Accept the payments beyond the country limits

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Hi everyone,

We all are in almost same platform which is web hosting industry and particularly in verpex. We all know verpex providing great reseller features and pricing.

We have multiple countries which are respect their local languages and prefer to use. I always thinking why not we can provide support in their local languages and local payments.

As we know many customer don't use international cards and limited with country restriction. And also many customer required support in their local languages.

Why not Verpex step up next level and hire or acquire or partnership with local web hosting business or collaborating with them for providing best quality around the world. Of course verpex providing best quality but need to reach out globally.

I would like to know your thoughts on my idea.

Thanks and Regards,




    Thank you for the feedback, and we are already considering providing support in different languages, then English in the nearest future.