It's Not All Fun and Domains: ICANN's Most Entertaining Decisions On Top-Level Domains

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July 8, 2020
It's Not All Fun and Domains: ICANN's Most Entertaining Decisions On Top-Level Domains

What’s in a domain name? Well, quite a lot if you want to give your website the best shot at being successful. In the same way it’s important to choose the right brand name, logo, slogan, and marketing strategy; your domain name matters. Now, like all businesses decisions, you need to do some research and come up with something that suits your needs. In other words, we can show you how to choose a domain name, but we can’t tell you what to choose.

In reality, choosing a domain name for your business is matter of personal preference. However, there are some ideas you need to keep in mind before you buy domains. As experts, we can give you advice on names and domain hosting. In fact, we’re going to. However, we also feel the best way to learn is by example.

As well as tips on how to choose a domain name, we’ve picked out some of the best and worst on the internet. From weird websites that have been strangely successful, to the ten worst titles, this guide will give you a look at what works and what doesn’t. So, if you’re ready to find out what’s really in a domain name, let’s go.

Ways of Choosing a Domain Name for Your Business

There are many tips we could give you on how to choose a domain name. In fact, if you check out our blog post on choosing domain names, you’ll get a comprehensive set of tips. However, as a refresher, here are the two most important:


Almost everything you do online should have SEO in mind. Just as you need keywords within your content, they’re also good to have in your domain name. Do some keyword research before your make a decision and try to include at least some aspect of a keyword in your website name.


Don’t make your domain too complicated. If someone can’t read and remember it with a single look, it’s probably too complex. For example, is much easier to read, remember, and type into a search bar than

Even though the latter features just one more word “website,” that, combined with a lack of hyphens, makes it much tougher to read. When a domain name isn’t intuitive, it becomes a lot harder for people to input correctly.

Top-Level Domain Names

As well as choosing the main part of your domain name (i.e. the bit in the middle), it’s also possible to play around with the top-level domain (TLD). A TLD is the bit after the dot at the end of the URL. For example, in, “com” is the TLD. When you use our domain hosting service, you’ll have the choice between a standard and non-standard TLDs. Again, this needs to suit your website and intentions. E.g. you wouldn’t use if your company was based in New York.

In addition to stock TLDs, it’s also possible to propose new ones. If you’ve got around $200,000, you can submit an application to Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). This organization manages most TLDs and can bring a new one into life if it’s acceptable. Looking back through history, some of the most interesting TLDs approved by ICANN are:

  • Dot.Blockbuster – Probably not a great choice now considering the company went bust in 2010. Perhaps the now-active Dot.Netflix would be better.

  • Dot.Off – Of all the TLDs, this has to be one of the best. Just think of all the fun you can have with this: (if you’re a fan of Karate Kid), (if you don’t want anyone to visit your site), (just for fun).

  • Dot.Rich – This is a great one for the ambitious.

  • Dot.Sandvikcoromant – Arguably one of the worst TLDs approved by ICANN for the simple fact it’s so long, specific, and hard to remember.

  • Dot.XN--11B4C3D – Unless you’re a tech geek or running a secret military operation, ICANN’s selection of “XN” TLDs won’t be of any use at all. There’s a whole bunch of these listed on and each one is just as complex as the next.

The Best and Worst Top-Level Domains on the Internet

In reality, you’re probably not going to create your own TLD. However, you might want to choose a TLD that differs from the norm. Again, our domain hosting service gives you the choice of over 200 TLDs. But, as before, you need to ensure the extension you choose doesn’t compromise your domain name as a whole. If in doubt, stick to the basics such as

With that being said, let’s finish off with a rundown of the funniest website names, some weird website names, and some downright terrible ones:

The 10 Worst Domain Names

  • – We’ll let you judge if this is funny or not.

  • – Unless you’re Welsh, the chances of remembering this are slim.

  • – Who knows, maybe farting is a form of art

  • – Everyone needs to be clean-shaven at any age.

  • – Hopefully the metal isn’t as bad as this domain name implies.

  • – Go on, check it out. We dare you.

  • – Is Spain really that bad?

  • – Do these pots smell?

  • – Hey, it’s just partners talking.

  • – Get your scrapbook in just 60 minutes.

If you want to get in on the domain game name, check out our services and get creative.

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