Best way to input splitted TXT records?

Hi, i notice that the Zone Editor implement records split for input that have more than 255 chars. Usually used in DKIM & SPF records.


So, how do we go about this? since I cannot simply paste the long records (usually provided for domain verification) into a single box. Do i need to paste it first in notepad then manually count the 255 chars?

I know that we can split them by wrapping each 255 string with "". It's actually quite a hassle and tends to resulting error if I had to paste once, then find the part that being cut off, and copy again the missing part into the second string input in Zone Editor GUI.


  • all my DKIM now splitted into 2 parts and when checked against, between part1 & part2, there will be a blank space (when copied & paste into notepad) which i think will break the original value.

    Now I need to split them properly with the "part1" "part2" like example here

    to make it parse correctly by txt check.


    value part1 (255 chars, including "")

    "v=DKIM1; k=rsa; p=MIIBIjANBgkqhkiG9w0BAQEFAAOCAQ8AMIIBCgKCAQEAxaTTTnGCd/Dd1S68nWuFVLTDcdKqiEyUGKl8mHO9M1u2aJBNX+vFkLqEaZLRi066L8Ote/JjBzXEQbV0tBJRe/ry7LViRMwrs1Vp9Oopxd1QZdCEVK5CE0poYIjdND3ENyqWn9voTX+siOCW5fgibiCbHXtgJ20qQzceW9PvcojOxa6CiXJKsSkkR0SF+XZ"

    value part2


    if no "", there will be a space between +XZ gTFR (between Z & g)

  • Hi Haris,

    That is something we can further take a look at. Just open a support ticket, and provide the domain name and the record you need to set.