Dedicated to renewable energy and green hosting!

Green and Clean

Dedicated to renewable energy and green hosting!

We at Verpex aim to use servers that we are almost certain are powered by renewable energy, either entirely or up to a point. We make it a standard to ensure that all Verpex services are carbon-neutral and do our due diligence for the servers we use.

We take one step further when it comes to green web hosting, and we calculate all the energy we use in an effort to offset it, twice over.

We at Verpex pride ourselves in offering carbon-neutral and sustainable web hosting. Of course, it’s impossible to have zero CO2 (carbon dioxide) output, but Verpex strives to reduce and minimize damage and be the best eco-friendly web hosting provider out there! We at Verpex aim to make our digital footprint as minimal as possible and do our best to make this world a safer, healthier place! That includes us offsetting all potential carbon usage.

We estimated that by planting one tree for every ten websites hosted with Verpex, we offset our carbon footprint at least two or even four times over! That’s why we decided on this offset strategy, and we offset all of our energy usages, regardless of whether it’s renewable or not.

The conversion factor that is given is 0.28307 kg per every kWh produced.

The way we do our calculations is the following: the average power usage of each of our servers is converted from Watts to kWH. Then, we calculate the CO2 that’s released based on Greenhouse gas , which includes conversion factors from the Department of Business, Energy, and Industrial Strategy.

We plant trees with the help of partner organizations and charities.

10.5 Watts
10.5 Watts

per core

744 Hours

per month

8 Core

per server

-60 Kwh

monthly energy per server

Calculating the energy usage

For accuracy’s sake, we calculate our energy usage by area. So, we always take the output from the figures below, and we offset it three times over, despite the fact that the figures below are pessimistic and almost all of the energy we use is renewable!

Web servers

For web servers, all individual shared, reseller servers, and dedicated machines are included. First, the average usage is calculated for all the servers we use. After, the numbers we get per server are multiplied by the number of active servers per month.

Office expenses

Every employee we have worked in our offices, and we usually have enough desktop computers for all. We also have substantial phones and laptops for our employees.

That is why, for our calculations, we assume the following numbers:

1 Desktop Computer

per person

2 Monitors

per person

1 Laptop

per person

2 Phones

per person

10 Miles

per person

2 Short Haul Flights

per person per year

2 International Flights

per person per year

Traveling and commuting expenses

Our team commutes to work each day, and we also tend to travel between different offices for training purposes. Different employees use different transportation methods, with some using public transportation or bicycles, while others use other methods. However, for our calculation, we over-estimate the numbers.

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