Introduce Yourself

Hey guys I'm Seb. I've been in hosting for ~20 years. When I'm not at my desk I play drums, walk my dog, and have a smallholding in in the Cotswolds where we work to conserve wildlife.

I'm a big music fan and like all genres but when I work I always listen to trance music as it helps me concentrate.



  • Hi there, I am Nicky P, working here for over 8 years, specialized in hosting migrations. My passion is to see our clients happy.

    In my spare time I love to play basketball and football, a big fan of hiking. I am trying new things everyday, my next goal is to learn how to play guitar.

  • Nick
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    Hello, there :)

    My name is Nick S, and I have hosting experience for more than 7 years. Lol... how fast the time running :)

    You guys can meet me on Livechat very often and I perform ticket requests as well. My point in life, reflecting on the job as well is to be focused to be professional, and helpful!

    My hobby is playing football and fitness and I like to travel around the globe a lot :) BIG classic car lover❤️

    Enjoy learning and do not hesitate to contact us!

  • Hey guys I'm Tomer. I'm part of the team here at Verpex. When I'm not at my desk I'm with my family, playing Basketball/volleyball. or reading a book.

  • Hey, fam I'm Nifesi. having amazing experiences with everyone at Verpex😊. When I'm not at my desk I read, watch a movie, work on some IT projects and research work and I love travelling🚄

    Over the last 4years have always been a preacher of tech-(fintech, agrotech, telemedicine, and tech in industries) and how tech can bring everyone together and also how everyone from all filed of life can take advantage of the opportunities in tech, I hope to take this across Africa and feature in IT/Tech events in the coming year

  • Hi, I'm Bobby, part of the Verpex support team.

    In my free time I enjoy reading a good sci-fi book, playing drums, and I collect headphones.

  • Hey guys!

    My name is Luis, I'm part of the Verpex team, I have experience in the hosting industry for more than 4 years, during these 4 years, I've been fascinated in technology and how things work.

    My hobbies are playing videogames and exercising and of course travelling to get to know every corner of the world!

  • Hello, I'm Philip, I'm part of the team here, and it has been excellent working with the team. Putting a smile on our clients by resolving their issues is what makes me happy.

    In my leisure time, I take a walk, listen to music, and enjoy nature.

  • Hello, my name is Morgan. I have three small companies which I am in the process of combining with my new web hosting startup, which has taken about 1.5 years to establish and figure out. Fiddling with web hosting is probably the best choice I've ever made, and I love it.

    Other than this i enjoy whatever life has to offer, except from snow. I hate snow.

  • Hello from Greece!

    We are a freelancer community.

    We wish you a happy 2023 people!

  • Hi, I'm Tamer, Digital marketer.

    I love walking, designing and lengthy discussions :)

  • Hello awesome people. I'm Hasib, from Bangladesh. I am a web designer. I've been in hosting for ~15 years. I am working with reseller hosting for my customer demand. But now planning to start hosting business professionally. I am looking for your advice.

    Outside of my work, I love walking around my city, meeting people in the same profession and pass time with my family.

  • Hi I am kishor from cloudex It solutions private limited and I'm 23 year old and BTech graduate and currently specialising in cloud computing

  • Hi! my name is Gabriel, I have been in the hosting for almost three years. Graphic design and web development is what I do for a living. While I am not on desk, I write poem and fiction. My first novel is about to be published. My poems are already online everywhere. Just type "Gabriel Oluwalana" on the Google then you will see them.

  • bruncss
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    Hello, I'm a t.i student and I love it,I've had websites hosted on the internet for a few years now. I've been with verpex for 3 years

  • Hello, I'm Yetunde Macaulay - Team Lead @MVC COMMUNICATIONS. I am an administrator, a teacher & web/graphics designer. I work with teens & young adults, as well as offer digital media support to businesses.

    ​I am 100% interested in pushing humanity forward; I support people to achieve their biggest dream by encouraging them and offering some hands-on support.

    I run a charity cause MyDreamConnect ( - when I'm not very busy, I spend time working on MyDreamConnect activities and workbooks.

