1. Company Address and Contact Details

Sebastian de Lemos 5 Sydney Street, Chelsea, SW36PU 0203 886 0759

  1. How long will you take to get back to me?

Within office hours, near instantly. Outside of office hours we aim to respond and resolve within 4 hours. Every email gets a response within 12 hours. Anything sent by post will be responded to within 3 working days.

  1. Abuse, phishing, spam contact -

All reports will be acknowledged within 3 working days. [email protected]

  1. How to raise a Format Complaint

Please email [email protected] you will receive a response within 3 hours. You can also call 0203 886 0759 and ask for Dom

  1. Business Continuity Plan All of our employees are capable of working remotely and no sensitive or business critical information is stored ‘on-premise’. We use a hosted VoIP provider which means calls can be re-routed in the event of any problems with our main office. In the event of a critical failure in one of the cloud hosting providers we use, we would revert to our backup systems using an alternative provider. In a worst case scenario our main website and customer panel could be up and running within an hour of a critical failure.

  2. Data Quality Policy

It is a requirement that you provide us with a valid name and address when purchasing a service from SpeedyDot. Our online ordering system will not let users order items through without providing a valid name and address, and our merchant provider will check the details (cardholder name and address) against those provided for the registration at the time of ordering. We will validate personal users using billing data (name match the card on file, address digits given match the card given),

In circumstances where we don’t have access to cardholder information where the validity of the data provided is in question we would ask for two copies of ID out of:- Passport Driving licence Recent Utility Bill or bank statement(not for a mobile phone)

For businesses we can validate data using the official companies house register (company name, address). Alternatively, the business can provide a utility bill, bank/merchant statement, or a letter from HMRC dated within the last three months to provide verified proof of name and address.

Verified/validated data will be stored in our online ordering/billing system which is a PCI compliant solution, but the copies of identification used to perform the validation would be destroyed once the validation process has been completed.

If we are unable to contact a registrant where there was a problem with data verification, we would place a data lock on the domain name manually once all attempts to contact the registrant had failed. This will be within 30 days of originally being notified.

  1. Renewal policy

Renewal reminders are sent by our automated billing system 30 days before the renewal date by way of a pro-forma invoice for the domain renewal. We will then send another reminder 3 days before the renewal date. Providing the customer has consented (either during the order form, or subsequently in our panel) the system will attempt to charge the card on file and then renew the domain name automatically on the renewal date. If the automated renewal fails for any reason (card details not correct, insufficient funds) the customer would receive a notification to let them know to log-in to renew the domain at this time.