WP Litespeed Cache + QUIC CDN, worth it?

I'm wondering how many of you guys are using Litespeed Plugin along with QUIC CDN setup since Verpex is running LSWS. Most of the time, I will setup LS plugin without the QUIC, due to some of the previous test results with QUIC does not give any significant increase in performance & speed, plus the additional bandwidth limit.

Would prefer using LS Plugin + Cloudflare instead. Please share your insights.


  • Following this. I need more info about this too!

  • My concern is about the QUIC thingy...do you also configure the QUIC CDN part within the LS plugin too?

    Since LS plugin alone (without the QUIC setup) is undoubtly will improve the performance.

  • Hi guys,

    As we use Litespeed servers, we always recommend LS cache, which is working pretty well with the default settings.

    Quic CDN, is pretty much like a regular CDN, so can use it or Cloudflare or whatever you prefer. But indeed that combination should help to increase the site performance.