What Exactly is Cloud Hosting?

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February 23, 2020
What Exactly is Cloud Hosting?

What Exactly is Cloud Hosting?

Cloud hosting is quickly becoming one of the more popular types of web hosting today. It is still, however, one of the most misunderstood technologies out there. Learning more about what cloud hosting is, how it works, and the different options it offers will help you to determine whether it is the right choice for you.

Cloud Web Hosting 101

Cloud technologies are used in many different ways today. In the web hosting industry, cloud hosting means that one client is provided with a package of hosting resources. Unlike other types of hosting, the resources aren’t located on one physical server. Instead, they can be spread out over multiple different physical servers using cloud technology software.

When it comes to building or managing a website, cloud hosting does not look too much different from shared hosting, VPS hosting, or even dedicated servers. This is because the software used to manage the cloud hosting creates a virtual environment that appears to be one system. In reality, however, the cloud hosting could be spread out over dozens, or even hundreds, of different physical servers.

Options for Cloud Hosting

When shopping for a cloud hosting solution you will notice that there are tons of options available, however, Verpex is uniquely placed in the market due to our expert support and bespoke technology.

Cloud hosting is not restricted in terms of what operating system can be installed, what hardware can be allocated to the system, what content management systems can be used, or anything else. This helps to maximize the flexibility of your hosting environment.

The cloud technology is managed on the back end by the hosting provider. This software is simply used to manage and create virtual hosting environments across multiple physical servers. The partitions created by the cloud software will act as if they were their own physical environments, which can have any software installed on them. This means you can get options like Linux cloud web hosting, Windows cloud web hosting, or other options just like you can with other hosting technologies.

Why Choose Cloud Hosting

Using cloud hosting offers quite a few benefits compared to other hosting technologies. Whether you’re looking to host a small personal blog or a large company website, cloud hosting can meet your needs. The following are some of the most significant advantages of using cloud server hosting:

  • Scalability– With cloud hosting it is possible to add (or remove) system resources at any time. This means as your site grows, you can incrementally add to your hosting package as you need it. There is typically no need to cancel one hosting package and purchase another, which is what is often necessary with other types of hosting at other companies.

  • Price– Despite the fact that cloud hosting offers fast and reliable hosting, it is still less expensive than a comparable VPS or dedicated server in most situations. The price is even better since you are only paying for what you need, not what a set hosting package offers.

  • Customizable– When shopping for a cloud hosting package you can easily add or remove features based on your needs. If your site has a need for more disk space, for example, that can be added on without having to add RAM or other specs. This can help to save you money.

  • Reliable– Cloud hosting is by far the most reliable type of hosting available today. This is because the cloud systems are spread out over multiple physical servers. Even if one server has a hardware problem, it won’t bring the whole cloud down. This makes cloud hosting more reliable than even VPS or dedicated servers.

  • Security– The data involved in cloud web hosting servers are spread out over multiple drives, which adds an extra layer of security. Even if one physical server is compromised, the data should remain safe.

Most Secure Cloud Hosting

No matter what type of hosting you use, security is going to be very important. This is especially true when you are running some type of eCommerce site that has to collect user data. Even for personal blogs, however, you want to be able to be confident that the data you put out there is protected. Fortunately, cloud hosting is extremely secure. All the data that is sent to or from a cloud hosting account will be fully encrypted and secured just like it is with other types of hosting.

If you are looking for the best and most secure cloud hosting options, look no further than Verpex. We take security seriously at all times and will be there to protect your data. The hosting and security we offer will provide a fast, reliable, and most of all, safe, environment for any type of website you are running.



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