Is it against the Verpex TOS if I send an automated newsletter every 2 minutes?

I have about 300+ emails on my newsletter list,

I want to send the newsletters twice every month. I know from the Verpex TOS that I shouldn't send mass emails. But I want to let the web app send automated emails once every 2 minutes to all of the subscribers, which means the web app will finish the list within 5 hours. I will do that twice every month.

Is that against their TOS?

NB: I know I should use external emailing services. But the web app has been configured to do the job from previous hosting, and I'm happy with that.


  • Should be fine yes. The only issue is if enough people report them as spam then the spamfilter might block them, but we don't get too many issues like this. After all most forums will send quite a lot more mail.

  • Thank you @Dom

    In each newsletter there will be unsubscribe option for the user to let delete his/her email from my subscribers list permanently.

    And the newsletter will be for blogs and new products.