What Is PHP Hosting and How Does it Work?

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Updated February 5, 2024
What Is PHP Hosting and How Does it Work?

PHP, short for Hypertext Preprocessor, is a versatile scripting language for building dynamic websites.

It's the backbone of WordPress and other renowned content management systems like Joomla and Drupal.

Opting for a PHP-friendly host ensures swift and effective website updates as well as reliable support.

What Is PHP?

PHP is a free programming language created in 1994 by Rasmus Lerdorf. It is often used with HTML to build website functions and applications. When someone visits your PHP-built website, their browser requests the page.

Since browsers only read HTML, not PHP, your web server converts PHP code into an HTML page for the browser to display.

What Is PHP Hosting?

PHP hosting is a web hosting service that supports PHP. It allows PHP code to run, often using Apache or IIS web servers, and databases like MySQL, SQL Server, or PostgreSQL.

Choosing PHP hosting providers offers benefits like interactive websites, fast loading speeds, and expert assistance.

Why is PHP a Good Choice for Web Dev?

Fast development

Fast development

Setting up a PHP framework for a website is quick and there are many basic website templates available.

Easy to use and maintain

Easy to use and maintain

PHP scripts are easy to maintain, read, test, and develop, with zero ongoing costs for maintenance or updates.

Strong online community

Strong online community

PHP programming language is open-source, providing access to a large community of developers for help with bug fixes and security issues.

Benefits and Drawbacks of PHP Hosting


Simple to use
Incredibly fast
Easily integrates with databases
Interactive features

Learning Time
Too Complex for Small Sites
Limited Debugging Tools

Benefits of PHP Hosting

  • Compatibility

    • PHP is compatible with nearly all operating systems.
    • Works seamlessly on mobile devices, desktops, and tablets.
    • Optimized for various screen sizes and resolutions.
    • Ensures a great user experience on your website.
  • Simple to use

    • PHP can be easily added to HTML documents.
    • Suitable for those with basic HTML knowledge.
    • PHP and HTML are often interchangeable.
    • Plenty of tutorials and guides are available for beginners,
  • Incredibly fast

PHP is fast because it uses minimal server resources and works well with various operating systems and databases. Non-PHP sites that aren't optimized may run slowly.

  • Easily integrates with databases

PHP works with popular databases like MySQL, Oracle, and Sybase, making it versatile for building websites on various platforms.

Its widespread use also means there's plenty of online help for any issues.

  • Pricing

    • PHP is free to download.
    • Open-source, allowing for community contributions.
    • Regular upgrades and new features.
    • Many developer blogs discuss the latest features and usage tips.
  • Interactive features

PHP goes beyond HTML in interactivity, allowing you to create complex features like online shopping carts, interactive forums, and private messaging systems on your website.

Signs You Need PHP Hosting for Your Website

You need flexible features

You need flexible features

If your website isn’t quite doing everything you want it to, there’s a good chance that PHP could add those extra features you need.

You have speed issues

You have speed issues

If your server is slow, consider PHP web hosting services. It uses minimal resources, significantly speeding up websites.

Custom development

Custom development

For organizations with unique website needs, PHP's custom development options can be a fitting solution.

Drawbacks of PHP Hosting

  • Learning Time

PHP frameworks are fairly simple but require time to learn. Knowing these frameworks is necessary, though deep PHP coding skills are not essential.

  • Too Complex for Small Sites

PHP frameworks are feature-rich, ideal for large websites. They may be excessive for small blogs or eCommerce stores.

  • Limited Debugging Tools

PHP has fewer debugging options than other platforms, making error detection less efficient. However, common bugs are well-documented online, and with experience, you'll quickly identify and solve frequent issues.

What to Look for in PHP Hosting Plans

Usage allowance

This refers to how much bandwidth you’ll have to operate your website. For high traffic, choose a plan with unlimited bandwidth to handle visitor surges.

Usage allowance


A hosting plan with less than 99.99% uptime is a warning sign. Any lower than this and you can expect to see significant dips in your website uptime and performance

Ease of upgrade

Verpex makes changing plans easy, perfect for growing businesses. Just call our customer service to upgrade as needed.

Ease of upgrade
Website migration service

Website migration service

Verpex offers hassle-free transfer of PHP websites, with free migration, setup help, and a support team for any issues.

