Why Verpex is Better Than GoDaddy: Small Is the New Big

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January 2, 2020
Why Verpex is Better Than GoDaddy: Small Is the New Big

There’s a new kid on the hosting provider block: Verpex. Despite Verpex being a small hosting company, there are many reasons why you might want to choose it over a bigger hosting company like GoDaddy. While GoDaddy likely will come up in more Google searches for web hosts, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it is the best option available. You might find yourself wondering, “Is GoDaddy hosting any good?” Here are a few reasons why Verpex is better than GoDaddy.

Instant Customer Service

Because GoDaddy has a large client base, their customer service response time is often not as good for their smaller clients. They might be more focused on their larger clientele who have big accounts with the hosting provider.

However, here at Verpex, we are committed to providing great customer service to every client that comes in. With 24/7 customer service available, you’ll be able to get instant help on your hosting needs. A small hosting company like Verpex is better equipped to help you get your answers fast.

WordPress Optimized

Some people might be afraid to choose a smaller hosting provider because it won’t work as well with different content management systems (CMS) like WordPress. However, Verpex works just as well as GoDaddy if you want to power a site through WordPress.

Our servers at Verpex are configured so you won’t ever run into problems with your WordPress sites; your visitors won’t encounter timeouts or bugs. On the backend of your website, it is very easy to get started with WordPress. Using Softaculous, you can install WordPress in one-click. You should have no problem getting your WordPress hosting plan up and running in no time, especially if you choose us.

Global Hosting Provider

Depending on where your clientele is, you might be concerned about where your hosting provider is located. Because smaller hosting providers often have a small budget for multiple servers around the world.

However, this isn’t the case for us at Verpex. We can match GoDaddy if you need a server in a location around the world. Currently, we have servers in Asia, Europe, and North America, with plans on expanding its number of servers and locations in the near future.

Having access to global servers is important because if you have site visitors around the world, they’ll be able to access your website much faster without as much lag time. Luckily, our servers at Verpex are just as equipped to handle a global business as GoDaddy, but at a more affordable price.

Great Features

A smaller hosting provider isn’t as likely to nickel and dime you for every new feature you choose to add to your hosting plan. We offer a free SSL Certificate with all of our plans. If you need a small business plan, having an SSL certificate is extremely important. It encrypts all sensitive data—like credit cards, emails, and addresses—that is sent by your visitors. With many GoDaddy plans, you have to pay to get access to an SSL Certificate.

At Verpex, we also offers free migrations, free daily backups, email accounts, sufficient disk space, and cPanel Control Panel. GoDaddy is not as generous with its offered features, and you might not get access to free migrations, as many email addresses, any other features.


When you work with big-name hosting providers like GoDaddy, you sometimes feel forgotten as a small website hosting provider. As a smaller hosting provider, our Verpex servers can be a good option because we are often more reliable. You want to choose a hosting provider with the smallest amount of downtime, to ensure that the levels of traffic aren’t affected because of an outage.


Many times, the smaller hosting provider will have a better deal and pricing. For example, the WordPress hosting plan from Verpex costs just $3.99 for the basic plan.

In this package you’ll get:

  • One website

  • Unlimited bandwidth

  • 10 email accounts

  • Free domain registration

  • Free SSL Certificates

  • Free migrations

  • And more

For the GoDaddy WordPress hosting plan, it costs more than double, at a regular price of $9.99 per month. This hosting plan from GoDaddy includes fewer features than our plan, including a free business email for just one year and no SSL Certificate.

While you can sometimes get GoDaddy hosting plans for as cheap as $.99 a month, this cheap price won’t last. When you renew your hosting plan, the price will jump up to the regular hosting price.

On the other hand, a small company like us focus more on quality, rather than quantity.

Final Thoughts

A smaller hosting company like Verpex might be the right fit for you. Before committing to a long-term plan with any company, make sure to do the proper research to find the best fit for you. Don’t be afraid of smaller hosting companies just because of their size. Instead of wondering how good is GoDaddy hosting, try us out. Verpex might be the right company for you, thanks to its features, affordable pricing, and overall reliability.



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