20 Best Figma Plugins for Designers

Gift Egwuenu

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January 11, 2023
20 Best Figma Plugins for Designers

What is Figma?

Figma is one of the most powerful tools available to designers. As of today, Figma is a popular tool used by agencies, developers, business owners, and designers alike. Figma is a software program that allows you to create user interfaces. It offers a variety of features that have been designed to support the design process of the team.

In addition to its typical uses, such as designing interfaces, Figma can be used in various ways. For example, you can streamline your workflow using Figma plugins. It is used by some of the world's largest companies, including Google, Facebook, Uber, and Netflix. These companies use Figma to design and create intuitive user interfaces.

What are Figma Plugins?

Figma plugins let you customize your experience or streamline your workflow. It provides a variety of plugins that can simplify your work. Figma offers thousands of free plugins you can download and use in your projects. We have compiled a list of the top 15 Figma plugins you should check out.

How to Install Figma plugins?

To find the exact plugin you want to install. Visit your Figma account and navigate to the community page. There are helpful community resources and plugins listed. Browse plugins by name or keywords if you know what you want, or check out the community page for featured plugins.

Once you see a plugin that interests you, click install. It will be downloaded to your Figma account. You can see the plugin files in your draft and then use them.


Unsplash is a platform powered by a vibrant community that has donated hundreds of thousands of photos to fuel creativity across the globe. It comprises a collection of free stock photographs that may be used for commercial or personal purposes. Through the Unsplash plugin, you can insert images randomly or search for beautiful images based on keywords to add to your designs. Both commercial and personal projects are permitted to use images licensed under the Unsplash License.

Autoflow Plugin

Autoflow is a tool that is used to generate user flow diagrams. You can use it by selecting two objects; autoflow will connect them with an arrow. David Zhao and Yitong Zhang developed the plugin.

Contrast Plugin

Contrast enables you to run AA or AAA-type contrast reports on all text on your artboards simultaneously. A report can be generated by selecting a few layers and running the command.

Above the Fold Plugin

Above The Fold ensures that your key components are always visible on all platforms. Above the Fold plugin adds a layer to your designs that indicates where the above-the-fold area of the design ends.

An area of a Web page that appears in a browser window immediately after loading is called "Above the Fold." The most important site features and content related to corporate objectives should appear above the fold because users interact with it more than below it.

Typescales Plugin

A modular scale in typography creates a visual rhythm in font sizes. Typescale helps you generate these sizes efficiently, all you need to do is set a multiplier that you need, and the font size can be scaled up or down using the value.

Here’s how it works in detail:

  • Choose a base size.

  • Choose a multiplier

  • Decide how many sizes you want above and below the base size.

  • Decide whether to round numbers.

Giffycanvas Plugin

With GiffyCanvas, you can create high-quality animated GIF images in Figma. The plugin is easy to use, and once you have downloaded and installed it, select the image you want to create the GIF from, set the parameters such as height, interval, and width, and your GIF file is ready for download.

Design Lint

You can find and fix style inconsistencies in your design files using Design Lint. This plugin scans your design files for missing styles. Using Design Lint, you can find and fix all style issues within your mockups, including fonts, colors that are out of sync, effects, and strokes that are out of sync. Design Lint will update automatically as you fix mistakes, so you don't have to worry about it.

Remove.bg Plugin

It used to be difficult to remove the background from images in the past. Since the process was so time-consuming, most people rarely converted their photos unless they were professionals. The Remove.bg tool is excellent for removing backgrounds from images.

This powerful AI tool, Remove.bg, recreates images more accurately, removing all parts of an image from a busy background without leaving any traces. This tool allows you to remove almost any background from an image. Although free to use, you will need to sign up for an account and upgrade to download high-quality images.

Status Annotations Plugin

With this plugin, your teammates in Figma will be able to see the status of your designs: Frame labels become disordered if you move them around. Relaunching the plugin or clicking the plugin relaunch button on the properties panel will update the positions of the annotations. Annotations for deleted frames will be removed.

These are some of the statuses you can choose from:

  • Approved

  • In progress

  • Develop

  • Review

  • Complete

  • Archive

Content Reel Plugin

Content Reel allows you to create custom content and share it with other Figma users. It's never been easier to collaborate! This plugin makes it easy to add icons, photos, and text strings all in one palette that you can share with others.

Breakpoints Plugin

You can preview responsive layouts inside Figma frames and share animated prototypes with this plugin. The function works without the active plugin window, so any team member can resize a frame without the installed plugin. You can share an animation prototype for the remaining items.

These are some features of Breakpoints:

  • You can export an animated Figma prototype.

  • It operates without a plugin window being open

  • With Ruler, you can customize values

  • Web, Android, iOS, and iPad OS compatible

  • Enables speedy scaling to breakpoints

Iconify Plugin

Over 100,000 icons from more than 100 icon sets can be imported into your Figma projects, such as Material Design Icons, FontAwesome, Jam Icons, EmojiOne, and Twitter Emojis. This plugin allows you to pick icons from over 100,000 icons. All you need to do is to select the one you want to work with and add it as a vector shape.

Icon Resizer Plugin

Resize icons so that they fit within conventional bounding boxes on your design. You will find that working with a square bounding box and icons of the same size is much easier.

This plugin allows you to resize your different icons to the same size and bounding box.

Select the frame(s) you wish to use, select your icon, and specify the bounding box size. It is possible to set the icon and bounding box sizes for one or more selected frames. That's all there is to it!

Styler Plugin

Using this plugin, you can update the style of layers by changing their properties. This plugin allows you to create color and text styles from layers in Figma and move them into new documents. Styler can handle multiple styles simultaneously by adjusting the layer attributes.

In addition to creating, deleting, renaming, updating, and migrating styles from one file to another, you can extract them as well.

Material Design Icons Plugin

With Material Design Icons, you have access to 35,000+ icons in PNG and SVG formats. Browse the entire list of icons or search by name. You can filter by category, and change the style, size, and color. Various styles are available, including outline, filled, sharp, rounded, and two-tone.


Figmagic is another plugin that can help you create responsive design specifications. It automatically generates design specs for your Figma designs, making it easy to share them with clients and developers.

Rename It Plugin

This plugin can help you keep organized and efficient by renaming things whenever necessary. With its help, you can quickly rename multiple objects in your designs in seconds.

Humaaans for Figma Plugin

This plugin allows you to add the amazing illustrations of Humaaans by Pablo Stanley to your Figma workspace. Using Humaaans, you can use the already constructed people illustrations, or you can mix and match your own illustrations to create your unique creations.

html.to.design plugin

A website can be easily converted into a fully editable Figma design with the help of this plugin. You can take advantage of your existing website and import its HTML code into Figma to start creating your designs instead of designing each element from scratch.

uiGradients plugin

This plugin allows you to add gradients to words, groups, and frames in minutes. To apply the gradient, simply select the element and run the plugin. Add 350+ gradients with one click to frames, groups, and texts.


The Figma plugin directory offers a wide range of excellent tools to help you create better designs and become more productive.

Whether you want to design responsive layouts, import high-quality images, create avatars, design attractive icons, create responsive designs, or just stay organized, a Figma plugin can help. Explore the Figma plugin directory to find the most appropriate plugins.

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