  • Hi everyone! I love the internet since way back 2004. Love to create blogs before... blogsome, multiply, Friendster, etc (looks like they were gone out too soon). Most of my projects are WordPress. My first blog on WordPress was the year 2008. Right now, I run with my small team creating websites and online projects with clients. So glad that verpex created this community! Happy new year 2023 everyone! :D

  • Hello, I am Arif Attari, I love to design websites, It’s my passion. Since 2012 I have been developing websites. I have an excellent background as a Web Developer along with my academic education in Computer Science and Engineering (CSE). I am also experienced with Search Engine Optimization (SEO), working on several projects. I can also fix Domain, Hosting, Email, and SSL issues. I would be happy to develop responsive websites that are easy to manage, user-friendly, and value for money.

  • Dear Beautiful Soul,

    Firstly thanks for invite me here.

    My Self Shaik Vahid and I'm Metallurgical Engineer. After quit my job,  I've been in hosting for almost 7 Year. I love cloud technologies and i was always play with servers.

    I love to earn money by doing online business and smart works. So we established online business (Web Hosting) and start earning from them. Our backbone is now Verpex, We are using their high quality reseller hosting services.

    When i'm free i play car racing games and i love nature also. Every sunday i go outside for nature. I'm living with my joint family. Now my life is beautiful. I would like to say thanks to god.

    I wish everyone success in their life. All the best for your bright carrier.

  • Hi all,

    Nice to meet you!

    I m Yvlin, I'm a network/computer engineer. I have been working on hosting for 17 years. Specializing in many cloud technologies eg. AWS and Google cloud.

    I am looking forward to meeting new people and helping them in their conquest.

  • Hello, Thank you for inviting me to a wonderful forum.

    I am Jabed a freelancer. I always like to learn and learn new things. I recently opened an agency which deals with web development

    I chose verpex's hosting to build the agency's website. Hope I get good service.

    I always try to give something good. Thank you all

    Md Jabed hn

    Md Jabed hn

    Web developer

    Email: [email protected]

    WhatsApp: +880 1871851892


  • Hi, and thank you for the invitation to this forum. I'm Felix from South Africa. I have been hosting for about 2 years now. I enjoy the beach, music, guitar playing and coding.

    Happy new year to everyone here.

  • Hi All,

    I am Amien,

    Verpex fans, I had an Amazing experience, here...

    every Support given by the Verpex Team, I always say, BIG Thanks, Your Service is Amazing ,,

  • Hello,

    My name is Mai, nice to meet you all! I saw the email announcing about this forum, and I really want to be part of this community! I also like that this is a traditional forum, not one of those pesky fb groups if you know what I mean.

    I've been using Verpex for almost 3 years now and wish I had found them before. It's really not easy finding a reliable hosting partner. I'm very experienced in everything around webservers, but I don't have time to do everything myself, so I like to outsource shared hosting for my clients. Of every place I hosted, Verpex has hands down the best reseller hosting service I ever came across. Not just the product itself, but the service is amazingly outstanding.

    Hope to gain some more knowledge here and maybe have some fun in the process! :)

  • Morning All,

    Im Andrew from the UK. I'm blissfully retired and like to walk in my spare time and travel.

    Last time i setup a website it was using Frontpage so forgive my lack of modern functional experience. Hoping to learn a little from these forums and get myself upto date.

    Best Wishes,


  • Great to hear from everyone - thanks for the kind words. It's super that we have such an international hosting community.


  • hackbaze
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    Hey guys I'm Dennis Zaman from Nigeria, my 3rd year working with a web hosting company, I enjoy playing Bass guitar 🎸 as well.

  • Hi, I'm Haris from Singapore, a full time web developer. I've been in web hosting business for about 12 years.

    I enjoy fishing during my free time.

  • Hi, my name is Vivian, and I am a Web Designer. I like to learn new tools for development and also different platforms. In my spared time, I enjoy crafts and arts. Thanks for having me!

  • Hello all,

    My name is Theodore from Greece and I am a Freelancer Web Desinger for over 15 years.

    Happy New Year to all.