

3. Apercu Mono

Apercu Mono is a monospaced typeface full of unique and eccentric characteristics. The mono family consists of four variations: Mono Light, Mono Regular, Mono Medium, and Mono Bold. A pro version in the Apercu mono collection adds old-style number glyphs, 100 symbols, and a large variety of ligatures.

Apercu Mono

4. Input Mono

Input Mono is a system of fonts designed specifically for coding by David Jonathan Ross. It comes in both proportional and monospaced variants. However, since it's been designed with coding in mind, the proportional spacing is tailored so that you may consider it over the monospaced version.

Input Mono

5. JetBrains Mono

JetBrains Mono is a type-space font specific to developers, and certain features were applied to the font to make it easier to read. An example is the letter font height which was increased for a better reading experience.

JetBrains Mono

Code-specific ligatures also work in 145 languages with seven font weights.

JetBrains's typeface forms are simple and free from unnecessary details, making it faster for the eyes to perceive them and reducing the effort the brain uses to process the font.

6. Monoid

Monoid is an open-source coding font that is customizable. It's legible, that is, it is easy to read, and you can tell the difference in each letter. It's also a compact font allowing more code on your screen. It retains its quality and sharpness even on low-resolution displays. Monoisome, a Monoid and Font awesome collaboration, will enable you to see Icons directly in your code.


7. Dank Mono

This font is very slick in design. It has a modern look, with ligatures, italic-variant, and a bold look.

Dank mono covers an extensive list of mathematical symbols, basic Greek glyphs, and terminal glyphs, e.g., Unicode block symbols, circles, arrows, and Powerline symbols. It also includes Ligatures for 26 different code character combinations.

Dank Mono

8. Hack

Hack font is a trendy font amongst developers, and it is used for different functions. When writing code, you must be in and out of terminals, viewing fonts in small sizes, which can cause strain and exhaustion. However, Hack is designed to maintain a good image even when viewed in tiny sizes. Even on a high-contrast screen, it will still be very legible.



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After looking at the type of fonts and what they entail, What font should you select as your go-to programming font for software development?

You have to make this decision yourself, and with the help of the examples, you can narrow your search down out of the millions of fonts to choose from.

The fun part is how you can customize your IDE, which allows you to change your font as you like. Plus, many of these fonts are free to use, making it even better! Have fun with these fonts to see which one you want to work with. With these options, any choice you make would be worth it!

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