xyz Domain Meaning

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February 14, 2023
xyz Domain Meaning

Every year, there are new kinds of domain extensions made available for people to use part of their domain name. One of them is the top-level domain extension called xyz. In this article, you learn about the xyz domain meaning and whether it’s worth registering for a web address.

What is a TLD?

TLD is short for top-level domain. This type of domain extension is at the highest level in the domain name system online. The xyz is a generic type of top-level domain.



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What is the meaning of the xyz domain name?

The xyz domain meaning is purely generic and was introduced in June of 2014. Of course, it’s a domain extension that consists of the last letters in the alphabet. Originally, the domain got a bit of chatter during a rebrand of the company to Additionally, the domain extension got some more news in December of 2021, when the blockchain ENS took up using it, and allowed Ethereum users to associate the TLD with their wallet.

There is no real meaning behind the xyz domain extension, which leaves room for using it for a lot of different possibilities.

Are xyz domains legitimate?

The domains with the xyz extension can be legitimate or a fraud, just like any other domain. Sure, it looks odd, and hasn’t had a good reputation, as in 2016, Google had been seeing a rise in spam sites that used the xyz domain extension.

If you’re seeing a lot of referrals from xyz sites, you may want to check to make sure if they are spam. In the case that they are, you will want to block them in your disavow file within your website property on Google Search Console.

Is a xyz domain good or bad for SEO?

While there has been some negative news about spammers using the xyz domain extension in the past, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is bad for SEO. This is where solid content can help build trust with visitors. In fact, Google doesn’t frown on the xyz domain extension because it is classified as a top-level domain.

It’s important to develop content that has value and is different from the millions of other sites. Make sure to follow good SEO practices and it wouldn’t hurt to make sure that your domain doesn’t have a shady past. You can check a domain’s history using the Wayback Machine.

Some people may say that no one wants to use the xyz domain extension, but that’s not true. There are over 4.7 million xyz domains registered, as of December 2022. It’s just not as trusted as older and more popular TLDs, and may not be as an attractive extension for use, especially if you’re trying to build a good brand in some niche.

Because Google doesn’t have anything against the use of a xyz domain, and it is a top level-domain, you can certainly build a website that can perform well in the search engines.

Is it worth registering a xyz domain name?

If you have a use for buying a domain with the .xyz extension, then it’s only worth it if you’re actually going to do something with it. Being worth something is based on your own perspective, rather than others, because everyone has different opinions.

In the case that you're just letting it set and collect dust in your domain registrar, then it’s not worth the purchase. If you’re wanting to create some type of business and use the domain for that, then that makes it worth buying. Make sure to make a list of pros and cons on whether it’s worth it to you to buy a domain name using the .xyz extension.

Is the .xyz domain better than a .com?

It’s important to understand that while you may believe a .com is the most desired domain, it does have a different purpose from the .xyz domain extension. The .xyz is flexible as it is a generic domain, and can be used for just about anything. The .com has been used for a few decades for any site, but it’s typically supposed to be for businesses.

Somehow that got lost in translation over the years, so people have been using the .com domain extension for almost everything. For example, some non-profit organizations are supposed to use the .org extension, but are using .com.

With the .com TLD being older, there’s more trust with it. However, say you’ve written some unique content and have built a solid site that ends in .xyz, that Google or people can’t ignore. If it adds more value than say a .com in the same niche, your site could have a better search result listing.

What is .xyz good for?

Because the .xyz extension is a generic TLD, you have countless options available to choose from. You can start a blog, start a small business, sell merchandise, set up a portfolio, create a professional resume, and much more. The domain extension is a lot newer than others, so you may be able to buy a domain name using that extension, rather than always finding out with other TLDs that your preferred website name isn’t available.

If you’re in the tech field, you may find the xyz domain extension catchy, bold, and innovative, like web 3 and blockchain companies have before. In fact, it’s a really popular TLD in that industry.

If you’re a tech startup, you can try using a xyz with your brand, using it as a landing page for new apps, or use it for surveying customers about future products. Because it's newer, you might be able to register a shorter name, which is great if you’re trying to create something memorable to your customers.



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In Summary

Now that you know a bit about the xyz domain meaning, do you think it’s a domain extension you’d consider using? If so, why? Just remember, that if you do, make sure to create a brand that will be memorable and instill loyalty in your visitors. You don’t always need a .com to achieve that.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a domain name?

A domain name is the name of your website. A domain name is a word or a phrase that people enter in their browsers in order to be taken to a certain website on the Internet.

How should I choose a domain name?

To choose a domain name for yourself, avoid hyphens, stay unique and brandable, keep your domain name short, and avoid using doubled letters.

What is a top-level domain?

A top-level domain is the last part of the domain name, so it’s everything that goes after the final dot in the domain name.

If I move my site to Verpex do I need to change domain name?

No, we make the transfer process easy and you can keep your current domain name.

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