Support channels

Your website can run into problems anytime, so choose a php hosting provider with 24/7 support.

Options typically include live chat, a phone helpline, and email tickets for complex issues. Verpex offers all these services, with global experts ready to assist with any questions.

Support channels

PHP Versions Support

New PHP versions receive different levels of support for the first few years:

0 - 2 years: All bug fixes and security issues are patched.

2 - 3 years: Only critical fixes are applied.

3+ years: The version is no longer supported after three years.

Currently, all versions of PHP above 8.0 are in support.

Linux Hosting Vs. Cloud Hosting for PHP

Linux is an open-source operating system.

Linux hosting uses a Linux-based server, and Cloud Linux hosting is cloud-based on a Linux server.

PHP, originally designed for Linux, works better on it. Using Cloud Linux hosting with PHP offers additional benefits.

FeatureCloud HostingStandard Linux Hosting
SecurityOffers virtual isolation and physical data center securityDepends on server's physical security measures.
Visibility & TransparencyDetailed resource usage breakdowns for each website.Limited visibility into detailed resource usage.
ScalabilityEasily scales up using resources from a data centerLess flexible in scaling up to meet traffic demands.
Management OptionsFully managed experience with customer service supportRequires more technical expertise for management

PHP and Microservices Architecture

PHP is great for microservices architectures due to its flexibility and dynamic nature, enabling quick development and deployment.

Its smooth integration with different databases and messaging systems makes it ideal for microservices working with various technologies.

PHP-based microservices are highly scalable, allowing for easy adjustment of system parts as required.

This, combined with PHP's straightforward syntax and strong community support, simplifies maintenance tasks . PHP 7 and newer versions offer improved performance, making it a good option for high-speed microservices.

Frameworks like Laravel and Symfony also simplify development, further highlighting PHP’s importance in modern microservices architectures.

The Future of PHP in Web Development

PHP as a fundamental player in web development, is advancing through several significant trends and developments:

  • Continued Dominance in CMS Platforms: PHP remains critical in CMS development, supporting leading platforms like WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal.

  • Adaptation to Modern Web Needs: The release of PHP 8 introduces features such as JIT compilation and attributes, enhancing efficiency and robustness for modern web applications.

  • Increased Focus on Security: PHP is strengthening its security capabilities to provide safer frameworks and tools for web application development.

  • Integration with Emerging Technologies: PHP's increasing compatibility with IoT, cloud services, and AI demonstrates its adaptability in innovative web projects.

  • Growing Emphasis on APIs and Microservices: With frameworks like Laravel and Lumen, PHP is becoming a key player in the development of RESTful APIs and microservices.

  • Performance Optimization: Continuous performance enhancements in execution speed and memory usage keep PHP competitive in the evolving web development arena.



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Quick Recap

PHP is a highly adaptable programming language, widely used in major content management systems, and popular among web developers.

It is user-friendly, free, scalable, and offers many third-party add-ons.

While PHP requires some developer skills, beginners have access to numerous online resources and community support for learning.

Choosing the right hosting plan that supports PHP and matches your bandwidth needs will optimize your web performance. Consider a managed service if you need more help.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is responsible for PHP bugs and security issues?

Any fixes will primarily be covered by the PHP developers, and regular updates are pushed out. Under a managed hosting solution, Verpex will make sure any updates are applied to your site as soon as they’re ready.

Can I contact the PHP developers?

Not directly, however, over on PHP.net you’ll find an extensive range of patch update information, forums, and articles that will answer the majority of your technical questions.

How secure is PHP?

PHP has an excellent security reputation and the developers are constantly making updates. Plus, you’ll benefit from additional security measures for your site by opting for a managed hosting package.

What content management sytems use PHP?

All of the most popular content management systems are compatible with PHP including, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and Magento

Should I build my website with PHP?

PHP's flexibility and ease of integration with various databases like MySQL and PostgreSQL make it ideal for creating dynamic, data-driven websites.

Is PHP good for SEO?

Both PHP and WordPress are SEO-effective. That said, WordPress is more user-friendly and SEO-ready. It offers SEO-optimized plugins and themes, and its structure is naturally search-engine friendly.

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