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Pre-Installed ElasticSearch

Whatever your requirements, from new startups to massive online stores, Verpex’s dedicated servers are totally optimized for Magento, but since version 2.4 was released, ElasticSearch is required for its catalog search engine. The software will be installed on your server for your convenience.

Pre-Installed ElasticSearch

Magento Optimized Hosting

At Verpex, we providing the infrastructure for our customers to deliver the perfect eCommerce experience. From startups to massive eCommerce organizations, our hosting services are ideal for all requirements, with consistency on both performance and reliability; with all budgets considered. What’s more, all Magento customers receive a fully-managed service with off-site backups twice a day.

Magento Optimized Hosting  with
An Open-Source eCommerce Platform
Why Choose Magento?


Why Choose Magento?

Choosing Magento means you have the backing of one of the world’s most powerful eCommerce packages. The beauty of it is that it’s entirely customizable due to it being open-source; plus, it works incredibly well on dedicated servers due to its heavy toll on storage capacity. You’ll likely find that it doesn’t work all too well with shared hosting since it puts too much of a strain on the memory available with shared subscriptions


Verpex’s Magento Hosting: Is It Secure?

The fundamental design of Magento hosting is what makes it more secure than most other options. It operates through dedicated servers and not shared, so there’s no splitting of resources and occupying space with potentially nefarious outlets. Plus, every Magento server goes through what’s known as PCI DSS scanning, which is the most secure and respected form of payment processing.

Verpex’s Magento Hosting: Is It Secure?
Customer Support
You Can Count On

Customer Support You Can Count On

Problems with hosting don’t always happen during standard office hours, so our technical team doesn’t operate around them either. You can count on us for support with your Magento hosting 24/7/365.

Expert Technical Support
99% Support Case Resolution

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Magento run on a shared hosting subscription?

It can, but since you’re sharing server space with other customers, you might find that Magento, which takes up a sizeable amount of storage space, will be too big to operate effectively. Though it might fit, it won’t perform the way it should; you’ll get the full Magento experience with your own dedicated server

Why choose Verpex’s Magento hosting service?

Along with affordability and quick setups, choosing Verpex as your Magenta hosting service means you get the backing of a knowledgeable and professional technical team. We’re available 24/7, and since all Magento plans are fully managed, we’ll handle all backups, provide responsive support, and help with anything you need, like implementing migrations, to get your website up and running immediately

Why should I use Magento web hosting?

Magento, simply put, is the world’s favorite when it comes to eCommerce platforms. It’s so easy to use and incorporates all the essential tools you need to successfully host your store online. What’s more, it’s entirely customizable, and since it’s open source, you can tailor the platform to suit the individual needs of your business as well as provide the experience your customers expect

Will you help me migrate an existing Magento store to Verpex?

Of course we will! Migrations are entirely free with Verpex and the number of websites you have doesn’t make a difference. All you need to do is wait and relax while we handle the whole process

What makes websites faster on your Magento cloud hosting platform?

Hosting your site on a cloud server means you’ll always benefit from improved performance, avoiding the disruptions that you’re likely to experience when hosting a site on a fixed-location server network. For an affordable and minor additional cost, you can host your website on the Google Cloud Platform or through Amazon Web Services

What are the top features of Magento hosting?

Magento is highly adaptable to different regions and supports numerous currencies, which is what earns it its reputation for being one of the most flexible forms of hosting available and so popular with major eCommerce stores. You may find, however, that it’s somewhat trickier to get to grips with than WooCommerce, and that the resources needed will be more storage-intensive

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