What makes Verpex better than its competitors?

Depending on my views

βœ… Their servers makes a website are much faster

βœ… customer support is just "Wow πŸ‘ "

βœ… Server uptime is another amazing work

βœ… Outgoing email spam filter is very effective.

βœ… Price per hosting package is very cheap.

βœ… I/O is very good, its 10mb/s

Can you add another good features that you have found only in Verpex?


  • βœ… Free ssl, easy-to-use

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  • Smartlead
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    30 Day Backup

  • βœ… CPanel access

    βœ… Fast support

  • βœ… Definitely superior support & knowledge! They don't beat around the bush with generic replies and get issues and questions sorted out.

    βœ… Server uptime

    βœ… Server speed

    βœ… AutoSSL

    βœ… 2x Daily backups

    βœ… Very affordable reseller hosting & cPanel accounts upgrade options

    βœ… Latest PHP versions selection

    βœ… SSH access

    βœ… Latest WHM & cPanel versions & themes

    βœ… FREE cPanel accounts migration

    βœ… Adequate name servers

    I've moved over to Verpex middle 2022, after being with my previous hosting provider for more than 10 years. I will never look back and wonder why it it took so long to make the jump! All that I can say: Bliss!