Cron job in Verpex on shared plans is not working

Is there anyone who achieved making cron job on Verpex shared hosting plans?

I tried and I asked their customer support and even them, they can't let it work.


  • Very surprise because any of my package challenges are solved, you may ask exactly what you want, and can be than or by sharing the screen, where the supply center people said than they can't solve you problems and we can come in, because we are all IT, i things so. Or they may change the package name.

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  • Okay send me the line how you can add a cron job in Verpex shared hosting?

  • Hi,

    You set such jobs, under Cpanel -> cron jobs. There is plenty of information around the internet to put the correct lines there, depending on what you need, but if something is still not working, can always open a support ticket, and we will gladly take a look.



  • I have tried everything, even I opened a ticket and the team can't solve it.

  • A cron job is literally just a timed automation of a script. There's absolutely zero reason it wouldn't work on any of our plans. You can configure it in cPanel -> cron jobs as mihail says.

    Every time we're told a cron job doesn't work, it's actually the script itself that is broken. Try running the script directly to take the cron job out of the equation.

  • I said your team couldn't let it work.

    And the script works good.

    There is no issue regarding the script.

    But the the cron job can't work even your team couldn't solve it.

  • Please reply to the ticket and ask for it to be assigned to me. Let's see

  • Interesting case. So far I haven't seen anything Verpex support cannot sort out. Would be interesting to see if if @Seb could fix it? And also what the problem was?