Is Shared Hosting Good for Ecommerce?

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Updated December 5, 2022
Is Shared Hosting Good for Ecommerce?

Shared hosting is ideal for eCommerce sites because it offers enhanced performance at a low cost. A shared hosting environment is a closely managed hosting environment, which means that most companies offering this service constantly tune server resources so that websites run fast with zero downtime. This results in a faster loading time and provides a more stable website.

If you plan to launch an eCommerce store with an affordable hosting solution, Shared hosting is a good place to start.

What is Shared Hosting?

For the majority of small businesses and blogs, shared hosting is the way to go. It’s inexpensive and offers a lot of value.

With shared hosting, your site shares a physical server with one or several other websites.

The hosting users get a share of the server in which they can host their site files.

Two of the most important things to look for in shared hosting are its uptime and data center. You want a web host that can keep your site up and running with as little downtime as possible. The physical proximity of the host’s data center is also important as it can affect your website’s speed.

Check out our blog to learn more about how shared hosting works, and its advantages and disadvantages.

Who Is Shared Hosting For?

  • Small businesses
    Businesses that operate with less than 50 people are the perfect candidate for shared hosting. The business owner can run and manage the website, while the hosting provider takes care of everything else.

  • Mid-size companies
    As the number of website visitors grows, providers specify maximum visits per day in their plans. The limit can be as high as 30,000 or more according to the plan. This make shared hosting excellent for mid-size businesses who operate with this kind of daily traffic.

  • Casual personal website owners and bloggers
    These types of website owners don’t require the resources that are provided by a dedicated server. Also, they usually aren’t equipped with the technical know-how to maintain or set up a website on a dedicated server.

Shared Hosting Limitations

  • Backend control – The servers are not under your control. Shared hosting is managed, which is a good thing unless you're tech-savvy and want to manage the server yourself. Limited storage space – Since shared hosting has a limited number of resources, they also provide limited storage space for their users.

  • Limited storage space – Since shared hosting has a limited number of resources, they also provide limited storage space for their users.

  • The size of the eCommerce business – If you have a large business or you’re planning on significant expansion in a relatively short period, shared hosting won’t be suitable for you. For a large business With 250 or more employees, a dedicated server would be the proper solution. On shared hosting, your website gets to use very limited resources.

Why Should You Opt for Shared Hosting

for Your Online Store

Why Should You Opt for Shared Hosting

1. Affordable

Getting your site online with shared hosting doesn’t cost a lot of money. Shared hosting is cost-effective, and it costs only a few dollars per month.

The hosting company’s costs are distributed between the people who contribute towards the costs of the server.

If you're looking to save some money on your eCommerce business, then this type of hosting is perfect for you. You can focus on other aspects of your business and grow it into something successful.

2. Secure

You can place your trust in the security provided by a solid hosting company. Even though a shared hosting server means that your site shares resources with other users, it does not compromise the security of your website.

At Verpex, we offer a free SSL certificate that can assure you that any personal or financial data of users on your eCommerce won’t leak.

3. User-friendly/no technical skills required

There are many benefits to shared hosting, including its affordability and simplicity. A control panel is offered by most providers in order to easily manage your website.

Shared hosting is great for users who don’t have any technical skills when it comes to managing their sites.

What to Look for in a Shared Hosting Provider?

Easy admin access

Easy admin access

With an eCommerce site, you want to easily access site data, upload new files, and install plugins. Shared hosting packages are typically known for their easy access to admin panels.

24/7 Support

24/7 Support

When choosing shared hosting, you need to make sure that the company you sign up for provides high-quality support. At Verpex, you can reach us at any time, on weekdays and weekends.



When you’re looking for a shared hosting provider, make sure you have certain guarantees when it comes to uptime. As this means the amount of time that the server hosting your website is up and running.

Can You Be Too Big for Shared Hosting?

Shared hosting can be sufficient while you're starting out with fewer customers and page views.

If you have a basic website with no complex features, it can most likely handle a large number of visitors without issue. However, once you start adding in scripts, database calls, and other higher-level elements, the website will become much more complicated and may not be able to support as many users.

As you expand, you will run into limitations, which are imposed by sharing resources with other users of the shared hosting. You will need more server resources, especially if you’re an eCommerce site, since there is a lot of backend processing involved in your website.

Alternative eCommerce Hosting Solutions

Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is an ideal fit for small and large eCommerce sites that want a highly scalable, secure, and flexible solution for retailing and online sales. You can build your eCommerce presence as quickly as your business grows.

Managed WordPress Hosting

WordPress has great eCommerce integration via its WooCommerce solution. WordPress offers a flexible and extendable experience, with a combination of marketing, payment gateways, themes, and shipping extensions. At Verpex, we offer several Managed WordPress hosting plans for your eCommerce website. Our engineers can help you set up the website, so you don’t need any technical experience.

VPS Hosting

VPS, or Virtual Private Server, involves virtualization software that splits a shared server into several virtual servers. With VPS hosting, you get guaranteed speed, no matter what anyone else is doing on another VPS.

VPS hosting is perfect for business owners who want to quickly and easily create an online store.

Dedicated Servers

If you're committed to growing your sales and business, at some point, you are going to need to switch to a dedicated server. A well-configured dedicated server can make your site load quickly and easily, even as traffic spikes. This way, you can provide customers with your services efficiently, no matter how much your business grows



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You can launch your eCommerce site with the help of shared hosting.

Besides sharing space, you also will be sharing costs with others, which makes shared hosting a great and cost-effective option.

In addition, shared hosting is a great place to begin with if you're just starting out and don't have high expectations for traffic. However, as a business scales and grows, shared hosting becomes less suitable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is shared hosting good for eCommerce?

There are several advantages of using shared hosting for eCommerce, like its low cost, security, and user-friendliness. However, if you’re looking for a scalable hosting plan, managed cloud server might be a better choice for you.

How much traffic can shared hosting handle?

Shared hosting serves multiple sites on a single server. The costs of this type of web hosting are low since the users utilize the resources on a single server.

Can I customize my shared hosting package?

No, our shared hosting packages come with set bandwidth and storage limits, and you can’t install software on the server. You can however easily upgrade or switch to managed cloud server if you prefer.

Who benefits most from shared hosting?

Small businesses, bloggers, hobbyists, new start-ups and people looking to dabble in website development.

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