How many HTTP requests can the Verpex Silver package handle per second and month?

I know it depends on a lot of factors, but I want a rough estimate here.

Verpex has 2 GB of RAM on the Silver package, and I want to know a roughly estimated maximum HTTP request per second and per month for a simple website that makes 3 queries from 3 different MySQL tables and displays these data with other HTML code to the users.


  • It's hard to give exact numbers really - some sites handle an awful lot of traffic on our shared servers when essentially serving cached HTML.

    If it's cacheable and you take advantage of the Litespeed cache, then the answer is - quite a lot, especially as that sounds a lot simpler than eg loading a complex WordPress page.

    Otherwise, if the script is slow to execute then you might start to reach resource limits much more quickly, eg if it takes 300ms to run then you could probably handle around 5 a second.

    Bear in mind certain types of sites and usage types aren't allowed on our shared systems too.