The Benefit of Bespoke Hosting: Hosting That’s Made for You

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January 1, 2020
The Benefit of Bespoke Hosting: Hosting That’s Made for You

For some people that are creating a website and looking for a hosting plan, the cookie-cutter, “one-size-fits-all,” plans just don’t work for you and your business. That’s why some people turn to bespoke hosting—these types of plans are customized to fit your needs perfectly, without you having to comprise any of your needs or desires.

Here are the benefits of bespoke hosting and being able to customize your server to fit your needs.

Faster Web Speeds

Here at Verpex, one of the biggest advantages of our dedicated servers is being able to offer faster loading times and speeds to your site visitors. Because you won’t have to share your server and its resources with any other websites, your website won’t get bogged down or slowed by high levels of traffic. Using our tailor-made servers means you can use the resources and bandwidth all for your own website.

Completely Customizable

When using a shared hosting plan, you are forced to use the same operating system and web server as many other websites. You can’t control any aspects, and your limited in what you can do with your website. However, you aren’t limited when you opt for bespoke hosting.

You can choose what operating system, framework, web server software, and library are installed on your custom made server to best fit the needs of your company. Because it is fully customizable, Verpex is the right option for many because it is perfect for a growing business.

Increased Security And Performance

When you opt for a dedicated server, you will get the best possible uptime for your website. The less time your website is down, the better experience your users will have. While shared hosting is better for people with less traffic, if you have high levels of traffic, you’ll likely want to have a dedicated server. By using a server that is made for you, you’ll find it is more reliable and stable than shared hosting.

When you are using bespoke hosting, you’ll enjoy higher levels of security, as well. Because you won’t be sharing your server space with bad actors, potential spammers, or a malicious website, your website tends to be more secure. Custom built server hosting plans have increased security, which is vital for companies that use their website for transactions over SSL or FTP.

Unique IP Address

Each dedicated server will come with its own individual, unique IP address. However, when you are using shared hosting, you will have to share the IP address with countless others. That means if one of your noisy neighbors is an adult site or spam site, it might cause your ranking on search engine sites to go down as well.

However, with dedicated hosting plans, you get your own IP address. For companies that are hosting a large eCommerce store and need a secure network and SSL for processing payment and orders, having a dedicated server is especially important.

Access Control

When using a dedicated server, you’ll be giving “Root Access,” or administrative control to the server. By having this high level of access, you’ll be able to configure the software and hardware on the server completely.

When the server is shared with others, it is difficult to have this same level of control, unless you are opting for a custom VPS hosting plan. If having this high level of control is important to you, then you might want to consider a dedicated hosting plan.

Infrastructure Reliability

Because of the size of dedicated servers, they must be housed in a data center. Most data centers will have redundant power sources so that even if the power grid fails, your website will still continue to run. Many dedicated server hosting providers will use a variety of power sources like diesel generator power and utility feeds to ensure that your data can continue to flow even if the power is out for a few hours.

No Upfront Expenses

If you want to upgrade to expensive hardware, but don’t want to pay the cost upfront, working through a hosting provider can be a great way to get around this. Here at Verpex, we provide top-of-the-line equipment at extremely affordable rates, helping you to grow your business and website even further.

Plus, you don’t have to dedicate resources or time to manage the actual server yourself. As a dedicated hosting provider, we cover all the costs associated with housing the server, maintaining the server equipment. This helps you as a business owner to reduce your overhead, and improve your return on investment.

Great Customer Support

When you configure a dedicated server with Verpex, you can be assured that your hardware is protected by 24/7 on-premise support. Our support staff is also available by live chat at any time and will be there to answer any of your questions quickly.

If you are ready to make the leap to a custom dedicated server, contact a Verpex representative to learn how you can make your server work for you and your needs.

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