Is Redis or Memcached enabled on Verpex?

I'm coming from a reseller hosting plan on other hosting and they have redis enabled by default and it can be configured easily using the Litespeed plugin object cache option. This greatly improved the load speed especially on Wordpress backend.

But today i tried to setup Litespeed cache plugin on Verpex but it seems that either redis or memcache is not enabled on the server. Does this means Verpex does not these components?

Is there any way to have them included?


  • We don't have an interface in cpanel currently but you can run the binaries through SSH, just configure them to connect to a socket file in your home directory. I would guess that's what others do.

    Whether it helps much in most cases I don't know exactly as every site varies (with very large sites we sometimes see WP managing to flood redis with huge keys), and it would also use up your RAM allowance, but....if it reduces WordPress database load, then that's a good thing!