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Creating An Email Account on Your cPanel Hosting

Last updated: 27th December, 2021

If you are unfamiliar with the process of creating a new email account with your personal domain name, a step-by-step guide and explanation is provided below. read on...

How to Change Cpanel Webmail Password

Last updated: 27th December, 2021

Now if you ever forgot your email account’s password or need to reset it for security reasons, we’ve got your back! read on...

Email Forwarding in cPanel

Last updated: 14th February, 2022

Email forwarding feature in cPanel will let you forward any incoming emails of a certain account or domain to another email of your choosing, just to make your life simpler. read on...

Setting up Google MX Records from your cPanel

Last updated: 14th February, 2022

MX Record is a type of DNS record which rules where your domain’s email should be pointed. If you are using Google Workspace (or previously known as GSuite) for your emails read on...

Outlook 365 Auto Archive Setup

Last updated: 28th February, 2022

If you need to set up auto-archiving for your outlook application, stick around and see what steps you need to take in order to do it right! read on...

Configuring Autoresponder for your Email Account

Last updated: 28th February, 2022

Do you want to configure the Autoresponder for your email account? Check out this article to see how to do it via your cPanel! read on...

Configuring an Email Client

Last updated: 28th February, 2022

If you have an email account that needs configuring, then you've come to the right place! Check out this article for the right way to configure an email client! read on...

Using Gmail with your Verpex Web Hosting

Last updated: 3rd May, 2022

How to use a address with your Verpex web hosting, using forwarding or POP3 read on...
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